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  1. Legion side on all servers fight hard to get win and its always in last minutes while sentienel win wars in 2 mins
  2. Well it would be good to atleast have merged arena
  3. So as i expected we didnt got last year snow tower event result. Bcs sentienel won it on all servers
  4. I dont like the fact that its still really easily negated . U cant finish some1 in fight if they have purfi pot or heavy merman set. On top of that if there is more dks focusing boss or something it wont deal dmg
  5. Or if they dont focus u they can just use purfi pot to neutralise ur main attack , also run away ,use resist items and buffs, remove it with skill (sham,barb,mage,chief). But yea it is really op that main dmg skill is easily avoidable.
  6. Funny thing is we waited almost 1 year for this and look at what we got.
  7. Santa Claus

    Reverse Flow

    So by this logic fi there are 3 templar what should i do or even 2
  8. Santa Claus

    Reverse Flow

    So u need to walk around seal to capture it . Good idea ill try that Whats the ishue ishue is that templar knock whole group and keep them outside of seal and he can capture it + templar can capture seals with mantra and u cant do anything about that. And be4 he laave mantra ur pushed away again . And cycle goes like that untill u lose the fight And those "counters" u mentioned are useless and doesnt have anything with game scenarios .
  9. Hmm i would rather buy a ticket and track that bd and punch him in the face during those 5 minutes and after that u can easily win him. So i think that time should stay at 30 sec I understand what u want to say but 5 min is really much it could easily become best skill in the game
  10. 6 ppl + relic(not 100% sure) is 8 ppl and 3 waves is 24 ppl and not to mention that relics that debuff opponents work all 3 times
  11. Im not a new player but i started new char just to read the story and its really well written i like forsaken quests because u really need to find solution in chat with ai . I also like the part in t4 where u can chose what to do with 1 traitor . There are many details that i didnt noticed when i played before . I did read mountain clan side and inserlot quests of legion side . But then on ayvondil story is ok but not as same as on starter maps.
  12. +25% dmg on tank ???????????????...???????????????????????????????????????????????????? Yea make sense
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