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  1. Or just kill it at place where bait wont be triggered
  2. Look at other games with this pvp format and they are doing fine . Rn in ws it dowsnt depend who is better but who have more gold
  3. In other games when u are first and u are against some1 that is low ranked u wont get much points from win but if u lose a lot
  4. Ranking system for arena is really old and it need to improve. Now it doesnt depend how strong is ur charachter but how much can u spend . I want some change in arena bcs ppl are boting and afling just to get rank in arena and they are ruining other ppl expirience. I would like to have -points for each time u lose like in other games that have similiar format. It would make it much better
  5. If talents are going to cost more than 2k to max it out it would be a scam. We get better bonuses with runes and crystals and they cost 1.5k on discount and we alreads have expensive talents for sea
  6. Correct me if im wrong but imo templars mantra work like reserves but it have short cd and cd can be reduced . It heals u and u cant be attacked + it works on other ppl
  7. I mean cc like stun and silemce not aoe dmg. Dk have low chance to make curse useful in arena. Bcs sentienel side have many resist skills and also there are many buffs that help u to resist it.
  8. Reserves should be dk heal skill which they are rn or are they
  9. So far as i know only class that can use cc is lock and only class that can really do some support on mc side is shaman . On the other side there is templar with many cc skills and have mantra which can save him or other pt membe (if u focus him je just use mantra and start stun again or if he have paladin or druid with him u cant kill him). Druid with many healing skills ,aoe sleep more heal rott and even more heal . Same thing with templar if u focus him he just use his skill (idk name ) that make him invincible and heal back like half hp and also if there is pala or templar they can save them too . Mage-they are like chieftain but they are way better. They have resist that remove debuffs and it goes on for 3- 4 sec( not real stat) they use it then jump in 1vs5 make every1 hp to half with opndmg and cc and goes out not wounded at all(also if there is druid templar or pala they wont die) . Paladin-only tank with support skills that are so strong that u dont even need to have pvp items to fight in arena . U just need to put shield on some1 and u can go watch tv while battle is over +they also have op cc skills and really strong dmg. Bladedancers - yes even they have aoe stun, this class only need some kind of heal so if can be used everywhere they have perma stun resist dmg reduction good defense op attack and they can even use aoe stuns(just why) I already see sentienel side crying in comment u have chief lock shaman .... Its not the same lock is good in 5v5 and 4v4 but sentienel side have so many resist skills that it makes him not even near as good as templar (they have mantra +they can use heavy armor) . Shaman with heal totem that is only supportive skill on legion side(in gvg its really strong but in arena its not). Then chief many ppl would say chief is op but its similiar to mage in aoe dmg and resist but chief doesnt even have 1 stun while mage have cc stuns.
  10. In war when u switch side to help enemy u can be killed . In this game u cant . If u want to switch side why u dont make char at your new side Its not forced when lets say u are going to kill 1 boss and there come ur "ally " and kill ur whole pt and u just stand there and watch them die and say "np man we are allies" I dont have anything vs same side allies its logical if ur guild isnt strong enough u can go unite but elf and mc allies are ruining game . U and others are just defending that bcs u have benefit that u get from that "ally"
  11. This just ruin arena w/l things are antifun . Yes i get it its easier for new plyers to get pvp set but why should some1 then make his char +10 ifd he need to lose when hes vs pve players its just not fun . Ppl grinded so much for their equip to be used in such scenarios. Simple friendship??? Game is caled "WARspear" not "FRIENDspear". If u want to be friend with some1 then go make ur char on same side where they are. Bcs of that simple friendship u are not just ruining developers work u are ruining gaming expirience of other players with that . Ppl are being killed while doing quest and other guys say "i cant attack him hes my ally" if u think thats fair why do we even have legion and sentienel side in game in first place.
  12. Imo guild that does that should be punished bcs they are ruining whole game story and they made developers work go to nothing. But what am i talking about no1 ever read quests they just complete them
  13. Which class is stronger i want to see personal opinions i dont want to see ppl saying they are equal when they arent
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