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  1. Well, first things first. The amp system is pay to win as hell and will never be fair. There's no way to "colonize hell" in that regard. But I do agree that it's randomness is way too much. A paid player should be able to know how far his money will take him.
  2. wyrm


    I see no harm in that. We could have different wedding bands tiers with different prices, and a small buff for the couple when they are in a party together, maybe a stronger bonus with more expensive wedding bands. The bonus could be something simple like extra damage when together, but could also be something cooler like extra damage when attacking the same enemy, or extra cure/shielding/buffing when buffing each other. It's a good nice idea, as long as players don't get punished for not marrying someone else.
  3. I believe you're talking you talking about the "Flurry of Steel" when you say "Steel Blast". 1- 3: Flurry of steel and Ricochet are already different enough, Flurry of Steal has a chance of stunning, Ricochet has a bit of area damage. That's the difference. If we gave ricochet a chance of push back, like you said in suggestion 3, it would be even MORE similar to Flurry of Steel. A mark with Ricochet wouldn't be that bad actually, but not for damage. 4: The area of effect sleep is just crazy, imagine a rogue being able to isolate his target from an entire team, it wouldn't be a good skill combo, it would be just op, make everyone sleep and then blow up the squishy target, that's not a good skill combo at all. Rogues are lacking in the area of effect department, but that's kinda of their deal. High single target damage. Whenever you think about adding something new you need to see how it can be used to cover the weaknesses of the class. How do you deal with rogues? Stay close to your allies and don't be caught alone, that's how you counter rogues, we don't want to change that. Giving rogue's mass paralysis would kill that, it would kill counter play and would only be fun for the rogue. Now how would you deal with rogues? You wouldn't! Play only tanks? Yes, absolute reflexes is boring, but yeah, most classes have at least one boring passive skill. Not every skill needs to be complex. I do have some ideas about giving rogues a better combos with Ricochet: 1 - Ricochet should be able to be used together with Poisonous Blades. The Rogue would be able to spread the poison from Poisonous Blades to everyone hit by Ricochet. At the down side that if poison was spread to multiple targets, it would deal less damage to each individual target. Here, the Rogue would have to choose between two options: Massive poison damage in one target, or average poison damage in multiple targets. 2 - Ricochet should be able to be used together with Gouge (Gouge would be on hit skill like Poisonous Blades). You would activate Gouge, and your next attack would apply the Paralysis de-buff without revealing just as it is right now. But, the Rogue could instead use Ricochet, be revealed, and apply a slow on all enemies hit (Notice, an slow, not mass paralysis, that would be insanely broken). Here, the Rogue would have to choose between two options: A strong paralysis in a single enemy and be able to stay invisible, or slow in multiple enemies at the cost of being revealed. 3 - About the marks, I like the idea of marks, but not just for damage, maybe reducing the cooldown of Elusive Jump if targeting a marked enemy? Notice how this actually adds combo value, it adds choice and game play, but also does not break the hero.
  4. That's just a great idea. We sell items from the storage to players in our guild, but we need to trust players or have a heir to oversee the transaction, so it's not ideal. A custom guild shop would be perfect to fix that. Maybe not only prices, but limiting the item amount, for instance, a player could take a repair scroll per day for free from the guild storage, or something similar.
  5. That's some pretty good elven art in the walls of the maliat uh?
  6. It's an artificial barrier to increase the game's length. It's not bad design, it's evil design, it will hardly ever change. We don't want you getting bored too fast, right? Keep playing :) I gotta give Aigrind some credit, the game feels easier and gentler compared to a couple years ago, but there are still plenty of barriers like that one.
  7. This is just an extremely good and needed idea. I think your idea is great and borderline perfect, so my following suggestion is a mere addition to your content, not a replacement. What if we had an "infinite" mode within this tower? A survival mode with infinite floors. After each floors we would just get another floor with artificially stronger mobs. Monster slowly, but steadily, getting faster, stronger and harder to kill with each floor. Parties would compete to see whoever was able to reach the highest floor, which would slowly go up as the game and items progresses. Every time a new update with better items was released, players would be able to push further into the tower. Once we establish the "limit" in a given update, every time someone manages to push further would be a massive event worth remembering. You could actually have the lower levels to be pretty easy, giving a chance to every player, even weaker players, to try. The final reward of this survival mode would be calculated based on how many floors the party managed to clear before they died. Players would compete for highest floor reached, with the top party maybe having some bonuses, you could also have categories like "Highest floor under lvl6-12-18-26-32", each player would have a personal highest floor counter but maybe every guild could have one too, some "Highest floor achieved by the guild" that could also grant status.
  8. wyrm


    It would not make sense right now, there's basically no direct interaction between guilds whatsoever, so why alliances? Maybe with the upcoming castle thing, but yet...
  9. Not the same, rogue's one gives way more dodge
  10. Another ranger hate post... Here I go again... 1 & 3, trap and scatter shot = Pretty straightforward, they are good skills that got outdated. Both of them are used to set up strategies to hit-run fight style, but now most chars can brute force through it. Just look a barb resisting everything and jumping at you. 2, blessing = This skill is fine, 1 once 10? 5/5 I would say it is at least 1/3 of time, I played with ranger my whole playtime, like 3 years or so, with some luck you can pull out a completely "doubled" combo. The main problem with the skill is that its luck based, but overall it's a pretty good skill. 4, dodge = Rogue's one is kinda better, but I dont think we should touch this skill, unless we touch all of ranger skills, changing this one would not do much of a difference or would make ranger op. Overall, dont need to be touched. Ranger actually needs a ultimate skill overall, the class is completely out of place, lacking meaning and with "outdated new" skills, they are new but get outclass by other skills pretty easily.
  11. Oh you are getting better doing this dude. But with so many skills and some with such high cd, it should be cool if we had a skill bar similar to wow
  12. Kinda hard to do more customization with such small pixelated character, but would be cool anyway. You mean like runescape's system? Yeah I agree, it would be awesome. Maybe for high lvl chars Must have, 100% agreed
  13. Agreed, a collecting system would be cool. I have suggested a collecting system within my Alchemy System suggestion, check it out. We already have tons of collectable trash items from quests that are 90% useless that could be used as collectables for crafting.
  14. I think it is healthy for the game to have such things, most of games today have it, and the announcement in chat when someone gets one make it even better, the game needs to have those "impossible objectives". The problem is that we don't have much in between, and even its hard to get. And after arena set getting f*cked for pve, casual players are in a even worst situation. But I cant see a good way to solve it, I remember playing guild war's, I got a very good set and cool weapons at lvl80, it was pretty easy to get after some days of farming, but the game has so much more to do, what warspear have? If we take away all the grind and the search for itens, warspear dont have much to offer, a monotonous hardcore arena, kinda cool dungeons but stamina limits casual players a lot, events are cool but rare and have the same problems, quest lines are not that attractive, wars seems to be so damn polarized that half of the players don't even fight, look at emerald situation. Maybe if we add more daily quests like satraps. Or more raid bosses in the entire world, but they need to actually matter, to really motivate players. I remember playing a chinese mobile mmo (I forgot the name) where you had those daily quests that would really give good rewards and players would log to do it every single day cause it was worth. Well, anyway, my point is, the item thing is not only a economic problem, it also helps to give objectives to the game, the lack of cool things to do was compensated with tjhe increased difficulty of getting things.
  15. Straight forward increasing the drop rate would or don't fix much or just break the game economy. We need to keep those very rare gear rare as they are now, and increase the number of unique itens. The amount of sets today in game is very small. Buy I don't really think we will get anything from aigrind
  16. Dont really like the equipment fusion thing, but the runes and crystals are a great idea. Fusing incomplete runes to get better ones, just great. But incomplete runes are kinda easy to obtain, so maybe 10 incomplete runes = 1 complete rune. Or even using a catalyst or something. Great idea anyway
  17. I've not played that many mmos, but I have never seen free quest teleport, actually i've only see the inverse, those games want you to walk alot. But easier teleports, like runescape's or guild wars' ones would be a great addtion, like carriages that you pay gold and will take you to the main cities. But we need to be careful and not mess up with lots of game mechanics, we spent half of our time walking, free quest tps would make players progress too fast, the game's world is not that big if we cut off walking, if we mess up with it aigrind will lose money and "be ANGERY". My suggestion is to connect only the main cities with revive statues, you can tp from one to another you have visited for a small gold fee(200-1000) depending on the distance (like guild war's one, but only city to city). Allow players to mark a location with mcoin(yes) and teleport some previously visited and marked(mark should also cost mcoin) location freely with mcoin. (Just like aoho's system, but the price should change based on distance, inside places (like lab) should cost even more) And implement a auto walk system, to guide's players to the quest location, and about getting agro from the mobs, yes this should happen, you don't really should be able to make your char walk and go to dinner without paying attention to it. All of this (should) give us the tools we want and still dont make the game feel small and make players do not progress that fast, as you will still need to visit the cities first, (But I really doubt aigrind will even think about touching the tp system)
  18. wyrm


    Suggested a million times, 99% chance of not happening
  19. Take a look on my topic, this stat will give players a fast decaying "stun reduction" stat that will make following stuns less effective, caped at a 64% reduction, it will not break stun combos, but will not allow players to be perma stuned for an entire fight. Just check the topic, everything is explained there. And such skills curves like this in the game are not health, "oh he can almost perma stun someone a entire fight, but he learned it and its hard so its fair", dont work that way.
  20. I remember when I went against a barb, I though "gonna set up traps and atk from distance", then he resisted the trap and jump on me on almost my normal atk range, then stun chain, wyrm is dead. I'm not a good pvp players but damn, he simply brute force against all my strategy. But well, your suggestions are a bit op. Pointing shot, idk, i kinda like this skill, but seems kinda clunky and needs polishing. But idk how. Seems ugly af. For bitterness, the concept is awesome, but well, its too weak, useless if you're alone. I would say to increase speed AND give it more damage in the same enemy, if you hitting a boss, the damage will stack up more against him, not only speed, but if you change target the secondary damage effect would vanish. For ranger's trap, don't really think it needs to change, it already stops dashes and blinks right? It's the only fix it really needed. But IF we follow the unlimited trap suggestion of yours, we would have to make traps dont root chain enemys, one trapp roots, the followings would only give a "tick" in the same enemies, but it would be strange anyway. For explosive trap, a slow would be enough, like 50% for 2 seconds or so, maybe a small damage buff. For scatter, that shit is damn useless right now, unless it 5/5, just a life quality change would be enough, it does nothing right now. It should be like lock's fear but less powerful, just a bit, not that less as it is right now. For hunter's cage, I like this skill. Maybe it should block enemies path being not passable when you set it down. But overall I like it. For bow stun, damn useless, wtf is this?? There's actually nothing in ws that needs to get close to you to deal damage and dont have a dash. Rogue, barb and dk, they WILL get you first always cause their stuns/dash are long distance and they can blast you up before you can stun and run. And even if you can stun, your "runaway" skills are shit anyways and you will barely have to set up traps. Other classes dont need to get close to you to deal damage, rendering the skill useless.
  21. btw, I would like to write even here in the forums, if we gather some players to write and try to figure out lore here in the forums, we can maybe even get a forum section in a distant future, and maybe even push devs to implement this ingame, what do you guys think?
  22. I would love to see it, and would love to even help to written such stories. Back in time, in aoho, I would hunt for useless items just for sake of collecting items with good stories, I miss my collection... This is a very simple addition that can give ws lots of depth. (dont really see it coming anyway)
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