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[2016.02.05] XSOLLA is here, please welcome!

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Hello there, good fellows!

We have god news for you: a new Miracle coins service is available in our game now.
It's XSOLLA time, please welcome!


As of 2015 Xsolla works with over 700 payment systems worldwide, among which are credit and prepaid cards, mobile payments, premium SMS, e-wallets, cash, e-cash and bitcoin, and payment kiosks. Along with global payment methods – such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express cards and PayPal – Xsolla offers hundreds of local payment options.

Now everyone of you has one more way to purchase Miracle coins, even if had none of them before.


This service will be available for Android (non-Google Play version), WinPhone, Linux and Windows PC.
And don't forget about our website, XSOLLA is also ready for you there.

Now visit Miracle shop, try it and won't be disappointed.


Always here for you,


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This is more expensive than a SMS payment. Increase amount of Miracle Coins for xsolla or remove it. Because it costs more than normal SMS payment and it doesn't work above this amount. Or double Miracle Coins for it or remove it because it is worst than sms. Increase amount of Miracle Coins if you want me to use it!


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Ive always been wondering, howcome the people who download warspear through google play are not able to see the other payment methods except for google play only? Is it because google payment method only works if its just them or?


Sorry if this has been asked already ^~^


Just curious


because it's a Google policy, nothing more.

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