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What you doing most in Warspear


What you doing most in Warspear?  

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  1. 1. What you doing most in Warspear?

    • Farming Lab
    • Farming other bosses
    • Quest
    • Making money
    • Chat
    • Sell and buy
    • Kill MC/FB
    • Help New Players
    • Exploring MC/FB land
    • Hide in MC/FB land
    • Dont know
    • Arena

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hey, now that my druid is high level(20) i mostly help low level elfs do quests. if im not doing that then i hunt lab/ bosses.


on my ranger (lvl 17) i do a bit of arena and mc killing ;D  maybe someday i will level my ranger but im not in a hurry. :blush:

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Log-in -> arena(free) -> log-off


Game so boring now because nothing new to do for lvl20. :facepalm:

sometime KILL u if im not lazy :diablo:

or DEAD in your hand :blush:

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I am just a peaceful lab-farmer  :blush: But when enemy dares to  attack me i can become mad  8) And of course kicking some enemies ass on native league bosses  ::)

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