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  1. wtf only im laggy or everyoen ? when i use a skill i get effect after 10 sec it lets me die
  2. siz 4 healer 3 attckerla 2 healer pri druid tank heallick kalan 2 healer 2 atacker birer mob tutcak biz guardlarin orda 1 ranger 2 priest 1 paladin 2 druid hem guard kesip hemde bossun moblarini kesiyoruz
  3. shaman druid i bilmiyorum ama necromancer ve priestte 1 astral 2 heal veriyor tabi 20 lvlde 0 astralle 230 274 astralle 778 heal yapiyorum
  4. siz yanlis yapiyosunzdur bekleyin ogretiyim size pearl de charim yok ama usde 5 kisi hem red hem blue eye kesiyoruz oyuna girince pm at us sapphire mc xtsunamix nickim
  5. Wtf dont lie u cant heal 950 with aura already i do 949 heal with lv5 aura while using all highest astral magic items
  6. same at pvp cave when i log in my char after server down i see small group of elf/mc killing other faction :facepalm:
  7. duckin server lag fix it fast or give 8400 mcpin to all
  8. yes, looks like abyss baton :bad:
  9. just get highest items :blush: :blush: 778 heal 949 with aura
  10. Blackdead


    and he must be 18+ lvl :facepalm:
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