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  1. Yesterday i decided to bring an old habit we had in the EU-Emerald server and yes as you can read it in the title its the "PvP Cave", a cave where mcs and elfs can go and have some fights for fun. I managed to count a total number of 13 mcs and 18 elfs (the 4-5 hours i was there at least), the people seems to want it so... why not bring it back? Im making this post so everyone in the Eu server (and other servers too) can see that this good old tradition could come back alive. #MakePvPCaveGreatAgain
  2. maybe upgrade ur helm and glove and change those pve armor and boots?
  3. this is a good change but where is the increase of players allowed on guild unity or guild resurection skills?
  4. where is this fix? relics are not saving at all. it took me 3 mins to change one wile in the middle of a boss fight.....
  5. p2w game tbh, ppl could brute force ranks and might get it this time wont be wasted becouse you would need lvl 30 greatness to fight it ofc as i said power = money, a bit of competiton wont hurt, in fact it would make it interesting YOU CANT BULLI THE PENGU! pengu likes to bulli dogs (with hugs ofc ) In resume. yes it would make it imposible to get for those who dosnt have the money or they are not strong enough (poors and weaks smh) to even win a fight but this could bring so much activity becouse of this COMPETITION, thats what it makes this types of games so much fun. And even if you arent a pvp player theres competition everywhere from arena to dungeons, bosses, weekly events and even quests!. It wont hurt a little of competition in arena Much love to @Kyrai i really like your posts!
  6. This is a very valid point and im thinking that the arena will increase the demand rate by a lot, not only the arenas with this lvl 32 gear but the imperial ones like 5x5 or cruci just becouse people would need at least some rewards to fight this tops so much truth, theres not fun if you can get the things you want in just 1 click And i hope, i really hope theres no Critical Hit weapons in this lvl 31 ones becouse just like 29 it would be a wasted stat (exept for healers, they can crit heal)
  7. have you ever tried Penetration or Ferocity? becouse seems like you didnt
  8. just show the %.. theres also skills that we dont even know how much stuff (dmg, heal, etc) they do t5 ayvondil elite mobs do this so they can do it np (if they want....) increase gold drop by mob level and his difficulty (normal, elite, etc) but well what can we do.. they only think about the money
  9. you dont need high amps also.. i've seen some palas combine nadir def sets to get 10k def with just +6 armors shield Life Steal without damage its useless.. as you described in the skill build all your dmg skills are 1/4 (illumination, harad call, etc) (btw banner does so little damage since last skill rework on snow, so now its main purpose its to increase your pt damage and yours ofc) And yes you are going to tank just fine but keep in mind your aggressions... they are 1/5 1/4 too so bosses might lose interest in you very quickly and focus the main damage of your party
  10. the pros: you are going to be tanky healer the cons...umm, no damage for soloing stuff?. but i guess its fine becouse you said it was for dg so you wont be alone that also get as much crit as you can, palas crit heals are good (insane with relic "Magic Relic of Resilience" and 1k magic dmg(2h wpn))
  11. the simplies would be just add a point system to gears and such for example a pve blue gear of lvl 25 gets 200 gear points wile a lvl 30 greatness gets 1k or so
  12. "what if i tell you that you could make millions" *gets 3 commons 1 uncommon and 1 scroll*
  13. it isnt a great issue i agree and i hope it isnt a big issue to make it possible it is a bit annyoing to reuse all skills mostly in crucible when you have to keep fighting non stop
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