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  1. Make a scroll for costume (especially gold costume ) especially the parameters is personal so we can sell it or trade I'll buy it !!
  2. Majicker12


    Let guild tournament costume can be unbind!
  3. i know devs want to get money so make an item for change class or those cant unbind costume can be unbind please.
  4. nowadays many pro player are idle. some of them like me want to change there class. like rouge want to shaman or shaman to be dk so i suggest make an item that will change there class but there lvl will reduce to half :) if they finish the 1st map all quest they cant redo their quest so they will do dailys :-) i know the price of that maybe 800- 1200 mcoins but its cool think of it dev :-) if u make change job item all skill points will reset but it will reduce because your lvl reduce to :-) im hoping you make a change class item :-) even its expensive ill buy it:-):-):-):-):-):-)
  5. more pages but still sithlords are shitlord
  6. Beside I already said before I gve the gold to you guys go search the pages. What I do now is to drama and make this pages to 30 8)
  7. U don't get the point 8) analyze my fail English beside your a genius
  8. I cropped that in half%) because this forum cnt tke large memory if only I could post this completely beside I'm using tablet this game and one more thing go defend your puny guild
  9. I complained because I got scammed and your job is to defend the name of sithlord but I posted the evidence so will believe to you guys? Go think
  10. 200k is big for non spender even I'm rich I still care what I spent. You guys are theft even if is 200k what are you trying to say if you are rich u should not bother what he get to you because u are rich? Fck up I earned that money with my blood and sweat .. so its precious even its a little thing to you zzzz grow up kiddo you just beg money to your parents to get rich in this game..
  11. I post all the things about this topic do I need to repeat it?8)
  12. Pushhhhh morrreeee but I don't care I love it I don't care :DDD
  13. Because I'm a Filipino your a racist homo erectus weirdo guy men and why do I need study English if I'm working on japan all I say to you is BAka and still play childish games like this grow up little bikini bottom fans xD ( can't touch this) what ever you say don't affects me haha go push more xD
  14. Wow racist saying blah blah blah but still you still saying blah blah hey admit it your alliance is full of crap xD
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