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Secret reserve

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Maybe Saturation 4/4 and 3/4 Secret Reserves, that makes an awesome survivability. So basically when you are in a fight, Saturation will help you so you get some HP from lifesteal and thus its activation won't be too late, also 5/5 Dark Shield would help in lowering the received damage, so it doesn't make it so late, and increase its effectiveness. Idk if u got my point or no.

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5/5 dark shield is necessity.. Geez... Aww ok

We all know that

Moving on


Saturation 4/4 ok

Secret reserve 3/4.. Waste of points


Secret reserve at 3/4 is a *5 multiplier

Whereas 4/4 is a *11/10 multiplier


Well none of that matters.. Because anything that can take you that hp will kill you


I have tested both skills, I am a dk... Don't teach me how my skills work...

The rest of the retorts will be at the guide section

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Hi guys...

I really like the skill Secret Reserve. It is a very nice skill to have and I think it makes dks better tank. But one question, does this skill have somekind of cooldown? Because when you almost die, the skill is activated, and it heals you to your happy hp again, but the second time you almost die, the skill doesn't come to you again so I guess there must be kind of cooldown, how long is the cooldown of this skill?

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7 minute and 22 second?

I think 5 minutes cooldown will be perfect, but the skill is already good so far :) skill level reduces the cooldown? Or only increase the healing and defence bonus?

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