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  1. I'm back in Emerald :pardon: But last time I was here, I had Pinkkitty and it went somewhere else... My armor was gone most of the time but it will be different ;)
  2. What about farming? My Gateway is already good with the shamans in PvP Cave (Lvl 4-7) and it heals 43 so far.
  3. What do I need to be a good druid in PvP? I been trying to figure out but really never came out to figure it out, someone please reply what I need to be good druid in PvP.
  4. I am trying to start up clan again, not sure if it will work because Mistkitty has not come on for months!
  5. u say hell?? good someone who is nice ducking cusses
  6. update is in 4 hours :tease: all members ready??
  7. nope I have spirit and i never loose 8) never give up till your enemy is dead
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