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  1. Let's wait and see what this game will look like this month.
  2. That's a good suggestion. I'm ready to do so.I hope you can tell this suggestion to other players, thank you.
  3. When you waste all your time on games, I hope you don't regret it.Enjoy yourself
  4. ??????????I don't understand what you mean.I'm talking about players who haven't played games before and now play games for the first time.
  5. Now it takes too much time to create a new role.Upgrade level+Prestige by Region+Submarine knowledge+New talent。Are there really new players going back to do these things?I'm curious.
  6. Is there anything wrong with what I said?How long do you log in to the game every day? How soon can you complete your new talent?Are there any new players entering the game now?Do you have anything else to play in addition to finishing the task in a hurry?
  7. I'm saying that this game is getting tired and boring.I suggest a change. Officials agree to players' suggestions, but they never change.You should know.
  8. I think players need to make a choice in this version, because the game is no longer suitable for ordinary players.In this new talent update, players need to spend a lot of time and energy to improve their talents.The new talent needs a lot of consumption, and then the degree of improvement is very small, So I think it's not cost-effective.We need a lot of time and energy to improve these, and carry out tasks and copies every day.Although the improved attributes are very low, if we don't complete these, we will have a bigger gap with other players.As a mobile game, this has far exceeded the normal game time.We can see the official perfunctory attitude towards players through the new achievement fashion and expression.I wonder if you find that warspear online has become more and more boring. The official has not improved the game. makes players more and more tired and boring.Looking at these various tasks and events, my friends and I are too lazy to log in to the game.If we have so much time, why don't we play other more fun games.I think there will be many players playing this version at first, but more and more players will leave the game and fewer and fewer new players.It's time for players who spend less time playing games to make a choice whether to play this boring game or not.
  9. So how should Charme play magic in the future?Do we still have a sense of existence?Can we delete the role directly?
  10. I want to watch Yinyang fight against phalanx
  11. The answer to this question is simple. 1.Is the price of the new equipment of the event copy high in the auction house? 2.How much new equipment has the auction house detained? 3.Is the price of the same equipment higher than last year? 4.Are there any players in front of your server? Compared with last year I believe you have the answer
  12. All kinds of data show that we should strengthen elf as soon as possible
  13. It's so true, so which server are you on?Let's see how many new players you have
  14. You can try to change a game to play. My friends and I went there. When we were bored, we would watch warspear to have fun. Because he was so bad.
  15. I don't want them to change anything, I just want to post a post.When what I said happened, I would send a screenshot to my friends and say: look, I predicted it.
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