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  1. better just back this topic off and you saying you not offending anyone? If I am looking at the quotes you say... offensive topic, but rather let moderators or admins look at this topic and no matter what you say it's really just YOUR opinion. And PrettyPinay, last quote is something that would be true and saying your strong. If that's a problem saying your not strong I am fine with that because your nothing but a lonely person with nothing but that blind, cracked up "boyfriend" you have. If he sees what I say, who cares ;D he not going to do anything to me at all, if he like a person who is "dating" a stupid girl then I feel bad for him.
  2. Yeah I am so sure that is true :facepalm: Helping? You need help with learning respect :bad: :bad: Even if they do look at my history, most I see is helpful, and most is the way of having fun on something :crazy: Heard of fun lately? But if you don't know what it means I'll explain it in my own definition... Fun - Amusing, Entertaining, Enjoyment ::)
  3. Sometimes I think your a kid Mecha just because you hate my posts :facepalm: For no reason you make post that shows how deep you are :bad: Go to hell if you want me to stop :bad: For right now I'm going to spam your topics if you make shitty topics like this :facepalm: If you think you don't care why make this topic :lol: All I see I see is a person behind a screen hating people when they may be just enjoying what they do :rofl: But when you make yourself useless, you may regret what you say but I doubt that. If I am not important I don't give a duck but when I listen to few of you on forum, I say "Go to hell you shitass nobody!"
  4. Does it look like I have to stop trying to level up? When I have friends, I have friends and don't always need dailies to level up you know?
  5. ;D it's a pleasure to just make sure if I am banned.
  6. wow haven't you realized that topic is old? That topic should hasn't been posted in months. Really that I don't care about because I was just new to the game before and didn't know what to say... no bad things of that topic except it still being looked at now after I moved passed it.
  7. most my time isn't worth listening to posts from you. The post of the "lying" for my Doommyth was my character till it was scammed, if any topic like this goes it means your just useless noob that needs to get over things because if my posts were helpful (sometimes useful topics) they would still be here because you can't overlook things. But reason why I come on topics is because if it was on General or Support... most likely to post there if you haven't seen? Look on topics that I posted and take a few hours to keep stalking me and making smart comments about what I do or post, any idea? I really not taking this topic seriously but if you want topics like this, go report me to moderator for all I care! If I am banned I can still get on other forum profiles. Who cares what I say? People are different and you need to respect that some time soon because it is not getting through your head at all right now.
  8. :bad: If you made this post maybe, you have the time... Really this is a topic in or out, quit saying that you have more but who cares! :diablo: Just ignore my posts if you have any problem, don't make a useless topic if it is not nice. Your immature saying these things, mind your own business on what topics I post on :facepalm: Or are you stalking me?
  9. I would most likely not to enchant at the first minute, test out the armor, weapons, rings, etc. If you like the way you have after you try out the equips, let it be till you find better equips (don't throw out the old equips because you may break or lose your new armor from repairs or amp failures) What I do is buy bg equips and arena staves because because it gets you pretty far somewhere out.
  10. Which is good? EU Emerald or US Sapphire? I am positive EU Emerald because has a lot of good players, but US Sapphire has less hackers and scammers.
  11. What do you think I do? I try very hard and still nothing
  12. guessing the picture was rigged ;D
  13. My Lokomokoz won't move sometimes and it wouldn't let me log off for some time, what is it?
  14. Learn grammar, remember things (called memory if you didn't know), and also Callie is a druid... no need for pots and your like what? Level 15? Well she is level 20 and I seen battles with you two and they are quite enjoyable when there is nothing to do, like it when MC go down from a low level or high level (Callie vs. Sulti) ;D
  15. Sure, but how many pictures have I seen? And no that is my friend's character
  16. Well your the one who is noob trying to kill Callie :D don't feel left out, just saying ;)
  17. Can you please make the repair level to Lvl 12? I am on my level 6 and had 7g, all items broken! Change to Lvl 12 because I am sick of people asking me for gold for repairs on my Lvl 10.
  18. first of all I been online for a few days and seen all of them win in battle for like 2 times I guess, but really I have not been online due to a powerline struck in my neighborhood, so do not say that I have not seen you in Pvp cave (I have) but I am banned from forum (blackblud) and will be here tomorrow; no worries of what you say because its just lies proving yourself.
  19. Saw Lvl 20 DK on US Sapphire... WOAH!! NICE JOB!! :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :dirol: :dirol:
  20. Never been scared of MC so fast (Keizsha, Astetic) Ya'll scare me :facepalm:
  21. Reyn and Kabal are the strongest, rarely any 2 party's can kill them both unless 3 druids, 5 bds, and 2 rangers! If your hit 400-500, your either low on defense, low on hp, or your just lagging :D For me it's 389 on my bd.
  22. I may add you in a few, just two more days.
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