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  1. Well this is an evaluative post about the performance of the Rogue in the game. Since I started in the US I chose the class because it was Invisible that was very useful to skip mobs and players. Stealth was a skill that I found really useful but as I grew up I saw that it was useless, just like the seeker, making yourself invisible has an absurd disadvantage in the game, there are times when enemies can see you and I always thought it was a bug but It's been a while now so they don't fix it and I see that the developers don't mind fixing that. Another disadvantage is the detection pots, the players who use them make me very angry. I don't understand why they developed a skill to make you invisible if even enemies can see you, aren't mages or charmers supposed to detect you with their skills? I don't understand why give players so much power to see those who become invisible. Being honest, the best thing was not to have invented Stealth/Dissapearance Skills from the beginning, literally those are things that do not let you play well. It's so absurd that I would like a pot that removes all defensive attributes from the enemy like parry, block and dodge. If stealth is a skill and you remove priority from it, it's the same as removing priority from other skills. Another point that I hate about the class is its terrible survival in PvP, it gives me a lot of courage that practically the melee damage classes such as Chieftain, Seeker, Blade Dancer, even the Reaper have resistance to negative effects, and the rogue only left him his parameter of dodge. Then I found out from a Russian guide that the Dodge is as obsolete as the Parry, why? easily because in arenas players don't use Critical hit parameter, they used Accuraccy. Each enchantment was enough to make Dodge and Reflexes obsolete. And classes like the Ranger often landed lethal damage, the Blade Dancer lowered my Dodge es with Mark, and the Chieftain had buffs to make it even more obsolete. The great ignorance of the parameter in the players and the playability that they believe of the Rogue was also angry, being a rogue is not even easy compared to putting Silence or stun skills. Dodge is a PARAMETER NOT A SHIELD, it can easily be countered using Accuraccy. Just like the critical hit has a function, to do many safe critical hits sometimes you need more than 40-42% critical. Same for dodge, but what good is a dodge now? If I had 40% it would be like having 30% or much less. And the worst thing is that when they beat you in combat they don't complain but when you beat them they start complaining and crying about the Dodge, when we Rogue players have literally suffered a lot from the Stuns that were placed on us, skills like the Druid and Paladin players who the only thing they do is run and they still do it today, Blade Dancer who with his two stuns put you in a whole combo would kill you for sure or leave you no HP to breathe. The only skill that does serve to have a decent potential parameter is Kick, it's great even more worth raising than the dodge skill starting map 1, but the disadvantage is that it is only 1 target and therefore placeable it becomes a very useless skill, many characters have control skills that don't let you do anything to respond it is very absurd that the skill is a single target skill since the game focuses on GvG and even as a basic skill it doesn't work there, then it is useless to give him skill points, if the skill were a field that reduces area Accuraccy it would be more useful as well as moving in a fog that would be being an Assassin, but unfortunately I received a lot of non-constructive criticism that time from people who only they think that "the dodge is broken they should nerf it" and look they won I congratulate them they ruined a class on an unfair whim. Now the class is a very easy target to nuke damage due to its poor strategy playability of not knowing how to fight a Rogue. I still don't know why the rogue theme is so lacking in this game, rogues are assassins with good Dodge abilities, it's supposed to do damage to them is almost impossible or very hard to do, they should have dodge capabilities of physical control skills like items except of mind control. It would be nice if it had resistance only to those kinds of skills. Another thing I hate about the class is the equipment power, and their pointless Trickiest Technique poor development, why? Gentlemen, the equipment for damage characters in PvE is very absurd, it makes me laugh a lot people who exploit their damage parameters but lack HP I have seen Hunters with 3.8K HP +10 die as if you barely touched them and they start to convulse why they died, the answer is obvious Critical Damage, many bosses and mobs have it, in the case of Nadir Myth that boss I love how the prism falls on them in AoE with Critical damage and they are already out, also the AoE of the Myth Sea Boss erase, these are moments where you see +10 die from exploiting everything except HP or having it more or less decent as a minimum of +5K, well speaking of HP and the trickiest skill depends on your HP, the more HP the more you freeze even with dodge of before and trickiest I could do 90K without Vampirism with 9kHP Rogue, right now if I do that grace it wouldn't make sense or maybe I can but with worse performance since I have 6K HP and maybe I'll die again, and I remember that I used stun axes that saved me too so it's not I'll die as soon as I try. Trickiest is absurd it always fails, and if it does it doesn't stun and doesn't freeze you, I've already had 5 times that the ability doesn't work, because it literally doesn't work! It's just a stroke of luck, I had to pray for it to freeze me when I had 1K HP and they know what happened the skill betrayed me, it's really bad how it's developed it must be 100% stun and Heal for sure but they care more about giving it 100% stun to the best survival tank in the game, Warden and also 60% Accuraccy to a Block Parry and Dodge character compared to 50% Kick to a character that with only Dodge nerfed is a God, when really strong he has a heel, elbow , neck, hip, back, Achilles head. That's why it makes me angry that the Sentinels complain about the absurdity Rogue should be complaining about the Warden as well as removing the debuffs with Heavy Mermen, even with Seeker you can't kill that thing now but they continue to defend it. It is easier to kill a barbarian with a mage than a warden. That's another important point, the mermen heavy lifesaver, the classes that use it are rubbish, it's a huge disadvantage for damage, healers and control characters. As Rogue annoys that so much work killing a Warden Blocks and Kick is removed, or the Templar that uses Mantra and also blocks, or the Blade Dancer that has like a gameplay of taking everything away and endless resistance, or the Barbarian and the Charmer, in that aspect Removing the debuffs just for that armor makes those players hypocrites, believing that they played better for having an armor that does everything for them, what a good joker, right? That's why being Damage and Control in the game doesn't make sense, it's already lost its essence and that's why it's not worth creating a character like that. Honestly those who use Mermen for PvP really know about PvP? They shouldn't even complain about the other classes, because they don't know how to play fair, in the case of the DK if it is an exception they are too easy to kill. Also annoying is the lack of penetration all classes have except Rogue. actually believe that Sinister Strike is used? My answer is that neither energy nor skill usage allows it to be used, and it can be resisted and removed. Instead the other classes have those skills as really unfair buffs. Another thing you can't even take advantage of any damage stat because it lacks it you can only take advantage of Speed, but with Greatness and PvP it doesn't work so you have to use penetration everywhere, and the other classes with penetration skills do the same, that's why they do more damage than a worthless Rogue. It also grosses me out to see Rogues use non-penetration weapons to the point that they still use Arena axes, thinking they do more damage when in fact they are slow and don't pierce enemies armor. In conclusion Rogue is an absurd class without sense, that class lost their essence in development isn't a Rogue is a Target for Nuke, a class damage without damage, with many unfair counters in the playability of the game, can't avoid Control skills one of the Weakness points of the Rogue. So literally is a waste of time make this class is only an old ornament inside a box waiting to be reworked. And nuked by the community only for an absurd Dodge defensive parameter when others can use Block, parry, dodge, shield skill, resistance. Rogue Skills Merciless Strike Meh... first skill decent, melee anyway Kick in the Back Bad Mechanic for GvG groups is useless now, it should be AoE. Or a Debuff in enemies who hit the Rogue. Stealth Absurdly unfair countered skill with Potions and Bug in the game, where enemies have more oportunities to see you. Gouge Useless removable skill, where your party group transform your time to place it in trash. Dodging Low time of buff, with counter parameter to make this useless doesn't have sense upgrade this is only a waste of skill points Elusive Jump Always was decent, but with talent is a waste of energy Flurry of Steel Low time to response ranged attack enemy, with a probability of fail too is very bad performance. Trickiest Technique Same as Flurry, also both are a waste of energy. Sinister Strike The most useless skill of the class, what's this? This skill exists? :oMG! Ricochet Should change name of this skill maybe to "Use this in case of Emergency when enemies stop stun you", is one of the worst AoE damage skill guys. Absolute Reflexes Change name too "Absolutely you died", is another Dodge parameter, when only works when you make Dodge, this shouldn't be upgraded. Oh and more Attack speed... Where resistance? How I cam avoid Control skills? Furiousness "Kill me Im on Rage" "Active this for die more fast" Idk what name to choose Poisonous Blades "Gouge Remover" but is decent Extermination The CD skill is to long, Anyway with talent I can Murderlust like Seekers Stupefying Pain, wait... Oh I died nuked again noob dodge never save me
  2. Kyrai


    Yea something like all move lvl 8 guild and bully lvl low guilds we don't care our guild lvl 8 passive skills, we can do Mermen Dungeon with lvl 1 guild anyway. Rawr /•∆•)/ Back to the past guilds lvl low for win Mermen Dungeon buff I suggest change mechanic and give buff for participation, and winners got a buff something like +1h spam Warspear want make us focus 1 character, but the game isn't fair to focus 1 character
  3. Look the spring raid bosses it was a disaster, all hard work was useless including our Chieftains, all damage classes got smashed by Charmers in EU. But developers fixed something without explications about charmer... And people in my server is thinking the relic still workable? Anyway we won with hunters is decent But developers think all damage classes are balanced in skills, absolutely no. Well I mean another mechanic something like Reaper resist, that is the best mechanic of resistance
  4. The number of players and the activity says a lot, the complain of Legion classes and the absurd complain from Sentinels in forum says a lot. Sentinels says: bro.. If developers nerf bd resistance it became useless. Look Rogues, who are the responsibles of nerf dodge parameter? Or Look Barbarian before Stone Skin was better than now. Another example complain about Warlocks and developers pamper Sentinels to give AoE stuns to different characters in Sentinels side for counter them. Now developers released Templar an hybrid unit of AoE stuns nice Now beastmaster released with 1 stun, and developers took a lot of time to give Chieftains 1 stun but with 1 combo skill, in that combo duration is many oportunity i enemies easy win Now chief and Beastmaster 1 stun nice, but Bm is AoE stun, lmaooo And look bm can use a strong summon with many Iceberg relics and Chieftains?? Look this too: Legion class need use defensive parameters like block, parry, dodge to survive, and Sentinels the same and Shield skills. Another for Charmer is more easy detect a Rogue at time than a fast Seeker Be reasonable, Blade Dancer need resistance with no removable stuns? Rogue is a damage character without damage buffs like penetration only have CD and speed attack, Blade Dancer have everthing for PvP Look this too Rogue critical hit Hunter critical hit Reaper critical hit That parameter works for PvP? We Legion classes are for PvE situations for 1 target only. I know one thing, this a friend learned to me "Warspear never is going to get a balance because developers can't balance PvE and PvP"
  5. Kyrai


    For again the same routine... Bored Mermen GvG Idk I not like Mermen since it released, always was a problem and one of the reasons because people leavedy server
  6. I don't know why the mechanism of Arena modes is really unfair, is perfect only for those Pay2Win players or for cheaters Is really annoying fight in those modes if players are availables to use Scrolls or Potions before start, isn't supposed the game is "balanced" for you developers? Many classes are so weak to fight in arenas for many absurd things in combats Teleport Pots and Detection Pots always the same history you are killing someone and he used teleport potion and you wasted a skill for nothing or bad click and your team lose for your brain fault, how many chances they need? or something too like shield scrolls only saving lifes with a high damage to safe making those enemies unkillable, and for remove it you need attack or waste skills again trying to remove their buffs. Arena is supossed to test skills and gear, not potions or scrolls, what's next minions? Arena fights are dead only works for spam not for real fights In other game Arena are more funny than this, since I started play this game I only seeing players +10 who only knows use potions Anyway arena modes have unfair system, selecting high ranks (Greatness) vs Begginers or Newbies This game is turning into PvP themed and is really hard to keep demanding arenas for nothing is only a waste of time and gold The best thing what you can do is make arena points or Imperials more easy to get Or create another system to get arena points and imperials like quests, and people p2w who want get it fast can demand it
  7. Kyrai


    I don't like Mermen GvG too. I really hate that GvG always same system, no balanced number oponents, only choose same guild level Before people loved stay in high level guilds, now those guilds died in EU Now active lvl 12 guilds are 3-4 only
  8. Agree but reserves can't counter focus attacks, I mean 2 or more vs DK, very different about Warden Barbarian Paladin.
  9. Wardens: you guys back to respawn statue?
  10. In EU Emerald Death Knight is the worst tank of the game •~•) bruh nobody like in Legion people prefer Barbarian is more comfortable. Their performance is only useful for pull enemies
  11. The disavantage is you are with low hp in case of the shielding skill classes you need make that combo or regen vampirism Yes, now you understand why number of damage reduction isn't enought, for me isn't enought Im trying to make another way This mechanic in dungeon probably works better cause Death Knight have AoE skills damage
  12. Yea but if your HP is 400 and you receive 500 damage you are dead because is a regen HP status with dependence of the damage. Is a survivability mechanic for more duration in combat, should be not much decent for fight vs warden. Because is a type of "damage reduction with hp regen" something like that
  13. The skill performance isn't very good yet, so for balance the skill according to a semi hybrid tank class, I make this suggestion. The principal problem is the dependence of the status Health restoration, is a very old parameter, very useless for counter the penetration parameter. The skill is type passive and I think in my opinion is a bit decent to counter passive skill from Wardens, and is based a bit on it. Secret Reserves isn't good for arena cause Death Knights suffer like every Damage class be nuke by enemies. And when the skill is doing its work effect Death Knights are Dead Knights. My is Suggestion based on survivability. Dark wings ignore damage with a probability but isn't enought and no useful when Death Knights use 2h weapons, the skill works with defence parameters. Talent is a bit useful but is decent in that perspective. And many Death Knights players can't counter Paladin is a fatal idea figth a paladin vs this class. Secret Reserves Eliminate the mechanic of the skill and dependence of health restoration. Applications for this: Any damage incoming to Death Knight is used to restore 20/30/40/50% health points to the character. Example: this mean if Death Knight receive 1000 damage, they restores at 200/300/400/500 HP When the Death Knight use Blow of Silence on a enemy with a succesful hit under 30% Hp instantly restores a 5/8/10/15% of their maximum HP. The mechanic of decrease damage during PvE should be reworked on this mechanic too. Also Grants to Death Knights to make support bonus parameter to allies. The bonus "Blood Donation" restores 2/5/8/10% of Health Points to allies. This depends of every ally. Example: Ally with 10kHp restores 200/500/800/1000 HP Analisys: Death Knights can use Vampirism parameter at their favour but literally this class is very weak, are killable in group teams and more weak vs Penetration parameter Also about combo at 30% HP forces Death Knights to use the expert skills Hurricane and Blow of Silence, during this period they can die in pvp is a disavantage so is neccesary be smart using the skills and save Blow of Silence for this Emergency case cause of Skill Cooldown. Anyway if they want exploit HP parameter isn't a problem cause they vampirism enchants is more low. And creates a dependence of Saturation skill. Blood Protection is active skill and can't be used under control effects, and use this skill reduces the effectiveness cause -Dmg received is -HP restoration. Very enought for enemy players. So is a skill for more survivability to response that damage incoming from enemies. Forcing to Death Knights play with a Smart strategic skill. This is a real Secret Reserves.
  14. Warspear Online finally reached 20 different classes! Five classes per each of the four existent factions of the game. Each class have their essence inside this game, where you can be Healer, Damage, Tank or including Hybrid classes. Also we look of every MMORPG game, many similar things of the classes depending of their skills or gear building, this is the counterpart the most similar oponent. \\\ Paladin Death Knight /// Priest / Necromancer Mage / Chieftain Seeker / Rogue Templar / Charmer Warden / Barbarian Blade Dancer / Reaper Druid / Shaman Ranger / Hunter Beastmaster / Warlock Categories Semi-Hybrid (SH) Semi-Tank (ST) Semi-Damage (SD) Hybrid I go explain this with time so updates coming soon. Because exist classes with other counterpart classes.
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