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Massive birthday party

Rowie Yubal

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To Future warspear Birthday 8th celebreation

what if Thousands of players from 5 different Servers EU-emerald,US-saphire,SA-pearl, Amber and Topaz. In a one massive Island event maybe contain portals to teleport in different Server location .

And what if some sort of war against server, conquering flags , haha lol that would be freaking awesome!!! Isnt huh . XD

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I have a better idea for Birthdays...


When you're creating your character the system has to ask you the Month/Day/Year you born so when that day come the System have to say something like.....




System: Happy Birthday to player xxxxxxx We wish you the best sincerely Aigrind.

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I thought about that idea since they put the System info things,but i didn't make a topic cuz i thought yall would think it was stupid. :(

Nah... This idea is pretty cool, and would give sense for writing "gz" in world chat. But what if 1000 people have birthday on the same day? There would be many maaany "gz"s...

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So you're telling me that i should make a topic? :blush:

Yea, why not? Maybe devs will find your idea good enough to put it into practice.
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