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  1. another suggestion too.......must have a timer or something to reward those who have to chase runners,because many people who choose to run around need to have something to make them have a disadvantage of trying to 'waste time' for the one who has to chase them leave as it is hard for a melee character to chase another melee.
  2. Well at the moment guys keep up the good and hard work,game is developing into something more than it was. Just a suggestion on arena,there should be a solo queue and group queue,because it gives an unfair advantage for those who are veterans of arena duo to be up against two people who are not even communicating or have known each other to co-ordinate a strategy. Thanks :yahoo:
  3. The daily box that we get from mentor, the chest.....sometimes we get "empty" and no rewards before 3.0 update there was no problem,was always a prize.......now its nothing at random chance.....please fix this issue its bad enough that we cant play daily yet we cant even get an item free :(
  4. nvm........these items disappear till the end,its a chain quest :drinks:
  5. chaosteve

    Chosen Quest

    Slimy Ruff and Sleepy Beaver can not be disappeared after the quest was done.....i still have the items but the not quest nor can i drop them even tho i finished the quest.....please fix.
  6. good cc (crowd control) skill to use 8)
  7. im going pvp with max Purifying, Heavenly light and fetters of justice :good:
  8. all good post closed. Market bug is gone.
  9. 1H and shield is always my fav on Pallys......simply cause reminds me of the knights. 2H is more of deathknight and barb
  10. chaosteve

    Mage skills

    Fireball and Illusory chains are best for pvp Time warp and Stone shatters is best for pve when grouped all minions together for kill (for single targets switch time warp with fireball)
  11. my items are fully repaired and yes i do have free slots in market to put items in
  12. sorry for late reply as i was in college, no they are not personal......the parameters is 'none'
  13. I have bought some Market items..........whats funny is i cant place them into market for re-sell once ive used the item. http://imgur.com/dkQEE
  14. Arena and Questing mostly O:-)
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