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Whats goin on with this arena rank 3 gms or scammer

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So there 3 top rank lv 28 on 3v3 seal they dont even fight but there top rank and they collect ap even if they lose to us and we get less ap whats goin on i have the pics to prove it whats goin on gm is you guys or are they scamner wy you guys cheatin Screenshot_2018-05-12-17-37-45.pngScreenshot_2018-05-12-17-37-45.pngScreenshot_2018-05-12-17-37-33.png


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5 hours ago, fkmcsdruid said:



in this ss ur not poted



5 hours ago, fkmcsdruid said:




in this ss ur poted



2 different timing, its easily noticable

simply: your enemies using guild skill +45%ap and 150%ap pot


and your not using any pot in that screenshot showing the ap

if ur using same buffs as ur enemies u would get more ap for sure


i think u already know this tho but bq17.gifBLAH


Your enemies:

41 ap + 195% = 121 ap

195% is 150% pot + 45% skill



109 ap + 195% = 322 ap


322 ap > 121 ap if your using same buffs as your enemies

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Your screenshots proves my calculations correctly

your not using any AP buff in this following AP screenshot




13 minutes ago, fkmcsdruid said:

Read messege ypu must be one of them with great pot i got 150 normally i get 380


im zeusxelie and i rarely go arena :pin3:


4 minutes ago, Higgings said:

The more you lose on arena, and the more aps you earn from a fight. 


Viceversa, the more you win, the less aps you earn. More than "Unfairness" this is seen as a way to balance everything. 


also this is another factor :surprisedowl:

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