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  1. Ya bro it makes no sense at all , I can already tell chieftain will be a useless class ?”, or at best a very bad support they should give him a staff or make his skills physical so he can use 2 maxed out dmg maces
  2. So wait ... chieftain was given movement slowing skills root skills and his skills focus on magic ? And he’s forced to use cloth to maximize his magic dmg... and you guys put him in melee range??? He will be eatin alive by all elf melee and Rangers , bd kill my +10 barb in 9 hits , basic dmg hit my heavy armor for 1k dmg and ur putting a cloth wearing chieftain in melee range vs that ? Why not give him a staff why does melee need root and slow skills ???? That makes no sense at all.
  3. I believe that was mc recently maybe 5 wars ago I had made a sandwich ham mayo bread came back war over I missed the stars
  4. Will these buffs stay this way ? In terms of ... Every war ? I like hp buff its cool ppl would probably prefer dmg buff but oh well
  5. Really I liked the Zelda music made me warm inside I was happy
  6. what I don't understand is why u guys as developers keep giving blade dancers ridiculously over bearing skills , every class in this game is balanced 100% if I lose in pvp that person was better then me and or full +10 I'm +9-+10 but I'll admit defeat , but when the same amped bd challenges u to a fight and or u run into him at nadir ? I have video footage of me dying in 6 seconds flat to a same amp bd , I seen warlocks die to bd without even being touched , all counter , I've seen counter two shot a poor rogue crits high , I'm full arena gear 7K def 5.1K hp gone like if I'm a level 14 vsing a high level , only way I even have a chance is if my shield bash and charge work and they hardly do , I know hell of alot of elves that hate bd too not jus me , that class needs a hardcore Nerf all th way around Nerf rogues jump , but counter hits more times and crits just as much lightning shield crits got nerfed warlock stun got Nerfed and with all the complains on forums from paying costumers u spit in our ffaces by giving them a broken skill power of blades screw it everyone make bd can't beat em join em
  7. Roland will resilience be more effective now ? In terms of lowering more dmg ? I have 25% , I mean there has to be a trade off right ? I just want some common ground , I don't wanna have to switch from arena gear just because hp gear owns the game u know ?
  8. idk dude I seen wl claim alot of shit Vs bd and in the heat of the moment die like they were nothing ..... Vsing bd level 26 makes u feel like your only level 14 next to it
  9. how do you not die from counter ? My buddy is a full +9 lock pro lock , throws all basic wl stuns at bd fear hex circle pool and drops dead , it will happen so fast you'll miss the fight if u don't watch closely it's over quicker then it began and my goodness if he say lags or whatever and doesn't get to fear 1st and gets hits by hamstring just wow all I can say wow done pvp over call the cops murder in the 1st degree
  10. are u serious all elves do is cry , I spy in your wc well we attack giving information most of the time u elves point fingers and blame each other and mc about being op , u ppl just don't work together u rely to heavily on your own individual skills no team work and no leadership ppl like mrvendetta dude ordered all elves to attack ! When you should've been defending lol like wow now I finally understand why devs give u guys skills that click for win , u have no brains no tactics u just move as a group and expect to overthrow a force of smart and tactical mc , circles op?? No locks play on mc they are so few it's crazy everyone plays rogue shaman and dk , can't cry about 3 or four wl stunning u come on
  11. maybe because u have to drop pool on elf flag and not mc , I don't think mc can kill mc flag
  12. I just vsd deadwraith a dk not to good at all but knows how to fight his secret reserve ticks 780 at 2/4 and said at 4/4 ticks 1k+ , that's more the best heal in game dude why are u crying , I legit seen this man's heal hit 780 his skill is at 2/4 I seen it tick 3 times maybe 4 we were pvping if u 4/4 secret reserve 4/4 dk is tick healing 3K hp maybe 4K that's op af but no dk wants to sacrifice their stuns so stop crying dude when it's 1/4 , barbs stone skin reduces 15% dmg and comes back every 15 sec at 1/4 it's useless your gonna get the best quality when u Max your skills
  13. I find it amusing that u think dk is th weakest melee class in the game lol , 100 dk stun barbs have .... Defense :/ u mean that useless skill stone skin ? Read this please I've said it 3 times already .... The new rune which u have ... Gets rid of stone skin barbs have no counter also shield bash is worse then sharp shadow in terms of its chance of stun , shield bash stun last longer when it hits but sharp shadow has a greater chance of landing , also charge ? It's useless in pvp I utilize it with chop taunt step charge but alot of times the target isn't stupid and will just reclick me and I'm either hamstringed or hit with those cricket rings of pala , secret reserve is a good skill ofc it ain't shit compared to bd new skill or should I say barbs or rogues ? But those skills are easily dispatched with dot dmg or that rune ... Now strongest defense skill what warcry ? Last 3 sec 1/4 stone skin ? Useless I have 1/4 now comes back every 20 sec and reduces 15% dmg , roar 35% aoe are best skill , chop dmg ... 20 per tick useless charge useless in pvp so roar and our main dmg skill and defeat are barbs best skill last wish actually last 3 sec 1/4 shield bash hardly ever works and fury 4/4 heals 1K hp 15% dmg boost 1K hp is gone actually pretty fast man especially when your in a stun cycle and sometimes u can't even use your fury cuz your stunned just watching this dk sit there over and over and over and over stunning u and u have skills that been cooled down for 30 seconds u never been on the receiving end of those stuns as any other class other then dk there's a short period for about 5 sec where dk stuns have to CD that's where u drop all your dmg and for dk Vs dk they throw there stun cycles at each other what a boring pvp I also watched dop earlier kill all kinds of bd in pvp cave , dk is op plain and simple the new skills didn't hinder dk stun cycle and u mistake my debate for crying idc about dk stun cycle I'm glad dk is on mc side and I have a level 13 dk as we speak the whole reason I brought up dk stun in the 1st place is because your whining about not getting a good skill , u have good skills already look at your stuns quit crying you would think rangers would be crying they are so useless now as a class it's sad bd out does them in their main category damage anyway just saying be thankful u got a good skill also the whole whining on subtopics take a look in the mirror bro your just mad your noob , your a noob dk your skills do the fighting for u it's like a +7 bd raping a +9 rogue I seen that today as well the rogue shall be nameless lol he knows who he is , counter their new dmg skill ham , barb has to come up with ways to fight , chop taunt run back charge duck the stun failed shield bash yes finally ! Roar main attack chop defeat taunt walk back charge yes !!! By the way we have to adapt when one skill is useless say are new skill use book find a new strategy for a while I had warcry 4/4 10K def for 6 sec was pretty good but didn't last long enough defeat 4/4 good but didn't help VVs stuns if u can't use skill so I said duck it 3/4 shield bash 1/4 defeat and it works, bd and dk spam skills win , pala have to make up fighting strategy too I've seen gladiator fight dude is ruthless
  14. Roar 70%... That still blows my mind where did u get your facts xD
  15. 70% it's 35% and last 7 seconds with a 15 sec CD charge at 1/5 which every barb has is 15% stun chance 5/5 suppose to be 50% it's not it does however increase stun duration when it does stun which is never , and stone skin has Ben rendered useless since new rune has came out I have stone skin 1/4 also shield bash same way as charge hardly ever works but points on the skill give it a longer stun duration when it does work , I suggest u do actual research , furthermore , if you read my post I was never wining I just said I rather have secret reserve and u ppl blew it way out of proportion , dk stuns are broken tho and it's what makes em better then any class except for bd , but even then I've seen dopknight clear every single bd in pvp cave np get bd in a stun cycle their ducked , dop ain't complaining his stuns get the job done more over I understand mailli your like +4 or 5 , u need to amp +10 your gear I've seen dop in action guy is a beast rapes +10 merc bds , only reason dk see bd as op is because 70% of dk are under amped and or noob I would love to trade barbs skills with dk then you'll see how much dk is Superior and why they shouldnt cry about secret reserve , just like the noobs in war who cry about 1 star ... Would u rather have no stars ? Be grateful and not greedy
  16. 95% of barbs use fury at mid hp , because alot of classes have stuns that actually work we fall behind in damage , insane how everyone thinks barbs are good :/ and worse blows my mind that dk is crying you guys have a stun cycle that's ducking ridiculously fast , stun stack attack stun attack attack stun repeat , u can't bring up stone skin either that skill is ducking useless now that rune destroys it's entire purpose barbs back to square one
  17. U know what would be more fun if in legendary war the winner gets the buff for 72 hours ... And the loser gets debuffs 72 hours hilarious
  18. U know what would be more fun if in legendary war the winner gets the buff for 72 hours ... And the loser gets debuffs 72 hours hilarious
  19. Thank u Roland I appreciate the reply but I hope u guys at least review that class ty so much for making a great game
  20. Not even a reply Roland ? That's how u treat loyal customers? Not even "we know bd is over powered and we won't Nerf"? I would start a topic but it gets unread anyways that's why I gotta come here but you'll ignore this post too it's fine
  21. Nerf blade dancer ! It's not fair I'm +10 full arena 5.1K hp and die in 10 seconds , I spent so much money to be strong but feel like level 15 +1 noob no matter how much money I spend bd shits on me in a few seconds read this devs I love this game but bd rapes everything , if I get a poll going will u guys Nerf bd ?
  22. I'm almost 100% sure devs made it for the soul purpose of counter barbs and rogues skill , it even with gloves boots and rune on my weapon it rebounds 14 dmg that's Vs bd because their dmg is ridiculous , but Vs like rogue or ranger it deals 8 dmg , it's honestly useless
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