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  1. No one can replace our Great leader Mr.President Obama.
  2. whos the leader of SithLords? Btw.
  3. exactly , especialy in Arena or PvP using ChaosPots each single player. Thats WOW
  4. lol. Il visit sapphire sometimes to see siths and Themercs , .
  5. just imagine Sithlords vs AoA , THEMERC vs Magnacarta . lol i do really wanna see that
  6. roland can bring us all back to Noob-age by turning our chars to level 1
  7. Rowie Yubal

    Fun Facts

    Batman is my Favorite comic character , hes really badass , but Superman prime one million is freaking awesome who would destroy batguy easily
  8. hahahaha took me 15 min to getover from this joke
  9. To Future warspear Birthday 8th celebreation what if Thousands of players from 5 different Servers EU-emerald,US-saphire,SA-pearl, Amber and Topaz. In a one massive Island event maybe contain portals to teleport in different Server location . And what if some sort of war against server, conquering flags , haha lol that would be freaking awesome!!! Isnt huh . XD
  10. cool, anne frank house great museum
  11. in what country do live buddy?
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