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  1. There is better skill than ennoble, it's barbarian resistance
  2. Spring DG is very long for tanks, takes me awhile to kill the portals, I thought about piercing build so I don't have to worry about portals but it's not working because boss gain damage reduction not more defense as your discrepition said, piercing don't effect damage reduction, can you fix the dg for tanks please :< damagers don't have to worry about the portals because they can kill it with 1 hit with my wd takes me 4 hits to break it and when I done another one spawn after 1 or 2s I count on my luck alot that my hit be a crit so I can hit the boss twice before the next portal spawn
  3. I asked My friend, he told me this skill last for 5 seconds at 4/4. He have the skill 4/4
  4. I don't know about pvp that much but for me barrier 1/4 or 4/4 is same XD I tested the barrier on 4/4 before I change my build, if I am facing something with high solo dmg like bosses or mobs in t5, the barrier is op, ignore 50% of the dmg (unless you bleeding or getting hit by ads lol). After this new rebalance I have made up my mind I will make the barrier 1/4 lol, roaring flame and overload sounds better.
  5. I think it's not fair, Mage eye last only 54% , while charmer eye last 100% without CD build
  6. Magic power and physic power aren't the same to compare them like this
  7. Can someone explain the sum up part for me, Can I have paladin shield and priest shield together now? If no how the sum works?
  8. How the sum up for shields works? I saw this point on priest shield
  9. Some skills like (Kick in the back or blinding fire) will leave you with negative accuracy. How do this effect my accuracy? Say I have - 30% accuracy, this will lead to 30% chance to miss the target? (+30% dodge for him)?
  10. I didn't think about total rework it, this one sounds better lol
  11. I have made separated post to discuss ethereal barrier current status, I am not well experienced in PvP so I will exclude it and talk only about PvE (excluding T5 or ST because I live on the Surfaces). Ok let's start with the discrepition, let's take it on 4/4 (max potential) "Uppon receiving damage more than 10% of maximum Health, in 2s the character receives a definitive barrier. The barrier absorbs 100% of damage received in 0.6s. The barrier removed upon receiving damage or after 10s. Can't trigger more often than once every 4sec". I saw russian forum and it's 0.55s duration for barrier (I wouldn't complain about 0.05s) This 0.6s absorb any kind of damage, usually it's 1 hit absorption. So, as you know Sun armor increase defense of mage by 50% permanently even with 0 CD build Max physical defense I have seen pve mage with: 10K physical defense (including guild buff, wearing +10 green def enchantments). And 10k def = 30% pure solidity (no gear bounce). guild buff is +6% + 1 solidity rune it will become 40% solidity (Max solidity is 50%). Congratulations mage you have achieved 80% of the max possible solidity in game. But guess what, this 40% solidity will defect Eth barrier Job since no more critical hits to u, even if mage get crit it will be (200% crit - 40% of it = 120% for crit hit, I am sure about the calculation) *max solidity applying: 200% crit - 50% = 100% (normal dmg)* That's why max solidity is 50% other wise crit will be lower damag lol 10k is around 55% def, so mage so solid now, recieving 10% of HP in 2s not gonna happen easy. Average pve mage Hp is in range 4 -> 4.5K Hp, 10% of it is 400 -> 450. My Hp is 5k and eth barrier is 3/4, trust me it never works lol, I see it once in every 1 or 2 Dozens of hits. So if you use sun armor this will defect your eth barrier. 1/4 eth barrier have you from determined death like a quester getting bullied by rouge, giving you a second chance to do something. Old ethereal barrier even on 1/4 used to avoid 1 hit every 6 hits i guess (compare it to current one that's never works). So, those are some recommendations for ethereal barrier buff sorted from pro to not suitable solution:- 1\ reduce the requirement for the ethereal barrier, same % of HP in higher duration 4 -> 6 secs. 2\ lower the requirement for eth barrier to work ( lower % of Hp) about 6% or 7% on 4/4 (for example). 3\ since Sun armor and more def you get defect eth barrier, it have to count the damage received naked *before def reduction*. Those solutions will not effect pvp side a lot but will make it better pve. Other solutions like last longer than 0.6s isn't a solution because it doesn't work in first place. I didn't touch the 4s CD for barrier because it will be more powerful PvP and still not work PvE. +1/4 have to work somehow. I tried as much as possible to keep it make sense buff. Thanks for your time.
  12. I agree with you, ennoble needs mastery But barbarian is heavy weight tank fighter class, stuns isn't a big Deal for him + resist buff last for 10sec ( I don't know about caste delay but that's nearly double ennoble duration) don't want to talk about how solid and stunner barb is, because you already know. Chieftain is high aggressive class, I think it's Top aggressive, can deliver high burst damage probably kills in 2secs, resistance buff last from 6 -> 10 secs, it's more than enough to kill someone not heavy weight + chieftain is solid, have a healing skill and damage reduction skill (I checked it's potential, can reduce dmg up to 74% if 20% Hp left) last 12secs. Mage ennoble is core skill, more than this weak eth barrier, it works once every 4secs This Cooldown against numbers nearly useless, TBH it's useless against numbers. but 1vs1 it's pro kinda, but you know mage is veeery weak in 1vs1, I am so weak but killed bd and seeker in pve gears and nearly killed rogue in my pve gear (I don't have pvp gear) + this Eth barrier prevent instant death for mage in wars that's why rework isn't good. In comparison it's:- PVE < PVP, Skil The reason why I asked for it to become break out and possible to use after controls because in pvp if amge use ennoble ppl will run away for 5 secs waiting for ennoble to end then come back and wipe your face to the floor lol. (but chieftain runs like Ferrari and barb Dash from 5 yards to target). Btw when was the last time you have been killed by a mage? I will tell you....NEVER Mage is pro GVG or War but weak anywhere else even pve if not at least +8 full vamp. Ppl underrate mage chains but it's pro skill, I will say it's 1# core skill for mage against melee, you have no idea how many times it saved my live, if we compare chains and ennoble with Ethereal barrier you will know how weak it's and useless. I am not fan of pvp too but sick of making fun of mage, this game all about pvp and wars, pve is secondary option...I guess. 6secs immunity already low bro can't be lowered more,BD resistance buff last +20 secs, yes it takes 3 stuns maximum but it's decent skill. BTH I never used potions or scrolls lol, the only buff pot I used was 15% damage pot, I never heard about this scroll before. I didn't know the aura of fire can be this strong , I saw aura on 1/4 it's totally weak, tried blazing ground 3/4 wasn't a big difference so didn't even bother try aura lol I remember when I first bought barrier, I get attached by a rogue , barrier absorbed the 2nd hit that's how I didn't die, i used the chains and skipped with 200 hp left lol, barrier designed to be for 1vs1, and prevent mage from instant death in wars, but in pve it really don't work as it have to do, mine current barrier is 3/4 it's same as 1/4 never works , except on critical hits from bosses. I regret that I moved the skill point to another skill. I think I didn't read the fireball discretion well, their is ( . ) between increased magic damage word and blazing ground part lol A skill that's doesn't work like Ethereal barrier or Aura of fire differently needs a buff I have been thinking about what you said and how op this will be so I will add condition to the buff on ennoble, it will be nerfed a bit:- Ennoblement give 6secs immunity from controls effects and remove applied debuffs (old description) + can't be used if under control effect unless mage HP is already lower than 30% / 40% / 50% / 60% HP (scales with level of skill). The number are good for me, if HP Lower than 50% It's critical Stats
  13. Hi it's me Zora the mage from Us-saphire First time for me to type on forum. They says mage is so hard to kill but that's +10 mage greatness, I not their yet so I have no idea if it's true or not, I just see myself die in 3 secs for even weaker spell caster than me, so here are some recommendations for buffs. First ennoblement: on 4/4 it give 5sec immunity from controls and remove applied debuffs ....not 6 secs as skill description say because casting takes 1sec + this skill can't be used if you already under stun, fear or silence. I recommend for you allow mage to use it under controls to break them out, if we want to rate this skill I will say it's for GVG only, it's quite decent because it saves from probably +5 control effects in wars. In pve only takes 1 control because of long CD, in pvp no one will waste his skills on you if they notice your ennoblement. Second skill is aura of fire, this skill lack some damage, how about side effect from skill making the skill case (On fire!) Debuff or Burning with chace qual to critital hit chance of the character, 100% chance is much but will be cool. I know this skill have been nerfed long time ago. +another idea Adding effect for skill like charging or detecting for nearby enemies so it will make Explosion or deal damage on first touch not just randomly (3secs delay). Ok 3rd and last skill I will talk about is Ethereal Barrier: well it's a cool skill but can be better, it's anti-brust skill, but on 1/4 it never work I guess unless you fighting something that can kill you in 3 or 4 hits, in this case you will Lose the fight anyway with the barrier or without it, so this skill isn't valid 1/4 you most make it 4/4 to get benefit of it, I recommend 2 things to make it better , first lower the requirement for 1/4 to be activated so it will be useful, second lower the requirement for level 4/4, like making it if you receive damage in 3, 4 or 6 seconds so it will work more often, old Ethereal barrier was so good, this one is good too but if it's just work more often or maybe last long, mage is semi-melee class with a staff so have to be more solid don't you think so! I have notice that's fireball have description that's not applied, it have to deal extra damage for target that effected by blazing ground, I checked, it don't apply Thanks for your time
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