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  1. As the name suggests we can understand that it is something about the blinding effects of light. Illumination: Original effects + reduces the enemies’ “Accuracy” parameter by 100% for a few seconds. Since the AoE of illumination is small, this effect is greatly limited in PvP, but very good in PvE. OR Illumination: Original effects + makes the paladin invulnerable to damage for a few seconds. This one is less RNG dependent and also does not rely on the AoE of illumination.
  2. Hi, change this forsaken racial skill please 💘
  3. will the target also get the 10% extra heal ( i.e. normal heal + 10%)? or 10% only for near allies? 'cause it'll be the most underwhelming Key Class Skill
  4. Add a new premium item in the miracle coin shop; potion/scroll that increases character movement speed for few minutes. 😉
  5. Name: Happy Bird Description: costume inspired by angrybird Material: made with cheap fabric and acrylic paint Spring festival is coming soon with lots of fun and games--what better than a costume designed to lure children to buying more tickets for a ride. Server- EU Kixaba 💣
  6. Hi, can you please change this to a passive skill. It will help paladins to bring some more active skills to play with.
  7. Disciple of Cackie Jhan Description - The costume was created with Paint; grids were added to verify the pixels; while the smaller version is a direct edit on the typical citizen model of Arinar as provided by Daria. Appearance - Red garment with yellow undertone and white stitching; black leggings; black sleeves; yellow shoes; fancy belt buckle and spiked blades attached to each gauntlet. Material - Cloth on garment, leggings, and sleeves; leather on shoes; metal on belt buckle, gauntlet, and spiked blades. Extra – The gauntlet and spiked blades are part of the aesthetics of the costume (which remains irrespective of equipping a real weapon); customization of hairstyle and hair colour enabled.
  8. Theme: Chambers of Memory; located in Melvendil, Isle of the Firstborn. Features: 2 teams in every battle 3 players in each team 3 capture points 6 symmetrical passages 6 symmetrical teleport mechanisms Unique Feature: The Green zone/area is where all Expert Skills are disabled. In other words, only basic skills can be used. (Expert skills make quick eliminations; sometimes it’s hard for some classes to react spontaneously, which is not fun at all. Okay, about relics; they are plenty fun because who doesn’t love RNG) This Green zone/area defines the central theme and the essence of the Chambers of Memory. The chambers where power is locked; a memory where experience and knowledge are the key Image of The Chambers of Memory
  9. This new aggression system simply means that the AI has become more logical in calculating and making decisions. Just like 'us' players would target enemy healers first (almost in every game).
  10. Hi Vera, you are multi-talented. In which category would someone who runs Norlant-Swamps daily quests be? Random question: Did you make card hunter?
  11. Sometimes when you try to inspect someone you click on the wrong button. Big finger
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