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  1. No one can replace our Great leader Mr.President Obama.
  2. whos the leader of SithLords? Btw.
  3. exactly , especialy in Arena or PvP using ChaosPots each single player. Thats WOW
  4. lol. Il visit sapphire sometimes to see siths and Themercs , .
  5. just imagine Sithlords vs AoA , THEMERC vs Magnacarta . lol i do really wanna see that
  6. roland can bring us all back to Noob-age by turning our chars to level 1
  7. Rowie Yubal

    Fun Facts

    Batman is my Favorite comic character , hes really badass , but Superman prime one million is freaking awesome who would destroy batguy easily
  8. hahahaha took me 15 min to getover from this joke
  9. To Future warspear Birthday 8th celebreation what if Thousands of players from 5 different Servers EU-emerald,US-saphire,SA-pearl, Amber and Topaz. In a one massive Island event maybe contain portals to teleport in different Server location . And what if some sort of war against server, conquering flags , haha lol that would be freaking awesome!!! Isnt huh . XD
  10. cool, anne frank house great museum
  11. in what country do live buddy?
  12. LOL 5x xD i know thiss gonna be Pro soon dude
  13. Hi guys and gays hehe sorry with the words , im uhm 24 hours online here more than i spend in game lol... Cuz i dont own the phone with warspear .. How sad , :3 so i dont usualy play , but i knew a lot of new stuffs and Pro players though. do u guys watch NBA? Well probably a lot of here ofc . I love lebron james his much much btter than Kobe indeed or Curry or Rose or Harden or Durant or Even maybe to M.jordan huh xD , ok quit some of you may a fan of its national league , Lets talk FIBA first come in ur mind is? Yes team USA , Spain , Serbia , alot of Euro country . Ok ok i know some of u found this kinda non sense thread , but for those who has cigar lol ok just bored here in the house , il go now bye , dont forget to comment anything u felt after reading this .
  14. Here you can post Different Screenshot of your own or others Full equipments Chars by inspecting. Some of us just enjoying to inspect Different players to see how Cool and impressive their Equipments are . Just like me inspecting and comparing diffent Players statistic . Ex. Hassn(eu emerald) full body equipments vs ? well its on u can decide who's player are much better than him. All Servers are allowed . Post your Servers PRO's players and debate or compare to others servers PRO player. Hope you all enjoy.
  15. they can be popular by time goes by as more players talking and goin there
  16. Rowie Yubal


    new pvp location have u guys found this in our Realm?
  17. the dream that warspear has finally came up to full screen in pc
  18. All Experts in techs can do that, but by far like that in just a message . Oh damn
  19. how about Aigrind makes another MMORG game about modern age , things like guns , cars , tanks, planes , jets etc. :* hahaha
  20. flirt ? That was just a compliment
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