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  1. I will dare to quote myself here :
  2. I didn't have the chance to test today but here are my thoughts : Fire volley changes : Nice and deserved, still thinking it is somewhat not a super useful talent except for gvg. In pve there are very little situations where a wider area would be useful. Also this skill got a very short animation time, but a long "post-animation" time (before next auto attack). So I rarely use at boss because it seems lead to dps decrease. I use it to instant finish off a mob (because of the very short animation). In that situation an added damage over time (when it triggers) doesn't really make sense. But it's worth something at least, not like the two others... a stat buff or a dps buff would really be needed here. ----------- Excessive energy : Nah but why ? with 10% mana drain it already more than negates the eye effect. I would prefer by far rafa9876 proposal to make it +10% skill dmg, -4% max mana on hit. And I dare to argue that 10% max mana drain is already more than enough paid to get 20% increased skill dmg. Hunter got almost 20% additional dps (20% of auto attacks dealing 100% base power dmg, so an auto atk if no attack strength bonus), with no drawback. I understand that eye can also be used on ally. But pls tell me what could be a better recipient of 20% extra skill dmg than mage ? Seeker and bd are fully auto-attacked based (and since the 20% extra damage didn't apply on mage's aura and blazing ground I assume it doesn't apply on seeker's aoe). It would be useful on ranger (fire arrow and poison arrow particularly), but not as useful as on mage. And pls was the bug where your mana goes from 100 to 0 in one hit fixed ? (try in tp hard, use one aoe skill, instant 0 mana). ---------- Split lightning : I mean obviously it was super weak so it's good that you buffed, but seriously that's not the way... The main issue with this talent is that it removes the base overload dmg, and make spending points on it useless (maybe it even makes learning the overload lesser class talent useless, I didn't test it tbh). Rather than buffing it, just put back the overload dmg on main target, and leave the explosion at 50%. Boom problem solved. ---------- Intoxicating pain : Thank God, it was needed. So now seeker got roughly the same sustainability (half dmg taken, half healing), with +40% dmg, but less effective hp (45% dmg taken, 30% base hp, so 67% effective hp). Still very strong were damager are not at risk, but at least now there is a drawback. I still stick to my guns thinking that it would have been better to go some other way with it (making it easier to trigger inner rage, or giving a resistance buffs when triggered, or focus another skill). a 40% dmg increase on maybe the best dmger in the game is still scary, even with trade-offs. im also very concerned about the interaction it can have with shield (base on max hp, stronger with dmg reduction buffs (i assume it works like paladin's one until shown otherwise)), and the relics and books always triggered... But sadly I know that the mechanics rarely get changed before release, only stats get tweaked cuz there is no time... then issues get put into the game and aren't fix for 6 or 12 months... --------- patronage of the light : Yeah ok, whatever --------- Indefatiguability : Idk -------- Murderlust : Seems useless in many situations, while being a strong dps buff on bosses, and a hard counter to all classes with low-hp interaction. I don't like the design. ------- Agility : Idk much about this skill tbh, but to me it seems that hunter got 2 useless talents like ranger (the dodge one and the undodgeable skill one). But at least one of the 3 talents is a nice dps buff. ------- Energy barrier : Idk. What about putting such an effect cap into mage's new dragon eye (stops working when below some mana threshold) ? ------ Blight Cleansing : Im surprised because I thought it was a very strong talent already. But it seems that necros are weak, so nice for them to get some buffs then.
  3. Tested today and it's exactly as I thought. A single talent giving +40% dmg and +100% vamp (if you take 35% of normal damage but heal 60% of normal vamp/healing (+consider the additional damage), you get double the healing per incoming damage). Now open your eyes and fix it ty.
  4. So as I warned when I saw the description in the preview topic, this talent is just a permanent +40% dmg buff along with some bonus tankiness. It is just absurdly strong and needs to be hotfixed before release ty.
  5. Hello So about mage's talent excessive energy I am a bit confused. When fighting a single target it seems to be working fine, but if you hit 10 targets with a spell ur mana gets drained x10. For instance at tp hard if I use aoe skill once my mana instantly goes to 0. Is it intended ? Normal eye doesn't give back x10 mana with x10 strikes Also is it normal that the damage from aura and blazing ground isn't affected ?
  6. Ok so first of all this looks quite interesting, ty for the effort. Let's start talking about the changes before they get implemented and problems not solved before months. ------------------------------------------- The first thing I am EXTREMELY concerned about is the seeker intoxicating pain talent. I hope you realise that decreasing the HP by 70% while decreasing the received dmg by the same amount (ok not 70 but 65%) makes you able to take the same amount of damage. Moreover it combines way more efficiently with shields (shields are not affected by defense, but they are affected by dmg reduction, at least from what i tested with sacred shield and inner forces) and heal. Shield effects seem to be untouched (+ seeker's shield will be strengthened by the relic of resilience permanently), heaing effects/vamp are reduced but not enough (u take 65% less dmg but only heal 40% less, wtf ?) What this talent effectively does is giving seeker a permanent 40% dmg increase at 4/4 inner rage (as if seeker needed it lol), while making it as tanky as a 30% hp paladin with 4/4 inner forces and fully stacked mermen gears (not even kidding, that's 35+30% dmg reduction). I believe and hope this isn't intended. I suggest to change it for one of the following : - make dmg reduction around 30%, so that the seeker is actually squishier to benefit from that massive dmg increase. I believe this was the initial intention. But I am still surprised after the December changes that planned to "stabilize the race for damage" by removing incoming dmg increase on seeker while decreasing his dmg output. I would prefer you to follow this "stabilization path" ngl. - Make the talent as follow : for each auto attack or damaging skill applied to the character, increases the hp threshold to activate inner rage. Once inner rage is triggered the counter resets, and will resume once the effect wears off - As seeker is often considered to be a class overpowered in pve but underpowered in pvp, I suggest the following : while the inner rage effect is active, removes one negative effect from the character every 4sec (low-hp-conditionned version of the necro talent) ----------------------------------- Why isn't it possible to make two separate posts ? for the sake of clarity ? The second thing im concerned about is mage's split lightning talent, not because I think it's too strong or too weak (idk), but because I think it's a bad design : The way I understand it is that no matter how many points are put in overload the damage will remain the same, because no buff is applied to the ennemy anymore. ---------------------------------- The third thing I am concerned about are ranger talents. Talking from a pve point of view : already for the first part of the talent tree ranger got two talents that are useless for pve (dodge like other classes, and trap bleed and silence, bcs both dodge and traps are useless for pve). I don't like at all the choice ranger got for the selectable talent block : - intangibility is dodge buff, so for pvp. - bloody lotos feels super weak to me. It's litterally only useful against block mobs/player. I suppose hunters feel the same way with the streamlined shot talent. - Fire volley seems weird to me. I never felt like it needed to be 5x5, and because of that huge area increase the chance is only 25% to trigger the burn. I would much rather have a 100% chance (even with a bit less DoT dmg) on a 3x3 area. I really think one of those (bloody lotos ???) should be replaced by something that increases the dmg for a single target. Some additional bitterness or point shooting effect ? And by the way : I believe the dodge and speed/crit buff from bitterness should be in two separated skills. I suggest to group the two expert trap skills in one (with adjusted values), and create a new expert for dodge (+ eventually additional effect). Players that have one of the two traps would get the new trap skill, players who have the two would get the new trap skill + the new dodge skill. And the intangibility talent would be applied on the new dodge skill. ---------------------------------------- The last thing I am concerned about is the paladin's patronage of the light talent. 50% energy regeneration speed is huge but... is it useful ??? People usually setup so that they manage their mana, and this buff will be useless. I suggest changing it for like 20% increased regeneration speed and 10-15% increased cd to burn that additional mana. Or quit the mana rege thing and give solidity and/or resistance buff, something like that.
  7. @Gladiator when you tested the new banner dmg, was it - with the same amount of magic dmg (900) or - with the same equipment (so more than 900 magic dmg if using 2h weapon, which I believe you are using to reach that amount) and thanks for testing
  8. just like pala prayer i think after 2sec the bonus will be 36% max hp, then after 4sec 32% max hp etc
  9. so if we put relics like vamp relic and lack of deftness we straight up lose any benefit from it except when we switch the skill on ??? then unless we switch it off and on again relics never activate. Just like for other classes that have permanent basic skills there should be adapted relics/castle relics... And like the relic of continuous effect will be turned into energy efficiency some kind of similar compensation is needed :/
  10. I highly doubt it compensates... 18% buff on the weapon magic is like 10% overall as a significant part of the power comes from the crystal, lvl, belt and accessories. To be precise on a lvl 30 pala +10 2h weapon with great charm, snow belt, non-% lvl 30 accessories and no %buff from guild the magic power is 711, 405 of it coming from the hammer. A 18% buff would be +73 magic power, so a bit more than 10% increase, but would be less for annyone who isn't +10. 10% magic power should compensate the 15% loss on heal and 10% on call, but the most important dmg dealing skill for pve pala is illumination, and a 40% loss here is huge. And of course every pala using a shield just straight up loses dmg and healing without magic power compensation... great. (and btw i never understood why the magic ratio 1h/2h weapon wasn't 75% like for the physical dmg ratio) The inner forces buff i guess are gonna compensate the tankiness loss from the prayer's healing nerf and the shield nerf, but this time support palas are losing out. And i guess the stun increase compensates the prayer/shield changes for pvp. So overall what i see is : tank palas will do significantly less dmg bcs of all the magic ratio nerfs. support palas will lose the dmg reduction from fetters, a bit of healing from prayer, a bit of shield power (they don't rly benefit from the inner forces changes), and dmg from illumination. pvp palas i'll leave to pvp players im not much into those things for the moment.
  11. Really ? Here's another one lol. At least the most recent changes made it manageable in one stam. The dungeon in itself is fine, but the boss is a real joke. Even with a good party, heal minion and spamming hp pots there's always that one moment when u get put in the cocoon, while spiders spawn near you and your party is feared so no one can kill spiders/brake cocoon/take agro, you can't even use pot in cocoon and you end up dying just like that. Am I supposed to build 8k hp as a dmger ? Wtf. so far i've had to use about 2 sets of life scrolls in 35runs (20 runs in dg 32 accounting for most of those scrolls) + minions and hp pots. so basically unless i get the very rare 1mill drop I am losing money at an alarming pace while going dg. And as i chose to stay in the guild of my old friends to help develop it I can't default to guild events. What I am supposed to do then ? go do t3-t4 and tp ez-hero to get gold ? I've done it for 2 months everyday cycling through 4 lvl 28+. I've farmed bosses and crafted to make extra gold, and helped with some mcoins. With that i got myself a +8 craft xbow, made my ethereal essences, pots and stams supplies. All that preparation to discover that yes, as thomasz said : "You created event for lvl's 32 with OP gears". But I am pretty sure that you are kind of aware of that already. That you expect people to pay hundreds of dollars or go away. I mean it is your game and your choice after all. But let's get real if you aren't already at the top of the standings, there is very little room to climb your way up. Oh and I forgot to mention that this event makes me want to kill my teammates when they pull the lever early, or when im slowly dying in my cocoon unable to pot and watching them not trying to break it. nice design.
  12. not likely that they will add lvl 32 items since 31 aren't out yet (except for the mermen gears), and horror accessories are still very valuable. We will probably get new armor sets with stun as bonus for instance imo
  13. Hello, Disclaimer : im talking about pve here. I got a ranger (acyrea, US sapphire), and I think the class does its job quite well, but it feels kinda boring to play. I have a lot more fun playing my mage, my pala (lvl 20) or even my druid. I don't think it should be changed much tho, it seems balanced rn (again, pve-wise) : got good dps, can build aoe with traps/poison/hail but at the cost of dps because of 1) high mana cost from those skills 2) cast time / target deselection. Parenthesis : I don't mind seeker's having aoe, but imo it shouldn't scale with the dps on the main target, but rather be given to burst-oriented seekers with 2h weapon and cd (they have high pen and crit either way). To improve the user experience of ranger players I simply suggest removing the slow on the point shooting skill. I know it doesn't fit the narrative of "point shooting", but it really is a huge pain in the ***. And yes even when putting the effort to switching it off and on in dg I often end up slowing my pt. Thank you !
  14. @Reivenorik can you confirm that if I start a 4 day spring craft job 2days before event ends, it will still be completed 4 days later even if event finished already?
  15. 1 book dropped in US sapphire elf side despite crazy spam... thx u are just toying with players... You raised stams prices, and setup dg so that minions die easy and we need to use pots or life scrolls. Great job... great job...
  16. Hello, For some hours now Im getting the message "connection to the server has been lost" regularly when switching chars. It appears to be getting worse every minute; I just managed to connect on my 10th attempt, and many other players seem to be affected too. Do u know anything about it? Thx a lot
  17. Hello My suggestion is to make fero/resi books auto activate in arena, so we don't need to asign them to hotkeys. (outside arena we still can use them as usual) Or to create a "use" button in skill menu (as suggested before), again so that we don't need to asign them, because hotkey panel is full. Ty
  18. So double drop double gp. But not last week right? Need to know for craft hehe. Btw would be good if can craft one week after evetn. to complete sets. Otherwise last few days ppl can't know if they drop smth will someone buy since they can't complete sets? should they craft now? It would be a pretty mess, with items worth 1/10 to 10 times previous price
  19. Not everyone got Gladiator's time/talent/guild (friends and buffs) Sry but nowadays it takes very long to get suitable ways to make money... -Craft? need 2 years to lvl a profession to max. maybe 1 if u put a lot of money in it. So for newbie basically two years... -Farm? slow unless u can farm bosses with most valuable rewards, like horror's lvl 28 boss, which was farmed 24/7 by +10 bds who stole agro from anyone trying to get a kill. Currently u can reach +6/7 in a few months i u keep doing all quests t3-t4 everyday. To gather enough money for +10 you would need years this way. And game keeps evolving. So? One needs to get valuable drops in dgs. If +6/7 players can't complete the dgs where the real stuff is then... -Resell? Yes this works of course.... if u want to spend time trying to sell stuff rather than actually play. And if u like having ppl insult you. Add to this one can get rekt by badluck (horror dg i spent 400-500k on seekers got 170k from dgs...). (btw I would like to point out that the *5 drop rates for lvl-2 items is very annoying. at horror in dg 12 got 4-5 times more lvl 10 weaps than 12. same thing for 18/20 and 26/28... out of about 50 weaps i don't think this is a coincidence) Ever wondered why ppl stay lvl 20? Well at lvl 20 one alrdy can have fun with expert skills, can farm bg, have time to amp ur char. Ppl who can't spend their lives in ws prefer to stay lvl 20 than staying noob forever at lvl 28. And too hard dgs won't help.
  20. it's nice to put respawn statues near dgs. now could u add npc and dealer pls? ty
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