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I'm wondering who's the best DK in us Sapphire

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14 minutes ago, Gladiator said:

I lost to many people, I always admit if they're good.

And if the optimal build is having a single broken skill, then there is nothing skillful in winning. It is basically a life scroll + 100% HP pot.

well i have to agree he is right. I have a lvl 18 dk with reserves for single expert, 1/4. Im +1 pve gears and i win against almost anybody i meet except +7 to +10 and healers cuz basically this skill get me full hp.

This skill is broken, as well as dk stun cycle. But at least cycling requires timing and can be parried/blocked.

The fact is u can combo the dk so reserves is useless, but wait, u can't bcs with all his stuns u have to use ur skills when u can

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