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  1. Dk need heal skill . If reserves would maybe be reworked to make hp regen valuable itn would be good since all tanks got some way of heal during fights but dk got one with 2 min cd . Sharp shadow combo doesnt seems like heal for me. Since dk loses most of its stats on hp regen and it doesnt really fit the meta since every1 is using defensive stats or life stealth. Also magic curse is main source of dmg and its so easily countered. Without it dk is left with no dmg at all. And dk doesnt really have control over that skill . And for phy build its just useless to use it bcs it doesnt really fit the meta bcs it doesnt give much value as others . U cant deal enough dmg , stun build is easily countered and still u dont tank enough expect with blood protection and its just for few second and then if ur stunned u cant use it.
  2. Ur build seems nice but doesnt change fact that dk is i would say worst class in pvp and even pve scenario since ppl use barbarians as tanks bcs they can do good amount of dmg while they are tanking
  3. "long", is just 3 years i think maybe we should wait 3 years more . Dk is only tank in arena that cant tank i mean u can make like full tank build for pvp but u will just be able to tank and u wont be able to stun or do dmg . This class is easily countered anywhere . Magic build is easily countered and there isnt just 1 way to counter it there is like 100. For example u can use purification pot or mage/chief/barb can counter it with their resist skill . Priest with cleanse same with sham now even necro is able. Heavy merman also can counter it . Or you can ... Idk if u guys are ready for this since this is 300iq move ... Walk away from curse. And ur left with sharp shadow as only dmg source and its also easily countered by stats like parry/block/dodge. Rest of the skills are not worth to try and reserves cd is only thing that makes dk "tanky" (not to mention that dk need to use hp regen runes that dont give any other value than to just be used for this skill) . But when i see warden or barbarian die in arena i dont see their stone skin cd of 2 min or wd block heal skill(i forgot name) . Its completly unfair+they dont sacrifice any of their "tank" stats to use their passive . If u want to make arena dk better stop. And if u want to make it for pve its pointless since pve is just for dmg classes
  4. Im waiting for dk to become decent char for like 2 and half year and nothing . I just see elfs getting buffs and when they see something decent they cry for nerf and its fixwd in 1 week.
  5. Mage got burst dmg and aoe build in 1 while chief need to switch weapons and skill build to make it work . And im pretty sure that mage does have aoe stun
  6. Can we get change in dk talents its unfair. Dk need to max his skills to make talents work while others can keep it at 1/4 for example others got 1 sec stun duration while dk got shield that need to be maxed to actually give some kind of value . Dk aura need to be maxed to give dk some kind of support skill and aura is already outdated with 7.5% dmg its not some kind of support and allies need to stay near dk to get buff which in most situations isnt possible. Necro got insane talent that works better than skill itself and doesnt need to be maxed out. 1 talent to make char from bad to top tier is unfair to other talents if ur making such thing atleast make it some kind of combo in skill rather than talent
  7. So this have unlimited number of players or it doesnt ? Since it says all enemies
  8. I instaled this link and it says to me that its outdated
  9. Dodge have counter while parry doesnt
  10. 1 more question regarding game balance . When will we balance magic resistance book. It should give charachter slight advantage not to make him unbeatable
  11. So we are still letting elfs be dominant in all game contents . Elfs got way too much aoe control skills and resist. Elfs got better aoe control ,better support , better burst dmg and many shield skills . In pve elfs are more dominant too . Is there going to be change in dk secret reserves skill ? Its useless in pvp and pve after u die it doesnt reset and buff isnt active anymore . In arena like seals and crucible its useless at 4/4
  12. Fix this skill pls . It should be reseted after death and arena battle .
  13. Why are we always limited to 1 set . U make 2 sets but 1 is not usable . Only good thing is that now weaps dont have critical but still only accu weap doesnt change situation. Where is freedom of making pvp sets
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