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  1. "Multo" of EU-EMERALD here.. Im a bit loner.. Wala pang masyadong kaibgan.. You could be one..
  2. hello. im kind of a loner here at emerald realm.. trying to find real friends on game for much fun.. enemy faction are welcome too. :) my in-game name is: "Multo" im a rogue. see you on game.
  3. same hero, from EU-EMERALD here.. please, need some guides IN-game.. PM me, IGN: Grandmagus
  4. smiile


    you will shyleen. :D
  5. smiile


    hello too bud, what class are you on? @grimoir.. im from philipines.. 19y/o. Weather here is currently annoying. Oh, see you in game then, Thanks bro, ill grab that chance.. lol. IGN? :) @guwer
  6. smiile


    Hi, feel free to POST, handsome and beautiful peoples, from EMERALD REALM! Player from FORSAKENS here, searching for REAL buddies on game.. Grandmagus (Warlock) Capitane (Barbarian) Cupidoo (Ranger) to my current friends, highfive.. :D Andrea Michelle Daniloo hope too meet more friends, im ready to help.. Im almost on like 24/7.. how about you?!
  7. The game crashes more often. It started when i left the town to do some killings, and the game suddenly crashes.. When i try to logged on, it crashes again. :( i cant get to my deathknight character. client version: 3.0.2 phone platform: symbian
  8. still, not working. Please, zip and upload pak parts?
  9. hmm. pedeng favor? sa mga nakakunek at nakalampas sa DATA CACHING? stuck ako dun eh, ulet lang ng ulet.. Kung pede sana paZIPPED at paATTACH nung mga patch na matatagpuan sa warspear folder, eto yung mga yun, warspear.apk.1 warspear.apk.2 warspear.apk.3 larung laru na kasi ako eh, hmm maraming salamat.
  10. still cant play. come on guys, Lend us a hand? Just zip and upload the "pak" parts 1,2 and 3, you can find it in your warspear folder, even your not a pc user.. it should be like this: warspear.pak.1 warspear.pak.2 warspear.pak.3 To those already passed the caching..
  11. smiile


    same here guys! N73 user here too! Im having a problem logging in to the game because of the "DATA CACHING" prompt. Id almost finish CACHING like 18 times already, but its keep coming and coming.. can someone PLEASE just zip and upload the following files: warspear.pak1 warspear.pak2 warspear.pak3 (and so on? if theres more "pak" parts) Its in the WARSPEAR folder.. sooo want to play.. :( ill be waiting on your support guys, thank you.
  12. please do help us. Visit update error thread..
  13. please do help us. please read update error thread.
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