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  1. karabo

    sms payment

    Omg jonny for real? il try it later on!! woop woop ★★
  2. karabo

    sms payment

    i guess the answer to those questions is GIVE UP! since no dev/ mods care enough to keep us updated/reply. still no sms option. i wonder why it was made available for S.A in the first place :facepalm:
  3. satanclaus ;D ... well cant wait for the update. have 3x lvl14/15 chars and kinda got boring doing dailys. thanks for the update
  4. ah nvm its displaying :lol: noob me, lol thank you again!
  5. thank you slay for the signature. just im having problems displaying it...
  6. karabo

    sms payment

    hello, i didnt want to start a new topic about this but seeing that the posts we have been making on the main topic have gone un-noticed for a while now i thought this would be better way to get a response. 1) i would like to know why sms payment for south africa was terminated. 2) is it ever going to work anytime soon or we should just give up hope of ever getting m.coins through sms payment? thank you!
  7. dont get me wrong, im not expecting it to be a rule, but one would think its common knowledge not to do bad/kill your own family, but if this clan says no problem with it then cool, so be it. enjoy your day all.
  8. ok got it. so if a member of the clan/fam using mc char wants to do a quest (say chainless) and im on my elf char, im allowed to kill and not let that member quest ryt? as long as its fun for me yes?
  9. :facepalm: :facepalm: all this time i ws stupid enough to think there's some rule... :blush: now i know
  10. oh, so u guys kill each other?
  11. unfortunately the new download without the data cache didnt work on my pc. i'll try again tomorrow. nyt nyt!
  12. guys check out the link put on by moderator on the update topic, its for download without the data cache. if yall still having problems with data cache best u try it.
  13. guys if its any consolation, not every1 who doesnt use symbian can play smoothly. even android and pc get major dc problems and lag. im on pc and most times i manage to log on only for a second then game crashes (runtime error). im sure these problems will be fixed. and by the time all symbian players can play aint like all others would have leveled that far with all the lag and dc going on. i doubt the dev's are just siiting around laughing at your posts. they want you all to play. so patience. they got it! maybe meantime some of u could try find solutions, like if any symbian player out there can play then they tell u how they doing it. or try reseting/formating fones, moving game from memory card to fone memory, or change your connection settings ect.. stuff like that. :blush: goodluck
  14. any1 els having runtime error on pc? game crashes just as i log in.
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