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  1. we can be forever if ya want too.
  2. lol you just focused your argument on blade dancer's oh my what a noob observation. even druid and priest is good on 1 on 1 duels, still mcsaken's has lots of disables to pull off (more than druids can do) that statement above fits on you mate delete your class and make a real pvp class that doesn't rely on lock disables to win. you fought a level 26 bd you expect to win? you're not a moron aren't you?
  3. bd is the only real deal on elf side while on mcsaken there are lots of good skills bestowed upon that faction. don't make me laugh.
  4. give elves decent disable skills and your warlock will become shit. no honor fighting that way mcsaken's skills are way too op and imbalanced that's why i quit playing this game.
  5. you should save every gold that you can have in your pocket. you might never know when will you gonna need it. just my advice as a starting player.
  6. ya inside the miracle shop and check for offers in free miracle coin
  7. and be persistent when playing don't buy random crappy stuffs. save most of your hard earned gold since the day you started playing. and don't forget to check the free miracle coin link in game lol.
  8. as i observed this game the most op skills and favored classes comes from the mc and forsaken faction. lots of disables, confusion spells, stealth ganks name it while elves and humans has few disables making only druid and blade dancer superior in any aspect while the rest of the class is too squishy excluding priest since they can heal and shield themselves (poor mages and ranger).
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