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    legolad got a reaction from Higgings in BD build + skills   
    Good point didnt think of that✌🏻
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    legolad reacted to Higgings in [2019.07.30] Update 8.0: The Ship Graveyard. Preview   
    One little thing: Forsakens are dead already... do we need Oxygen anyway? ._. 
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    legolad reacted to Patira in Please bring back the old UI/hotkey   
    it's so hard to adapt new UI, I always misclick on the left icon thinking it was for browsing 2nd row of skills but it's not.
    I also have a hard time when I'm doing arena because I need to react as fast as I can and click right skills to use but because of new UI I play like a newbie.
    Please devs reconsider this matter, Playing a certain game for 5 years and suddenly changing the interface is really hard to make adjustments  
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    legolad got a reaction from f4348357 in sometimes ill be seen by enemy,why   
    U walked too loudly
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    legolad got a reaction from Omercix in sometimes ill be seen by enemy,why   
    U walked too loudly
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    legolad got a reaction from Omercix in Buff flurry of steel   
    Stealth 5/5 + 40% longer effect and max CD lets bombard them bds while beign invisible am i right 
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    legolad reacted to Urscrewed in EULA-rules, read them   
    "wake up" 
    -log onto warpspear
    -select the character i'm gonna quest on
    "chat pops up"
    -suck my digk you ninger
    -sell acc op bd lv24 pm me
    -you calling me a noob you imbicile?
    devs, do something than a chat bot which says to not violate EULA terms once every five minutes.
    things i think should be done:
    show the players the consequences, i want LIVE info chats saying "XX player" got banned for X days for X reason
    for ALL to see.
    Take action and once people get to see the results it will stop quickly.
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    legolad reacted to Higgings in EULA-rules, read them   
    LoL really dude. Jackb might have his problems, but I really advise you not to beg gms with such stories. Elf side in EU-Emerald is full of something that we, in mc side, call "Drama". A session of 10 seconds with my elf char to see that the S**t between Jackb and you (it seems, or any other char, I'm not sure) was going on. Have you guys ever tried to make people pay Tickets to take place in this Awesome Piece as guests? That's actually better than Vampire's Diaries.
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    legolad reacted to Higgings in Ded but not ded   
    Zombie? (/'-')/ 
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    legolad reacted to Lyzoic in does anyone actually use this?   
    it´s dress. females use dresses
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    legolad reacted to Morgana in Druid or Shaman?   
    Get rekt Legions, Sentinels got a new recruit!
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    legolad reacted to Fortuno in necro compare druid   
    I don't know about you,but I find necromancers very hard to beat when they have the "Mental pit" expert skill upgraded. It punches a strong damage debuff (even stronger than sap and taunt). up to 44% judging from my calculations. And cooldown decrease which will make your skills charge incredibly slowly for the duration of the spell effect.
    So yea,fighting them is really hard to the point where you have to think of consequences of your misuse of skills. I mean... healing yourself during the mental pit skill will not only render your heal almost useless (a huge decrease),but most probably send the skill to an unforgiving pit of cooldown. (sure you can just probably control almost permanently if you have a good cd,which I don't lol)
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    legolad reacted to vavavi in Imbalanced Characters.   
    Eeeeeeee ampings supposed to be hard. Sure sometimes you get lucky but to +10 weps 50 set is't much at all.
    After trying out resistance update i personally i feel its pretty balanced right now. The chance isnt that high, but combine it with stuns that have a chance to fail anyways and they're far from reliable.
    One thing i see people saying is barbs are broken, which imo is probably because of fero. Bein able to deal 1k+ damage with 1 wep begins to hurt after a stun cycle. 
    Then again bds do 1900 base dmg with decent stuns aswell so cant exactly complain.
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    legolad reacted to ELASIRI in Imbalanced Characters.   
    Higgins u are newbie too dnt act like old lol and BTW MCs cry every sec about BDS counter so why we can't do same in order to balance the game we love ?
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    legolad reacted to Morgana in Imbalanced Characters.   
    At least we had a way to deal with 24/7 stunners
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    legolad reacted to Nicebuddy in Imbalanced Characters.   
    I just noticed that the MC side characters are better than ELF side characters , please do some action on this or change some expert skills to make the characters or both side balance. I really hate the developers and it seems like their favorite characters are in MC side , please check if the characters are balanced before making new skills or updates , just imagine the skill of dk and barb , they are really a tank because dk has BIG HP HEAL when low hp , barb cant be died because of prevention it remains 1 HP only but you can skill kill. Now look at the other side... We do not have anything like that... Warlocks and Necros. warlocks have stuns(new update with the water skill slow + stun) , fear , silence , and necros has sleep , skill no cooldown + damage reduction , fear. but lets take a look at the other side , ELF side , mages have fear but only a chance with skill combo , and immunity to dodge all the disables which is a good thing , but after the immunity mages can be killed by a lock without any damage because of many disabling skills. PRIESTS - armistice can disable one but can attack others , debuff only. whats happening in this game?? 
    I am an mcoin buyer but I dont want the updates and I dont like it. as well as the amping percentage. I spent 50sets sign already on my +9 horror lvl26 mace. it cant be amped. please make an action on this one. and please fix the skills and updates. ITS SO UNFAIR FOR US ELF SIDE. first of all you nerfed the banner of the paladins and now the counter attack? but the poison of rouges are still 450+? bloody hell...
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    legolad reacted to Higgings in [2018.03.06] Update 7.4: Battle of Kings. Release   
    And this is how Bladedancers and Seekers hit 2k as basic hit! 
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    legolad reacted to Chakin in Snorlar's Final Form   
    Snorlar's Final Form
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    legolad got a reaction from Higgings in This amp rate is bullshit   
    Well i have used 1960signs on my barb lvl 18 mace to get it from +9 to +10. Ok it sucks but i choose to try it ofc it sucks when u drop 200-300€ on one mace but you choose to do so. I managed to amp my rogues arena axes lvl 23 both +10 with about 51sets to +9 and 9sets to get both +10 so crying about the % of AMP rates is useless its all about luck. You can either go +10 with one set from +0 or you might need to use more signs and spheres but at the end if the day you were the one who choose to amp so accept then risk and carry on.
  20. Thanks
    legolad reacted to Higgings in [2017.11.20] Week of terrifying bounty!   
    I got called noob by an "Op Rogue" cause he died in the smog and he pretended me to use taunt while being muted... happened just yesterday.
    All you gotta ask yourself in such situation is: "Did I do everything to avoid such situation? " if the answer is yes, then have a laugh at the nuub who died, if the answer is no, oh well, we are humans, mistakes help us to do better 
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    legolad reacted to Mecha in Vote To Get Counterattack Back   
    What about Rogues' Absolute Reflex?
    *walks out*
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    legolad reacted to jayrox in Youtube Thread - Jayrox   
    i discovered it some days ago
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    legolad reacted to Panchen in barbs are sooooooooooo underpowered plls help   
    Barbarian has an awesome stun, you should learn how to use it in team with another class instead of focusing on pvp.
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