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  1. i didnt even got 1 single drop and wasted over 100 pcs,not worth my time for it.
  2. i cant login on normal server,anyone knows why??It says conecting and thats it...
  3. I hope this screen will block that scammer s char,coz i played super mario past few months coz i was scammed!!Id like devs to reply my support ticket if they have time.I donated very much and i hate that other play on my money coz his to lame and poor to make his own acc and play.Thank u! :facepalm:
  4. a +6 druid can kill me easy!!!!! im lock +9 max charmed magic def. u kidding me?????????????????????WTF U DID TO THIS GAMEEEE
  5. i have screens when he admit that he received that vamp male suit,so i dont need ss of info anymore...np i understand u,anyway DEVS will do nothing.They cant aford loosing an super idiot kidd that steal his parents money to buy itemd for a stupid game.He scammed Nessah too for 400k and he still play ws so nothing i can do about it.
  6. who dont see stop post it...thx :wacko:
  7. First u tell me u payed my lvl 3 char named Slrbag that doesent exist and now u talk shit about never complete the trade..Yep u sure arent smart enought for this game lil :snorlax:
  8. send him a PM we talking about scamming here bro.....
  9. U admit that when u said u allrdy payed me and i have screens when u acctualy try to sell vamp male suit on ur bd elf side.Ur not that smart arent u? here its ur druid PVPDRUID standing near ur bd lvl 3. nother screen so ppl know ur bd name.I think u traded him vamp suit not.No wait...IM SURE U DID THAT! and the last screen...when u acctualy try to sell it. :facepalm:
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