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  1. Why does secret reserves cd doesnt reset in arena,castle or after any spawn. After u spawn it just feel like u lost ur skill points for 120 secs .That doesnt make sense to me
  2. But dk is still outdated tank i wanted something like defensive buff
  3. My man u mention only 2 classes from mc side and then 3 from elf. And what do u want every bd to attack 1.4k in pvp and its just in case if u are vs barb and sham which is fair imo. And also u wont go solo on them
  4. #buffdk (this isnt buff) As i know dk is tank not aoe dmg ,idk if u guys want to make aoe dmg of dk why u dont add new char to forsaken i dont see a point switching to new build that u need a lot of gold to make it work , as i said i dont see any buff in this update dk deserve tank skills .what do i have of that dmg if i cant be best dmg and whaf do i have of outdated tank skills that are only good for old and new lab
  5. I rated thorn 3/5 in pvp bcs its basic skill that all chars have , its not good but its not bad Dark shield i rated 4/5 i know that u need to have it 5/5 but still need some extra boost bcs its forgoten And yes knight curse is good skill and i agree with u u cant depend on 1 skill that u dont have control of it(i mean u need to understand game and play smart when u use it bcs ur life can depend on it). I used it before and i think that it can be used in some mixed version with phy and magic dmg
  6. This is just my opinion about skills: Thorn of Death: 3/5 pve 3/5 pvp nothing special to say about this skill Exhalation of Darkness:3/5 pve 4/5 pvp Reson for 4/5 on pvp for this skill is because it takes time to stun enemy and can be dodged/blocked... Provocation:3/5pve 1/5 pvp Nothing to say about this skill Threads of Darkness:1/5 pve 2.5/5pvp Only skill that helps dk vs ranged enemies and still have big cd Dark Shield:4/5 pve 4/5 pvp this skill is good but could be
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