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  1. Não sei se você sabe mas o warspear de hoje em dia só é sobre skills, books e reliquias, se você tiver eles você nem precisa de um amp tão alto pra ganhar de um grandeza, ainda mais quando o grandeza usa uma classe ruim no pvp. Na verdade grandeza tá desvalorizada, pode ver que 2 partes do set 32 de tank é mil vezes melhor que um set completo de grandeza, por causa da skill. O jogo ta tão desbalanceado ao ponto de 1 skill sozinha garantir a vitoria. E o pior e que eles não fazem balanceamento individualmente mesmo, eles esperam que você vá em grupo contra a classe supostamente desbalanceada, e acham isso uma solução. Obviamente os players vão abusar disso e sair caçando e matando todo mundo que ver e os outros que se lasque pra se resolver. Basicamente você vai sofrer o jogo todo com classes que te matam sem você ter nenhuma reação e a aigrind decide não nerfar elas porque "o jogo foi feito pra trabalho em grupo".
  2. If you don't have resistance you're going to be slaughtered by almost any mc class, imperial rings won't do you much good, that's how it works these days in this balanced game. Join a lvl 12 guild, buy some resistance scrolls and good relics or play bd or mage, and good luck.
  3. These people want to make rogue a god
  4. Druid has a lot of healings, he already plays his role of healer very well but lacks buffs. The only buff he has is one that increases penetration but increases little. That's why everyone prefers a priest as a heal because he buffs damage, and speed, crit, and crit damage. And there's better area damage too, tears hits all fighting mobs and punishment does good damage. Druid literally just heals and attacks.
  5. If you play on the elf side and enter a free pvp area like the way to the garden, you will be constantly killed by low amp mcs, because of full stun classes (hunter, lock, dk), and broken classes (rogue , charmer,), because of how these classes use their "pve build" as if it were pvp. If you don't use pvp build, you're going to die all the time to almost any mc class, and you can keep dying if you don't appeal to use certain classes or pots and scrolls. I think today's game gives more importance to skills than amp. Brb can tank almost equal to a Wd. And Wd is, or one, of the worst classes for pvp and gvg. druid has the best heals, but is one of the worst classes for pve and gvg. templar is not the best for control, touch of truth takes a long time to silence and is easily avoided by walking, flow doesn't stun for long, and classes that use staff or bow can attack through it. The best control class for sure is lock.
  6. Yes, but I was referring to damage skills, he has the best of any class. Of course seeker does even more damage, because he has speed and increases his damage. Of course I'm talking to the equipped opponent. Even equipped he still takes a lot of damage, you see a little of each hit but you'll notice the total you took from your hp. With pvp equipment he gets low critical, but can be buffed with more critical. And the skill hits 4 times, he has 4 chances to bleed, even with low critical is a good chance that you end up bleeding. Even with a little crit the odds are still high. The chief uses the anti stun at a safe distance and runs at you with the anti stun in effect, there's no way to avoid it, much like the bd rush. Ranger, BD and Seeker. Ranger can't do anything to defend himself, his protection, which is the shield, is weak and when he breaks the seeker is very fragile, and the bd has his shield too but he is weaker than the seeker's, and he needs to trust your parry or die quickly too. (BD with set 32 is another thing) Because of the chief's anti stun, he will always have the initiative and will attack first, and you won't be able to stun him. You can stay alive after the combo but you will be low on hp and if you have it in the arena you will be killed easily by another enemy. There are many ways to avoid stun, from skills, resist, pots and scrolls and relics. With damage, it's not the same thing. Seeker if the stun fails or is resisted, it will be easily stunned, and had not even managed to attack. It's not the same thing for chief and bd, who can do their combo without being interrupted.
  7. Chieftain is not weak, the opposite. Chieftain has the strongest damage abilities in the game that outperform any class (minus the templar which does 250% of the character's damage, but he only has one skill that strong and chief has several). The chieftain's combo is absurdly strong as well. Bd has auto attack as its main damage cause, and he needs time to make these attacks, because axes are slow and he needs to use his stun, sap, shield etc skills. Chief is the opposite extreme. The pack that makes him run like crazy does 200% physical damage (double the damage he has), he hits you 1 hit and it's like you take 2 more with him. Frenzy deals 50% damage to the character in 5 hits (a total of 25%), meaning you already take more than double his damage again, all in less than 1sec, because he only gave you 1 auto attack and used 1 skill on you. Soon he uses an eagle eye that does 60% magic damage in 4 hits, lasts 6 secs and hits every 1.5 sec (4 hits of 60% = 240%). That means you'll take more than double his magic damage again. And the skill still leaves you bleeding, the bleed hits 30% of his physical damage and lasts 8 sec, hitting every 2 sec (30 × 4 = 120% total physical damage). This is like a BD using a hamstring on you, his bleed is equal to the chief's bleed, and this bleed can be activated more than once on you. Also worth mentioning is that he will still be under anti stun effect when using this, and you can't run because the pack slows you down. And the swooping army, does 5 hits with 55% strength of magic damage (255% total). How does one survive all this? Classes that don't have protection only watch him destroy you without you doing anything because he will be protected with rugged hide and you will give him little damage, and anti stun. Classes that have protection, paladin, mage, templar, druid, can play against it, but they are (or will be) nerfed. CONCLUSION: Chief should also be nerfed. it's just like a bd or seeker, only instead of auto attacks, it's the damage skills that are super strong. Bd and seeker are strong, but chief is also, it would be unfair to nerf bd and seeker and leave the chief as it is. Its damage skills are superior to any other class, from single target to aoe. And it can play the role of single damage and area damage together. Rugged hide makes him almost unbeatable until the effect wears off. 12 sec is a long time, there's time to kill 2 characters in that interval, with all their damage. I also find it funny how a class made for damage has a much better damage reduction than a tank class.
  8. The duration of the shaman's skill is longer than the ranger's. And most of the time he ends up running away from the shaman. What do you mean "can be counter with most elf classes"? The only class that effectively counters it is the templar, because it plays on top of the totem so no one can get close again. And he can save yes, for example if a druid is stuning someone in your group you use it and it will remove the stun allowing it to counterattack. The totem takes a lot of damage and will take a lot of your hp alone if you stay close to it, while it hits you the shaman is attacking you with other skills. And of course this rogue is with 50% resilience but with +0 equips, and 5k hp. How can it hit hard with 0% penetration? Not sure how this affects the total damage? A lot of classes (only ranger and mage) also suffer from accuracy because the other rogues have 60% dodge and further reduce their accuracy. Haha ha Give the BD counterattack back as it used to be, it would be very fair too. And locks stun and run, and charmers running with 3 dogs attacking you also win the game. Paladin only deals high damage if it is 1vs1 , any other you will only depend on his agro and sun seal. For this reason, druid has almost nothing to buff his allies, except healing, and a low penetration increase .no wonder it is one of the worst classes for pve. Because he's part of the druid, he has nothing to defend against other than stuns and cures. By the way, if these aoe damage skills were really decent they would max it out. Because they are 2 completely different skills. The totem is pure damage to 1 target and it doesn't control, the druid's damage is aoe and holds. One is for damage and the other is for immobilizing. If druid wanted damage she would use her pet (and actually does, 4/4). And you can't call that control, whoever has as caugh can use anti stun, throw a knife, use ranged control, etc etc. This forum is packed with "nerf bd, seeker, mage, ranger, druid, templar" by mcs users. Do they make sense to you? Why not elves? Because it's pvp build, you want to improve any skill that helps pvp fight. Or do you want to fight using pve build? All mcs classes also have their pvp builds. I invite you to look at all the "trash" skills of the elves and show me how you can somehow be useful to us, since you know more than old players. Every class has its "useless" skills. You just want to buff them because they are mc classes. How logical, no? (and reflexes are being used by rogues, it's not useless, which shows you don't know anything about skills) Yes it's not survival, it's about defeating your opponents. The point is that the opponent doesn't die, and I've already proven how much he tanks. Chief has no stun and has plenty of chances. It has nothing to do with being beaten. It's certain classes that are unbalanced and need nerfing, and I've already told them, rogue charmer and chieftain. I never said anything about nerf beyond these three.
  9. I won't say anything, just watch this video and tell me the "low defense" class that runs through 4 players as a tank and doesn't die. Enjoy and see your magic damage. Low, no? And he heals 1100. 2200 In critical healing. Wouldn't that heal much more than priest and necro if it had more magic damage? https://youtu.be/IoCSYxCd0eg Yes you can attack... but it will look like you forgot to equip your pvp weapon. Do you think that only stun is good? And other debuffs are not valid? Because it's HYBRID, it doesn't have the same strength as full physical damage or full magic damage, but it's still very strong because it has the 2 builds together, and still does a lot of damage. The shaman's totem heals his entire group with a periodic high healing, and is healing even with the shaman being stunned, the totem heals alone for him, if he has castle pot he becomes almost immortal. He has a skill that reduces damage by 50% and removes negative effects that saves someone who is being attacked and stunned. Shaman has a skill that makes you run wild for a LONG time. He has skill that increases critical damage. He has the fire totem that is very strong. try to stay close to him so you can feel what damage is. It can buff atack speed, cd, critical damage, energy reg. Weakness Totem decreases critical, accuracy and penetration, try getting 0% penetration with this skill. The mcs only know how to compare skills from other classes, they think that only healing and stuns win the game.
  10. It's really funny when talking about the elf classes all unbalanced and broken but when talking about the mcs, they talk in a way like it's the worst class in the game.
  11. Amusing, because the legion does exactly the same. Of course it could be both. I don't know if you know, but there is a hybrid build, and it's quite common to see a hybrid chieftain.
  12. False If you level it up to 5/5 it can heal more than 2k in magic builds. It's not false, although no one levels it up to that level. But at 3/5 she can heal over 1500 in magic builds, which is quite a lot, even more knowing that the chief can raise his crit. False Try attacking a chieftain with rugged hide activated, and see how much damage you do to him. False False? Are you kidding right? False, nobody levels their Thrashing to 5, there´s much more important skills that need the skill ponts Physical build pvp put yes in 5, and are also used in gvgs.
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