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  1. It wouldn't be a bad skill. The hp consumption would be recovered when it took damage, so it would have practically no consumption, as it would have a constant consumption skill that can recover what it consumed. But using it out of combat would be suicidal, yes.
  2. Fabr

    Swooping army op

    Yes, and yet the rugged hide is better than a blood protection.
  3. Fabr

    Swooping army op

    parry doesn't save you from everything, it'll remain defenseless against archers and wizards, and it only has a shield that breaks fast. Damage reduction will always be better, So much so that chieftain is quite tanky with this skill, even with cloth armor.
  4. Fabr

    Swooping army op

    I say the same to chieftain, I die easily.
  5. Bem eu também nunca vi um grandeza perder pra brb pve mas eu ja vi bd com equipamentos pvp morrer. Não seria um problema se ele tivesse como se livrar desse debuff mas quando pega, é morte certa. 45% é muito, (quase o limite de precisão que o jogo permite), dificilmente alguem pega metade do que ele reduz de precisão sem sacrificar outro stat importante, pra tudo ir pro ralo.
  6. Fabr

    Swooping army op

    Yes, with anti-stun and damage reduction,"kills easily"
  7. Fabr

    Swooping army op

    Nobody is talking about 1v1, the subject is in scenarios where there are several players in general.
  8. Bárbaro tanka muito bem sim vários mobs, só é ter aparo e bloqueio e hp altos. Eu ja fui tec hard com brb com 10k de hp e 8k de def e ele tankou de boa. Veja também se vc upou as skills boas para pve, rugido, agro, etc. Vampirismo em bárbaro é algo questionável, ele mal tem skills de dano em área pra se aproveitar disso.
  9. Fabr

    Charmer unbalanced

    You must be a master of warspear.
  10. Fabr

    Charmer unbalanced

    The problem is that in the arena you have to pay attention, in addition to the other players, in this dog, if you leave it aside it will quickly wipe out your or your ally's hp, and if you focus on it you'll lose a precious moment that can cost a lot because it will free the charmer to use its controls or other skills, whereas the dog doesn't die so easily anymore.
  11. Fabr

    Charmer unbalanced

    Amp doesn't mean anything, At least in this case. What would change if this charmer had the same amp as the mage and bd? nothing, because this is all related to abilities and relics, and they are different for each class. And "he vs his mage" doesn't exist either, because it's a 1v1 and they're always unbalanced every time. The charmer would probably win too.
  12. Fabr

    Charmer unbalanced

    I think not. If so, it would be even more broken and there would have been complaints about it in the past when the class was released. This damage was done and calculated with def and resiliency. And just for reference, I agree.
  13. Fabr

    Charmer unbalanced

    Listen, the dogs do massive damage for a 55% increase in their damage? Yes. do they cause aoe damage equally immense? Yes. are they resistent? Yes. Can they be 2 or 3? Yes. Do they attack fast, relentlessly and non-stop? Yes. Can they critical hit multiple times on someone with 60% resilience? Yes. Do they need a book, pot or scroll to do all this? No. now answer me, Are these classes equally strong at this? and even more than that? Is there any comparison between them and this?
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