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  1. goooooooooooooooooooooooood!
  2. connect ur apple id and loging it. its can hide email but can saw ur name
  3. make more skill slots pls
  4. yes i hope these suggestions will got any gm notice and accept it
  5. U add a great fully explain . thanks
  6. Recently im so enjoy spring events.and i do some summary which i think should have a optimization 1: The games are Adapt to all equipment,Phone/pads/pc etc but the screens i found something let mi feel so bad experience As we see the screen. we can focus area is at mid. Out focus area is the target's Hp/buffs/debuffs are rightup.(same as pt state) hotkey is fine if we use pc and we can do fast controls.just Take a glance the skills is cd on but if u want check targets hp or his stun state u had watch up.and back focus pvp state watch mid.so watch up watch mid (moves in endless) and while ur watch up and the targets if argo u or sth lost targets.u needs busy for while again. ur hands and ur eys up and down And now groups pvp is more and more.we hardly do some fast target kills in full around ppl. just like stand there. strong pts fast kill weaks fast die. But haven't pains and some highs(just full around "mobs") we cant even do someting in changes.thats make ppl less passions im think first we can add a hp Blood strip at players.like these. it really give a big helps in all scene. AREAN/GVG/MERMEN FIGHTS/1VS1 ETC players can do best combos while he have a fast reaction in targets hp. And in groups fights gvg/mermen etc. fastest choice the less hp players to killed .just make games more simples.also if u dont like it, u can hide it as other hide settings --------------------------- 2: Warspear Online is a world MMORPG games . players around the world. Players Log games with network/ WIFI/5G/4G .for now if u lag ur have a disconnect signal. i think should add a network signal speed at screen or have a speed tested in games settings. players can easy to know which network stats is good for connect the servers for amp/pvp/do spams. choice the best network stats for do anything. Thanks for Reading tis post. if u think its good place reply and follow it. also can give some suggetions to mi too.make the games more fun. thank you Sorry for some words inputs are wrong. my english not good.just ignored sth wrongs
  7. this bp is good.but the costmues i think its not good as the past 7th bp costmues.was super wondering it comings,but after saw the costmues was abit sad.............................................(just ignored mi)
  8. im deeply understand ur feelings.i can do is afk now.and do normal pve,tats after i hv rare books. 1.All rare books are add passive state and cant add skill points.if puts in expect page its not reasonab 2.After players have books above 10+ and sometimes pvp-pve needs switch other skill book.its easy in misclick with rare books.(like ppl do spam amps and after relog games,out amp with signs and lost ) 3.Created a new page after expert rename like Passive Book.so no matter hmany books add later in upgrade the games.that can solves in a general settings
  9. Nice u see the inform and yes we really need it!
  10. Like the game rules. we had read/knows/follow it. and now games setting too, set books drops ,we follow it ,enjoy it,but after we got and used. there no slots? its really needs fix my dear gm.
  11. I think all games,not only warspear, between the players vs players.tats no hv balance in ur points.And the facts is since have miracle shop,there means hvnt normal players same as the tops.rare books not got from the airs. while ppl pay for it or working hard for it ,tat should had a gaps with it. or ppl do wat in games? it is a bug. havnt setting as well. u need to admite it.The points is gm had sets so many rare books.tat should give enough slots for it. or be4 make so many books give a information to all ppl."there only hv these slots.please notice this".let ppl do a choice.(but they havent). till now not only mi ,many top players needs slots. its really needs fix. Class limits is basic on players. if put 17rare books on a seeker,i think 17 books wd wont outdmg a 17 books seeker.,tis is the balance! Many ppl working hard for rare books not easy. im collect it for 3years.every events do hard spam,collect golds and wait drops ,keep online for long.Its unimaginable And while u look back the books ,ur knows which u got hard and which u got with luck. its a part of games experience i think gm really needs to considering wat players needs .
  12. But to many players its not regular also.for the best player ,they wanna tested the limits of the class's potential its the one of the best fun in tis game. When the systems sets up the rare books. they should considering ppl if got all books. the first books speed/cd/penet its alrdy past like 6-7 years ,maybe earlier. if u got these book alrdy,now u needs more coz some like pvp changes, i think none will willing use other books instead it again. and all books are usefull. and last 2years.as we see ,systems alrdy changes drops not like be4. less books drops in events now its really made bad experience. or make a setting can switch books which u hv (like relic settings) to solves the bug .thanks so much
  13. i think its fine. just as the amp,some players spam signs like 7000pic on staff but still failed. its hard to say how many runs ur got books.just the more u spam, the chance will incress
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