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  1. I'm comparing a +10 chieftain with a +10 Blade Dancer, you may do the same comparison proportionally with +6/+7 ones it is obvious, and there are 3 skills that deal physical damage in Chieftain. Maybe not in 1x1 or jumping between adversary like a kamikaze but it surely plays its role, maybe other control skills besides thrashing fit into chieftain I'm not denying that. But most guys just make a standard build with standard equipments for standard guild GvG requirements, do not try anything different for their character and then come say nonsense here, as always.
  2. I think you didn't understand, Arthas said that the game balance is around +6/+7 players. In this example I'm just saying that I think balance should take into account the greatest potential of each class because usually all the controversy arises when a +6/+7 player faces a top tier player as they are. And specific ones(specially when they are the better) are the perfect chance not just to us but also to the dev team see how their creations are doing. I have a +10 Blade Dancer, lvl 30 Greatness whit DEF bonus and Heavy lvl 32 Mermen set, And Isdead, the Physical dmg chieftain of our server(BR-TOURMALINE) deals 5k Dmg with 2 skills on me. He was in your guild if I'm not mistaken. Maybe that happened because guilds encouraged the chiefs to focus on magic damage as a requirement to join them.
  3. I agree with the analysis of the current situation of the classes, except the issue of balancing be done based on +6/+7. Quite the contrary, I think it should be done considering the apex of the class and not leveling by low, because that's how Gods, Vikings, Tomaleites and Geralts come out of life, who, between us, are the ones that cause controversy about the classes in the arena (mainly) and in PvE. There are hardly any controversies based on class X or Y with +6/+7 amplification as there WAS with charmer in arena and mage in GVG, war and so on. As for the suggestions, I completely disagree with equalizing the damage, defense and even the control potential of certain classes, if it was a game with several focuses (or skill trees for each class like ESO or GW2, GV, WoW) I would agree but once in WS the function of each class or its potential is much more limited, what should be modified, in my opinion, are things like, for example, the damage scaling that in fact in the sentinels is superior and give more importance to the classes support as guarantor of this scaling. It is very superficial to say that a BD has more damage than a rogue in PvP and that this potential should be equaled when the gameplay of the classes is totally different. In the same way that it is superficial to say that the paladin's shield is "broken", according to the community, while a chieftain with 2 skill points in Spiritual Cleansing can take the shield and Aura of the paladin 5 meters away. And even the physical charmer, to become a problem in the arena has to use a very specific build and for sure +7 is not that monster they paint, if I ask, everyone will have the same nicknames in mind and everyone +10, full greatness, with more exclusive skill books than I've read in my life and with builds that make them useless (more) in other game content. Anyway, in short, the game analysis was accurate, but the suggestions of matching damage/defense potential of some classes I guarantee would only make everything more unbalanced, as they don't have the same skills and don't play the same role.
  4. Apparently chieftain can use Wolf's Alacrity in Mermen GvG before getting in the event and the effect keeps active, providing advantage. Mangrove Scroll of Patronage + Great Relic of Continuous Effect keeps Alacrity on for 18,2 s. I didn't try this but just warning... after I realized the bonus of the scroll would increase the advantage even more.If I'm wrong, just ignore my stupidity.ūüôá
  5. OL√Ā A TODOS!ūüĎč Entre a maioria dos jogadores de Bruxo √© comum ouvir a mesma reclama√ß√£o sobre a habilidade especialista Corpo P√©treo uma vez que, na maioria dos cen√°rios, ela s√≥ adia a morte certa. Mesmo sabendo que poder defensivo n√£o √© a principal caracter√≠stica dessa classe o prop√≥sito desse t√≥pico √© discutir possibilidades de ajustes e melhorias pra essa habilidade na medida do poss√≠vel. Corpo P√©treo: Aplica o b√īnus Corpo P√©treo por um tempo definido. O personagem n√£o pode ser atacado, mas tamb√©m √© imobilizado e n√£o pode usar habilidades. O personagem recupera um pouco de vida. A seguir, as √ļltimas mudan√ßas na habilidade(Vers√£o 8.4.2): Agora ap√≥s utilizar a habilidade ela pode ser cancelada durante seu efeito. A habilidade agora recupera vida a cada 2 segundos de sua dura√ß√£o totalizando 2-3-4-5% da vida m√°xima. A habilidade por si s√≥ melhorou muito nas √ļltimas mudan√ßas MAS o principal problema continua, na maioria dos cen√°rios ela s√≥ adia a morte certa. Considerando o conte√ļdo PvE, √© praticamente in√ļtil. Indo para o PvP do jogo: Arena: Uma vez que voc√™ usa o Corpo P√©treo voc√™ se torna um peso morto e -1 no grupo, mas pelo menos voc√™ vai restaurar uma quantia decente de vida, correto? ERRADO! Al√©m do que para recuperar uma quantia decente de HP a habilidade precisa estar amplificada, e que us√°-la j√° deixa seu grupo em desvantagem, o Bruxo se torna um alvo extremamente f√°cil e previs√≠vel no qual os advers√°rios v√£o "spammar" seus cliques com alguma habilidade de controle ou dano massivo(R.I.P). GvG e Guerra: N√£o h√° muito pra dizer aqui, o Bruxo prov√™ muito controle de grupo em √°rea e √© muito √ļtil nessas batalhas. Mas s√≥ pra registrar, se ele tiver que usar o Corpo P√©treo, o resultado quando o b√īnus acabar ser√° o mesmo que nas outras 99% das vezes: PULVERIZADO! Agora, vamos discutir o que poderia mudar na habilidade caso os desenvolvedores aceitem que h√° essa necessidade: Na pr√©via da Atualiza√ß√£o 9.3 podemos ver que a redu√ß√£o de dano recebido est√°, at√© certo ponto, no leque de possibilidades dos desenvolvedores para o Bruxo, no efeito adicional do Selo Negro. Selo Negro: O efeito b√īnus de regenera√ß√£o de sa√ļde durante a habilidade Drenar Vida foi movido para a habilidade Grim√≥rio. Al√©m disso, reduz o dano causado pelo alvo ao feiticeiro em 10-15-20-25% se ele for silenciado pela habilidade Mandinga. Considerando que o caminho que o jogo est√° tomando n√£o √© direcionado para o 1x1, esta REDU√á√ÉO DE DANO RECEBIDO se encaixaria perfeitamente como um efeito posterior ao b√īnus Corpo P√©treo, com dura√ß√£o e porcentagem de redu√ß√£o de dano aumentando de acordo com o n√≠vel da habilidade. Esta redu√ß√£o de dano recebido poderia ser aplicada a qualquer dano recebido dentro de uma √°rea de efeito espec√≠fica. De qualquer maneira, a nova descri√ß√£o e funcionalidade da habilidade se pareceria com algo assim: Corpo P√©treo: Aplica o b√īnus Corpo P√©treo por um tempo definido. O personagem n√£o pode ser atacado, mas tamb√©m √© imobilizado e n√£o pode usar habilidades. O personagem recupera um pouco de vida. Ap√≥s seu uso, a habilidade pode ser cancelada durante seu efeito. Ap√≥s o efeito do b√īnus Corpo P√©treo desaparecer, o dano recebido causado ao Bruxo por jogadores ou monstros dentro de(certa √°rea) √© reduzido por ( certa porcentagem) por ( certo tempo). Em minha opini√£o essa seria a melhoria mais f√°cil dando mais sobreviv√™ncia ao Bruxo sem mudar muito as mec√Ęnicas da habilidade. Eu tenho outras ideias, como um efeito de Empurr√£o para resolver o "spamming" frustrante(principalmente de classes corpo-a-corpo) esperando o efeito do Corpo P√©treo acabar, como o Fluxo Reverso do Templ√°rio ou um Silenciar por 1 segundo de 3x3 blocos para jogadores em volta do Bruxo. MAS, honestamente eu n√£o tenho certeza de que seria justo(e √© isso que eu quero para o jogo). H√° uma ideia de fazer o Corpo P√©treo mais parecido com o Mantra de Cura dando mobilidade tamb√©m mas tenho quase certeza que li isso em outro t√≥pico. Por enquanto √© isso, agrade√ßo sua aten√ß√£o e compartilhe suas ideias! @Akasha ou @Nolan perdoe-me mas n√£o sei se esse t√≥pico deve ser postado aqui ou dentro da discuss√£o de classes, caso puder mover se aqui n√£o for adequado agrade√ßo!ūüĎć
  6. HEY Y'ALL!ūüĎč Among most of Warlock players it is common to hear the same complain about the Stone Body expert skill once in the most scenarios it will just delay certain death. Even we know that defensive power is not the main role of this class the purpose of this topic is to discuss possibilities of adjustments and improvements to this skill as far as possible. Below, the current state of the skill: Stone Body: Applies the Stone Body buff for a limited period. The character can't be attacked but he is also immobilized and can't use skills. Character also restores some extra health. Next, the latest changes in the skill(8.4.2 Release): Now after using the skill it can be cancelled during its effect. The skill now restores health every 2 seconds of its duration amounting to 2-3-4-5% from maximum health amount. The skill itself has been improved a lot with these latest changes BUT the main problem remains, in the most scenarios in the game it just delays certain death. Considering the PvE content, it's of no use. Going to the PvP content: Arena : Once you use Stone Body you're a dead weight and -1 in your party ,but at least you'll restore a decent amount of health, right? WRONG! Besides that to recover a decent amount of HP the skill needs to be amplified, and that using it already leaves your party at a disadvantage, the Warlock becomes an extremely easy and predictable target on which opponents will be spamming their click with some control skill or massive damage(R.I.P). GvG and War: There's not much to say here, the Warlock provides a lot of group control in the area and it is very useful in these battles. But just for the record, if he has to use Stone Body, the result when leaving the buff is the same as the other 99% of the time: DEPLETED! Now, let's discuss what could change in the skill if the devs agree that there is a need: In the 9.3 Update Preview we can see that the incoming damage reduction is, to some extent, in the range of possibilities of the developers for Warlock, in the additional effect of Dark Seal. Dark Seal: Moved the effect of bonus health restoration by "Life Exhaust" moved to the "Grimoire" skill. Additionally reduces the damage the target deals to the warlock by 10-15-20-25% if it is under the silence effect of the "Hex" skill. Considering that the path the game is taking is not directed to 1x1, this INCOMING DAMAGE REDUCTION would fit perfectly as a post Stone Body effect, with duration and percentage of damage reduction increasing according to the skill level. This incoming damage reduction could be applied to any damage from opponents within a specific area of effect. Anyway, the new description and functionality of the skill would look something like this: Stone Body: Applies the Stone Body buff for a limited period. The character can't be attacked but he is also immobilized and can't use skills. Character also restores some extra health.After using the skill it can be cancelled during its effect. After Stone Body buff effect fades, the incoming damage caused to Warlock from targets within (certain area) is reduced by (certain percentage) for (certain seconds). In my opinion this would be the easiest improvement in the skill providing more survivability to the warlock and not changing too much the skill mechanics. I have other ideas, such as a Push effect to solve the frustating spamming(mainly from melee classes) waiting to the end of Stone Body buff, similar to the Templar Reverse Flow or a 3x3 blocks 1 sec Silence to players around the Warlock. BUT, honestly i don't know if it would be fair(and that's what I'm looking for for the game). There is an ideia to make Stone Body more similar to Mantra of Healing giving mobility too but I'm almost sure I read it in another Topic. For now that's it, I appreciate the attention and share your ideas!
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