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  1. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, No。Please don't raise your level to level 40. Please.At present, three Rangers in GVG activities can play more than 10 MC players. If the level is upgraded to level 40, the gap between MC and elf will be bigger and bigger. I don't want to see one Ranger killing 10 MC players and one BD killing 20 MC players in GVG activities.I just want to play with my PVE, please.Do you want all the MC players on the first map?It's terrible. I'm afraid I'll have nightmares at night.
  2. Please shut up, kid。Otherwise, your post will be banned.
  3. I believe you already have the answer, hope these can help you. Stop your meaningless suggestions and join elf.
  4. Please don't discuss elf career in this forum, otherwise the result will only be as follows: 1、Elf is always the same as MC, elf is even weaker. 2、The reason for ELF guild's victory is that ELF players are always hardworking. All events are not that MC players can't beat elf players, but that MC players don't seriously complete them. 3、Take a look at the MC union of us servers. This is the only union of all servers that can beat elf. Why don't you learn from them? Of course, there are more MC players in US server than elf. 4、Your post may be forbidden to reply.
  5. I have gone to play other games, you can discuss whether ELF is powerful or not, I will not reply. Goodbye.
  6. We hope that the elf phalanx guild can defeat the MC Yinyang guild in the mermaid sanctuary incident tonight. Although the number of phalanx guild is twice that of Yinyang guild, it is still difficult to win due to the disadvantage of ELF profession. Hope elf guild of all servers can win.
  7. Since the game official can't understand the gap between MC and ELF through the data, why don't we make the gap bigger?It's possible that the official game will solve the problem more quickly.
  8. First of all, I want to apologize to you for lying in my last post.The number of eumcs has not decreased at all.All the pictures are taken by me while the MC members are asleep, and the gap of guild points will catch up in the follow-up time.I'm really sorry. In yesterday's Mermaid trial, EMMC Yin Yang won phalans with a small number of people.Although the number of phalans guild was twice that of Yinyang, phalans still failed to win.Although the phalans guild said it was a deliberate loss, everyone knew the truth because MC was too professional. Yesterday I heard that Russian server
  9. I want to say it's only theoretical, and if we could do that, we'd have tried.There are only a few full level guilds in EU MC. Most players in Yinyang also have elf accounts. They are all from pH guild. Great wall, Kungfu and heyhero have few players now. According to the best assumption, assuming that the number of MC and elf is the same, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of occupation, and the results are obvious.
  10. Today is July 21, 2020. This is the list of EU MC secret dungeons. Please see picture 1. We can notice that there are 11 MC members and 29 elf members in the list of 1-40. We can see the result of last week's game again. Look at picture 2. We can notice that the first and the third place are from elf, and the second is from MC. The scores of ELF and MC are twice as much. Let's take a look at this week's Guild scoreboard. See Figure 3. We can notice that the first and the second place are still elf Union, elf union points add up more than three times MC points. So
  11. I think he's right, but the authorities are not going to modify it, because they are playing in elf..Many people in EU MC no longer play games, and a small number choose to play in EU elf。Game balance has nothing to do with me, I can choose not to play.Game officials will only live in their own world, until no one to play in MC, maybe they will realize.But everything has nothing to do with me. I've gone to play other games.Among the many games I played, I saw for the first time a role-playing game that couldn't even balance well, which I didn't expect.More than a decade later, the game has not
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