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  1. This was the strangest skill change update the game has ever had, I know that changing the damage absorption of shields to take defensive parameters into account is a good idea, but the shield durability values are so low that It seems to have gotten worse, at least for PVE. PVP has resilience that will greatly reduce player damage, so the change in shield will make a huge difference, but PVE doesn't have that. Example, healers have a shield that absorbs 120% of magic power, staff users usually get 1000 magic power, so the shield absorbs 1200 damage? this is extremely low even for mobs, unless you use it on a super buffed tank. Healers usually have low defense and the shield will barely absorb damage if he uses it on himself, I prefer the old version. And in addition, they changed some skills that were good the way they were to something completely different or with a weird effect. Like, Punitive Roots, which was used to immobilize several targets, has now become a self-defense skill based on luck, a very strange skill and out of place for a healer and support class. Illumination was a good AoE damage skill, now the damage is gone. Paladin's Prayer has now become a group buff that does damage, which is OK, but the old healing effect is gone forever. Block master used to be a healing skill, now it's a damage reduction skill, I know that Warden is a tank class but having an instant heal with each block is essentially better than a simple damage reduction, this seems like a big and unnecessary nerf . In general, I didn't like these changes.
  2. It's a good extra defense against ranged classes but nothing that really changes much, low chance to activate, very random.
  3. Squishy classes die easily not only to bladedancer but also to any dmg class. I know everyone complains a lot about bd but the strong point of the class is precisely direct combat, making a video showing how your group support class like shaman dies easily for a dmg class doesn't make the class unbalanced, it's just how the game works . Instead of facing him 1v1 with a shaman, it should be better to use a barb, as he can withstand hits from the bd with his stone skin while attacking at full speed, and yet his weakness to multiple attackers is almost nonexistent in a 2v2 arena since there are only 2 players. Physical Chieftain can easily kill weaker classes even faster than BD, combine this with a barb rushing and stunning the target and you'll see how everything gets easier. If you look at the 1vs1 side, bd is really an unfair fight, unless you use a class that can counter it, but it's the same thing as a 1vs1 against a rogue, charmer, lock, pala, chieftain, druid , depending on your class you just can't win.
  4. Players discussing how a relic with a random chance to work can make the character fly, have infinite health, kill in 1 hit, hit the target from 50 meters ahead, classic warspear forum moment
  5. Arena in this game doesn't make any sense, like, why do you need to buy a whole set of resiliency and ferocity equipment just to fight pvp? And why do these equipment cost arena points, wtf? How am I supposed to earn arena points if I don't have a pvp set and the other players that i fight already have?
  6. 20% penetration and speed is a lot if you look at what other classes get with their skills, but I don't think it would need punishment, but when you have a two-handed weapon, you get a 20% increase in damage, penetration and speed with talent, that's a lot with just one skill, in which case it would make sense to have punishment. Another thing is that it is very unnecessary for you to lose hp and receive more damage, it should be just one of the two, for example the rogue and seeker skills increased the critical hit and critical damage but the only punishment is that he received more damage, the brb takes more damage and decreases his hp.
  7. That's thanks to the players themselves. They do the same events every year, with the same old stuff, and the players are like - good enough, take my money. Battle pass then? A new outfit with black colors + some other color, reason enough to buy the whole pass. They are using the costume for 1 month, until another pass arrives and does the same thing. Amplification and stamina, basic things like making the character stronger and making dugeons, has resulted based on chance, players spend money on things that are not even guaranteed to be worth the money spent. Get real, warspear players are all fools, mesmerized by false promises and cute pixelated 2D visuals. Balancing then, it's strategic, the end result is exactly like this: what will happen to players with the nerfed class? Either they'll wait a whole year for the next balance, or they'll simply switch classes. The shamans who bought stun gear and stun crystals to abuse the lightning shield? They're going to sell the set and use what he had before. The expensive relics they had being exchanged for cheap and weak ones? They will buy others.
  8. Really people get angry for the simple reason that the class received buffs, than what those buffs are going to be in game. it's so stupid. It doesn't even have a test server yet.
  9. Bd does not have infinite skill points. If you level up the damage skills, there wouldn't be enough for sap and parry, nor for resist and shield, so your "op" build, rush 4/4 - power of blades 4/4 - resist 2/4, shield 4/ 4, no longer exists. In fact if bds want to take advantage of these buffs they will have to sacrifice the defensive skills, the buffs and stuns.
  10. Rush has reduced stun duration. Resistance now does not resist debuffs. Do you realize that you are now the only resist that does not resist debuffs? Even more that mcs are full of them, roar, kick in the back, arrow of silence (now reduces 40% of the attack speed), totem of weakness, thrashing, mental pit, are all debuffs that affect your attack and now there will be nothing of the what to do to avoid them. If you're too dumb to realize this is a nerf, don't say that other people's arguments are wrong just because you keep reading other people's posts. and mermen was nerfed
  11. Nobody asked? So who are the people who kept complaining that "elves have more aoe control than mcs" and "death knight lacks aoe stun and support compared to his counterpart, paladin"? Then when they answer the request, do you say that no one asked? Now he has aoe mute, and that's a buff, no matter y'all asking for it or not it's still a buff. Also, Dark Shield, blood protection were also things PLAYERS asked for. Now, if you didn't like the nerfs, you can complain all you want, they'll probably change something because otherwise they'll lose players and money. But asking to nerf other people's classes just to "catch up with yours" is pretty stupid.
  12. Attack under the effect will additionally apply the "Mute" debuff for 4 \ 5 \ 6 \ 7 sec. on the target and all enemies within 1 yard.
  13. Did you even read the entire list of changes? or did you just read the classes of your dear faction? They nerfed several stuns and area control skills of the elf classes, all had reduced duration, the seeker mute literally no longer exists. Did they do this with the mc classes? No, on the contrary, they increased the duration of some and even added more, like the dk mute and the reaper's new stun. They took away bladedancer and mage attack speed, further nerfed the guard's block healing, changed the priest's 2 main pvp skills to much lower than the original version, nerfed the priest's area healing by putting a limit on the removed debuffs, nerfed ranger's dodge and accuracy again, and nerfed damage from templar and seeker again as well. Now you come to tell me that elves only get buffs?
  14. That is the problem. Dmg classes get ~1200 damage at 50% fero, along with other things like penetration and attack speed, you can't ask to nerf other classes because yours doesn't have enough damage.
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