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  1. As the name suggests we can understand that it is something about the blinding effects of light. Illumination: Original effects + reduces the enemies’ “Accuracy” parameter by 100% for a few seconds. Since the AoE of illumination is small, this effect is greatly limited in PvP, but very good in PvE. OR Illumination: Original effects + makes the paladin invulnerable to damage for a few seconds. This one is less RNG dependent and also does not rely on the AoE of illumination.
  2. Hi, change this forsaken racial skill please 💘
  3. will the target also get the 10% extra heal ( i.e. normal heal + 10%)? or 10% only for near allies? 'cause it'll be the most underwhelming Key Class Skill
  4. Add a new premium item in the miracle coin shop; potion/scroll that increases character movement speed for few minutes. 😉
  5. Name: Happy Bird Description: costume inspired by angrybird Material: made with cheap fabric and acrylic paint Spring festival is coming soon with lots of fun and games--what better than a costume designed to lure children to buying more tickets for a ride. Server- EU Kixaba 💣
  6. Hi, can you please change this to a passive skill. It will help paladins to bring some more active skills to play with.
  7. Disciple of Cackie Jhan Description - The costume was created with Paint; grids were added to verify the pixels; while the smaller version is a direct edit on the typical citizen model of Arinar as provided by Daria. Appearance - Red garment with yellow undertone and white stitching; black leggings; black sleeves; yellow shoes; fancy belt buckle and spiked blades attached to each gauntlet. Material - Cloth on garment, leggings, and sleeves; leather on shoes; metal on belt buckle, gauntlet, and spiked blades. Extra – The gauntlet and spiked blades are part of the aesthetics of the costume (which remains irrespective of equipping a real weapon); customization of hairstyle and hair colour enabled.
  8. Theme: Chambers of Memory; located in Melvendil, Isle of the Firstborn. Features: 2 teams in every battle 3 players in each team 3 capture points 6 symmetrical passages 6 symmetrical teleport mechanisms Unique Feature: The Green zone/area is where all Expert Skills are disabled. In other words, only basic skills can be used. (Expert skills make quick eliminations; sometimes it’s hard for some classes to react spontaneously, which is not fun at all. Okay, about relics; they are plenty fun because who doesn’t love RNG) This Green zone/area defines the central theme and the essence of the Chambers of Memory. The chambers where power is locked; a memory where experience and knowledge are the key Image of The Chambers of Memory
  9. This new aggression system simply means that the AI has become more logical in calculating and making decisions. Just like 'us' players would target enemy healers first (almost in every game).
  10. Hi Vera, you are multi-talented. In which category would someone who runs Norlant-Swamps daily quests be? Random question: Did you make card hunter?
  11. Sometimes when you try to inspect someone you click on the wrong button. Big finger
  12. The power to make plants grow anywhere on the earth.
  13. I wish Tarja Turunen to be back in Nightwish
  14. Hi, what about making Paladin's Sun Seal applicable on Bosses at higher rate of success. Most of the high class bosses evade this skill. I think this skill was designed for hunting bosses but it went wrong somewhere. Thanking you
  15. How about those Barbarians calling out their last wish? Agree that it'll be fun!
  16. Hi guys, when you unequip the main weapon (the right-hand side) of your rogue, your rogue cannot use skills. Is it a bug or it is intended?
  17. Story of Boss: Ayvondil, the Eternal Forest, inhabited with a civilization of complex culture and mystical magic. In this enchanting world, one of the most intelligent races known as the Dark Elves have been living since time immemorial. Their destiny, written in the stars, to protect Ayvondil from scavengers and all kinds of mercenary-warrior races. After the first War of Spear, years of struggle have come to pass in the process of resurrecting the Eternal Forest. Life is good and seems to get better each day when suddenly the first visitors from the outside world makes an appearance. Strangers who call themselves the Sentinels and others as the Legion. But more strangely so, the Dark Elves are being rather a good host to these foreigners. Since the arrival of the visitors, the forest have become restless; the stars have fallen; and nature is on the verge of collapsing. These bloodthirsty people have different interests and no limit to their conquest and destruction of Ayvondil. "Too evil! Too corrupted!", the words that best describes Ayvondil at this point of time. Legend has it that, the only way to bring equilibrium in nature during times of imbalance is self-destruction and recreation. This theory have already been proved as a matter of fact by the aftermath of the first War of Spear. Behold! The twisted fate of Ayvondil. Dear stranger, I had a dream last night and it was horrible. At first I saw a dreadful scene in the nightmare: tremors everywhere; fire destroying all the elements; and a dark unfathomable cloud slowly approaching. Then I heard, "Hurry comrades, the Final Hour is here." Voices everywhere, voices of fear. Next thing I remember, the Dark Elves gathered for the last fellowship and each knew that salvation was awaiting them. They stood silently and formed a circle... The island started folding up, engulfing everything. Finally, it was as if the Eternal Forest never existed. So now, I have a quest for you. If you are successful, you can save yourself and the people you care about. Okay! To stop this catastrophic event, you have to find the heart of Ayvondil and destroy it before it destroys the world. The heart of Ayvondil is hidden deep inside a sacred dungeon which is heavily guarded with magic. No mere person can conquer this dungeon because many have entered but never returned. Only few were able to escape alive but they have lost their mind and their souls are trapped inside for eternity. Another big obstacle lies along your quest. The heart of Ayvondil is protected by a powerful Guardian. Good luck to you! Behaviour of Boss: - the boss fights at melee range and its attack speed is as fast as the dagger. - the boss uses its fist to punch and legs to kick. - whenever the boss' Hit-Points (HP) are below 50%, it uses Rush (Bladedancer's expert skill) towards the heart of Ayvondil to heal rapidly. - the heal is always active but the boss and the heart needs to be at minimum range of 3 yards. - the heal is 1000 HP per second - after healing for 10 seconds the boss will use Elusive Jump (Rogue's expert skill) or Charge (Barbarian's basic skill) on a random target to move away from the healing range and resume to attack - the heart of Ayvondil is invulnerable and stationary until the boss is killed. Skills of Boss: - Rush (Bladedancer's expert skill) - Elusive Jump (Rogue's expert skill) - Ethereal Barrier (Mage's expert skill) - Ranger Blessing (Ranger's basic skill) - Charge (Barbarian's basic skill) Attributes: - 1000000 maximum health - 200 health regeneration - 1000 maximum energy - 50 energy regenaration - 30% physical defense - 30% magic defense - 15% dodge - 15% parray - 1000 physical damage - 15% critical - 50% accuracy - 1.5 attack speed In the drawing, the little elf is the Heart of Ayvondil and the lady elf is the Guardian (Boss).
  18. Rune Oracle's Stave is the best
  19. Hi Peter, the changes in skill for all classes are clever and interesting. It'll be very relevant to the next update if you would look into the Forsaken's passive skill Devotion and hopefully update it because it's weak compared to its counterparts.
  20. Why the Forsaken Skill Devotion is the only one with no percentage parameter/scale? In the bigger picture, the Mountain Clan, Chosen or even Firstborns have a percentage advantage. Would really like to here from AIGRIND, if you have a story to tell
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