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  1. Just make the shield only usable on party member anyway nobodys putting shields on random people. Makes using shield easier too so you dont accidently click on people you didnt mean to shield
  2. Chief in general is far better gvg class in the standpoint of surviving and doing dmg, chief has constant bleed apply that staggers enemy, they have root skill that reduces dmg of enemy, they have healing skill which is basically full hp everytime they use it, they get longer resist from cleaning debuffs, they get rugged hide which stacks with other damage reduction skills making chief take 0 dmg, they have movement skill which amplified chiefs dmg on next hit, they have STACKING 5x5 aoe dmg with 60% magic dmg that hits every sec for 5 sec with downtime of 6-7sec. And if you call this char weak why is it that every god forsaken mc guild wants chiefs and only chiefs? The class is so shit everyone wants it?
  3. In pvp mage is FAR worse than chief is mage has no dmg reduction or healing skills resulting mage only to rely on either distortion of life book or vamp heal both which are ineffective and unreliable. Only thing chief doesnt have is multiple stuns.
  4. We use mages purely cos thats what we have most in guild 🤷🏻 Also what doesnt need ”click object” when shatter doesnt hit flag lol Fireball roaring flame frostbolt all need to target flag to hit it
  5. Mages do need to target tho shatter doesnt hit flag anymore also in eu we dont spam shatter on flag we did that and its inferior tactic compared to spamming ranged skills like hunters do
  6. Ah yes because mages are the problem and surely not a cause of another problem Also claiming mages are problematic is funny when 5 hunters taking flags just as fast as 15 mages😂
  7. Aint this the ducking weirdest crypost i have ever seen. Someone whining over a pve book being ”too op”. Have we really lowered ourself to this level already
  8. swooping army may work as intended now and stack but stacking most popular mc class aoe thats 5x5 area 5 hits 1 every second doesnt make sence since mages blazing was nerfed to not stagger or stack due to similar abuse what mcs doing now with swooping
  9. Weird since when i used lifescroll when i was inside locks circle and silence zone i could neither use skills or move funny how that works Same as chiefs abuse swooping armys stacking ability idk why yall so butthurt about skill that dks have too that doesnt need targetting
  10. Locks circle and zone both works on ppl who use ls so stop lying. Dks have pull skill so put it to use instead of moaning in forum about it. Like you ever accepted defeat tho…
  11. Yeah you need to target ppl to kill and use skills ok them same as we need to when we kill hunters spamming hundreds upon hundredrs lifescrolls to tickle our flag Also locks silence zone,circle dont need targets chiefs swooping doesnt need target hunter traps dont need targets maybe use those
  12. Blazing ground was literally 3x3 version of chiefs swooping army but it was nerfed cos ”broken”
  13. Lets give this the swooping army treatment. maybe you should try using dks to pull mages away instead of crying in forum after losing
  14. F A C T S Not denying it, neither will I admit it
  15. BLADE DANCER Blade dancer what is it? Its a dual wielding melee class with good survivability and high damage a great class for casual and more hardcore players. Great for pvp and pve content! Now you may be asking what is it that makes blade dancer so good for casual and hardcore players? Its versatility and easy to understand mechanics, most of the population in warspear consider blade dancer to be a simple "click mindlessly" class while it can also be that it has small nuances that makes the difference between good blade dancers and casual blade dancers. Leveling Your starting island will be the easiest and fastest one in warspear, Melvendil - Isle of firstborn. Leveling blade dancer is harder than most people think because blade dancers only unlock their potential in the late game at level 28-32, while you might need some help for the first island the irselnort and ayvondil quests you will find easy after unlocking certain expert skills like "mark of the blade" and "magic transformation". These expert skills provide excelent support and tankyness for solo questing thrue irselnort and ayvondil. Buffs for leveling These items and buffs will make your leveling up much quicker and easier -Great Elixir of Experience (acquired from event/battlepass chests) -Great Experience (battlepass buff) -Guild Experience (this buff is opened at guild level 1) -White Rat (this is a miracle coin minion that's relatively expensive but it will make leveling up much faster I recommend buying this after reaching irselnort) Gears for leveling In my opinion the most important part of any pve related content is your characters gears and your build. So let's start with what you should get and what you should avoid. Axes Great for leveling due to high base dmg and later on extra buff from power of blades skill. After reaching max level these aren't as good when leveling up, due to axes slow attack speed. Swords Blade dancers natural weapon of choice also great for leveling but i do recommend them only after reaching level 24. These are also arguably the best weapons for current blade dancer. Daggers Fastest hitting weapon in the game but not the best for leveling up your character due to very low base dmg. Later on these are the best weapons for dps build. Remember you can mix and match these as you go along and get stronger but for leveling up i recommend axes. Armors There is two ways you can build your blade dancer but for leveling purposes i recommend going with whatever you can get your hands on really. Just focus on getting these stats as much as you can. There is not a one single do it all armor set for leveling up so I will instead list some things to look for in your armors Important stats for leveling -Hp -Both Magic and Physical defences -Critical hit% (this one should be as high as possible) -Accuracy% (after unlocking experts and skill ”strike hurricane” you dont need to focus this stat as much) -Damage (if possible i suggest amping yourself +6/+8 weapons for lvl 22/24 those will carry you until lvl 30-32) What you should try to avoid while leveling up -Armors with only defensive stats -Amping low level armors above +6 -Investing too much on armors and weapons Skills to focus on when leveling - Flash strike this should be your first 5/5 skill due to its high dmg - Sap this should be your second 5/5 skill it helps you clear bosses and dungeons safer - Vortex Blade this should be left 3/5 until you have leveled up to 18 and you can unlock second skill build slot and expert skill "power of blades". With vortex blade you can do combo attack when you apply "bleed" on enemy vortex blade deals more damage Expert skills What to buy and what to leave for later? You can buy these either with miracle coins (499) or with gold (40000)from irselnort town 1 or ayvondil town 1 library -Mark of the blade For leveling purposes this should be the first choice. It's a healing skill based on your hp amount, that after being triggered heals you for every instant dmg you deal (auto attacks, flash strike, vortex blade) this is very helpful for dealing with bosses. When leveling up I recommend this skill being 4/4 -Power of the blades (now titled as ”Blades power”) This should be your second choice it will increase your damage output. I always recommend this skill being 4/4 -Magic transformation Shield that surrounds blade dancer and protects him from any damage for certain amount of hitpoints. Great for leveling purposes I recommend this skill to be leveled up after "mark of the blade" and "power of the blades" -Strike hurricane Increases your attack speed and accuracy this is vital skill for fast leveling up and for pve build this should always be 4/4 -Enlightenment This is also one of the most important skills for pve and leveling up it increases your penetration and cooldown speed -Spirit of resistance Grants blade dancer resist stacks to avoid control skills amount of stacks depend on level of the skill. (more pvp related skill almost irrelevant for leveling up) -Rush Allows blade dancer to move quickly for 5 yards and stun your opponent granting 100% resist same time while in rush motion. (Same as "spirit of resistance" more of a pvp related skill not needed for leveling up) -Counter attack one of the worst skills for pvp/pve gameplay on blade dancer it reflects your opponent with % of your damage with very limited range and dmg output (not recommended to level) -Sonic boom Recently modified skill for blade dancer which used to be aoe instant damage skill now changed to aoe bleed skill. This is good for leveling up too you will need that extra dmg and it pairs well with vortex not necessary to increase the skill level My suggestion for pve build at level 32 Basic skills 5/5 flash, 5/5 vortex, 3/5 hamstring, 4/4 strike hurricane, 4/4 enlightenment, 4/4 power of the blades after unlocking skill points from talents I recommend putting points to either "mark of the blade" or "sonic boom" Things to focus on when leveling -Getting you knowledge up and trying to reach skillpoints and class specific talents like ”Masterful parry” which gives you a chance to decrease your damage taken by 10% based on your parry% . After skillpoints you should focus on your keytalents and grinding knowledge for them. They are a BIG gamechanger for pve and pvp related content for blade dancer. Key talents for blade dancer Sweeping blow My personal favourite for pve related content and dungeon clearing. This talent gives blade dancer the ability to do ”aoe” dmg with auto attacks while ”Blades power” Skill is active Bastion of Ancestors This is more of a pvp talent and very good one at that my personal recommendation for pvp/arena related content Unrestrained Onslaught This talent is in my opinion the worst one from the keytalents and has only really one place for it. Some might say thats the more important aspect of Warspear. Large scale wars. This talent paired with masterful parry is a VERY good combo for large scale battles where you need that extra tanking ability PvE A class best known for its pvp ability is surprisingly also good for pve. In sentinels I would say this is the class to go for after ranger and seeker in terms of pve gameplay. For blade dancers by far the best class to be paired with is PRIEST for their dmg buff and critical dmg buff this helps clearing dungeons and bosses faster. Enchantments for armors and accessories (my recommendation) -Crystal of dexterity for boots, armor and gloves -Crystal of deadliness for amulet and cloak (depending on your mana regeneration, can be put on belt too) -Crystal of harmony for rings and belt -Crystal of accuracy for helm -Any of the designated dmg crystals for your weapon of choice -Rune of defence for armor, gloves, helm and boots -Rune of vampirism for all accessories -Rune of solidity for belt I recommend worrying about these only at higher levels 18 and up.(recommended to use the miracle coin ones since they have guaranteed enchantment chance) PvE armors and skill builds Dps skillbuild 5/5 flash strike, 5/5 vortex blade, 3/5 hamstring, 4/4 strike hurricane, 4/4 enlightenment, 4/4 power of the blades, 3/4 sonic boom Tanking skillbuild 3/5 flash strike, 5/5 vortex blade, 5/5 sap, 4/4 mark of the blade, 4/4 power of the blades, 4/4 rush, 3/4 magic transformation PvE relics Flash strike Vortex blade Parry Sap Hamstring PvE armors There is 2 sets of armor I would recommend for pve dps build (these sets are VERY much endgame stuff) - Full set of Guards of the sea turtle light armor set, Icy gurt of the northern lord + spring accessories (hp rings, speed amulet, energy regeneration cloak) - Light mermen armor 2 pieces (armor and gloves) + craft boots and helm + Icy gurt of the northern lord + spring accessories (hp rings, speed amulet, energy regeneration cloak) Then there is also pve sets for tanking which focus less on gathering speed and more on cd and other stats - Heavy eternity (life steal set) helmet and gloves + heavy craft armor and light craft boots + Icy girdle of the northern lord + horror accessories (hp rings, amulet, energy regeneration cloak) (benefit of this set is massive amount of life steal and good defence while having very good critical hit chance) - Heavy mermen doom set helm and gloves + omnipotent titan set armor and boots + Icy gurt of the northern lord + spring accessories paired with energy regeneration rage cloak This set makes use of heavy mms hp boosting and dmg reducing abilities while keeping critical chance and dmg output high for this set PvP Blade dancer with correct skill build and gears is probably the most terrifying thing you can come up against. HIGH single target damage paired with immunity for stun via "spirit of resistance" and "rush". PvP combinations Every combo requires intuition from player to recognize what to use in every situation and making a mistake will lead to you losing but I will list some combinations for PvP that will help you get the idea what to go for and when Generally in PvP setting where you will face melee characters you should focus on debuffing them, vs ranged classes most important thing is to get close and stun them Combo vs melees (what I recommend) Enlightenment->Spirit of resistance->Magic transformation->Sap->Hamstring->Mark of the blade->Flash strike->Rush->Vortex blade Combo vs ranged (what I recommend) Mark of the blade->Spirit of resistance->Enlightenment->Rush->Flash strike->Hamstring->Vortex blade->Sap->Sonic boom PvP basics for starting players Things to focus on when making your skillbuild -What are you fighting -Where are you fighting -What classes are you up against is it ranged or melee, healer or damage dealer -Is it arena, gvg or raid battles Every single one of these things I mentioned will help you determine your needed skillbuild for the task PvP skillbuilds There are 3 different builds every blade dancer should do fine with in PvP, arena and GvG GvG/Massfight skillbuild Basic skills 5/5 parry 5/5 vortex blade 3/5 flash strike Expert skills 4/4 power of the blades 4/4 spirit of resistance 4/4 sonic boom, 3/4 enlightenment Things this build focuses -Aoe dmg -Avoiding stuns -Surviving Arena skillbuild Basic skills 5/5 sap 5/5 vortex blade 3/5 hamstring Expert skills 4/4 power of the blades 4/4 spirit of resistance 4/4 mark of the blade 3/4 magic transformation OR 3/4 enlightenment Things this build focuses -Aoe dmg -Survivability (in arena this is important since there is no possibility to revive in all modes) -Avoiding stuns -Single target control and debuffing 1v1 PvP skillbuild Basic skills 5/5 hamstring 5/5 sap 3/5 vortex blade Expert skills 4/4 mark of the blade 4/4 enlightenment 4/4 spirit of resistance 3/4 magic transformation Things this build focuses -Ability to tank the opponent for prolonged periods of time -Ability to avoid stuns -Ability to cycle skills as fast as possible -Ability to control and debuff your opponent PvP relics These are the relics I recommend for anything pvp related in game Flash strike Vortex blade Parry Sap Hamstring PvP armors/weapons Every blade dancer needs to have a good build for the lategame and since there is so many builds for blade dancer before their ”final” pvp set i will just include the best of the best First variation Pros -High skill dmg -Dmg reduction and increased hp from heavy mermen armors Cons -Heavy energy consumption -Slow attack speed -Durable only after gaining maximum stacks of ”Thirst for life” Armors power incarnation helm + gloves, Plate armor of greatness + Treads of greatness Weapons Axe of metamorphosis + Hatchet of the greatest secutor Accessories Contender cloak/amulet + Ring of greatness x2 Second variation Pros -Faster attack speed -Dmg reduction and increased hp from heavy mermen armors Cons -Heavy energy consumption -Lower skill dmg -Durable only after gaining maximum stacks of ”Thirst for life” Armors power incarnation helm + gloves, Plate armor of greatness + Treads of greatness Weapons Blade of metamorphosis+ Gladius of the greatest secutor Accessories Contender cloak/amulet + Ring of greatness x2 Third variation Pros -Always high durability -High skill dmg -Low mana consumption Cons -No extra durability from heavy mermen armor skill ”Thirst for life” -Lower hp Armors Aventail of greatness,Armor of greatness,Vambraces of greatness,Sabatons of greatness Weapons Axe of metamorphosis + Hatchet of the greatest secutor Accessories Contender cloak/amulet + Ring of greatness x2 Fourth variation Pros -Faster attack speed -Low mana consumption -Always high durability Cons -No extra durability from heavy mermen armor skill ”Thirst for life” -Lower skill dmg -Lower hp Armors Aventail of greatness,Armor of greatness,Vambraces of greatness,Sabatons of greatness Weapons Blade of metamorphosis+ Gladius of the greatest secutor Accessories Contender cloak/amulet + Ring of greatness x2 Buffs There are many buffs that work for bladedancer but here is some of the buffs and minions I recommend Potions -Killer drink (PvE) -Potion of Legendary Warriors (PvP) -Potion of Lifeforce (PvP) Scrolls -Battle Scroll of the Power Build-up(PvE) -Magnificent Scroll of Immortality (PvP) -Magnificent Scroll of Invincibility (PvP) Foods -Heady rum (PvP,PvE) Minions -Summon Lizardman Priest (PvE) -Summon Water Protector (PvP there is not many good minions for PvP but since this is the most tanky one its the best choice)
  16. IMG_7233.MOV
  17. Ah yes which the reworked so you have to WALK into it to trigger it or move in it to trigger.
  18. How come you manage to always make it about guilds etc instead of actually speaking about the topic?
  19. Good suggestion! I would say the are can be 4x4 but make it completely non stackable. In general the game is going into more and more mass battle/gvg type of gameplay direction where even small things like this can have huge impact on the powerbalance between 2 factions.
  20. This mythical warrior is the spawn of abyss. His armor is made of Abyssal energy and unknown metals from his homeland The Abyss.
  21. Surely its not because that bd has full awards and happens to have octobook and 14 other pvp benefitting books and those rogue and dk he killed are both weak? Its funny when everyone compares the classes and complain about dying to certain class and always pick the ones that have A. More and better books B. Better gears and amps. Any normal bd would die to rogue and dk 2v1 but no you just had to pick the one from top 3 bds in eu server
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