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  1. I want to watch Yinyang fight against phalanx
  2. The answer to this question is simple. 1.Is the price of the new equipment of the event copy high in the auction house? 2.How much new equipment has the auction house detained? 3.Is the price of the same equipment higher than last year? 4.Are there any players in front of your server? Compared with last year I believe you have the answer
  3. All kinds of data show that we should strengthen elf as soon as possible
  4. It's so true, so which server are you on?Let's see how many new players you have
  5. You can try to change a game to play. My friends and I went there. When we were bored, we would watch warspear to have fun. Because he was so bad.
  6. I don't want them to change anything, I just want to post a post.When what I said happened, I would send a screenshot to my friends and say: look, I predicted it.
  7. This is the first week of "architects' competition. Release".I believe that you have a certain understanding of most of the events.I will be bold to predict the follow-up activities. 1.snowy bound events Compared with last year's events, one GVG event has been added and one guild event has been reduced.I guess that the first "default on the ice citadel" event on most servers is an elf victory, not including Ru servers.In this event, one camp won by virtue of a huge advantage, then the other camp will not be able to win.So I guess the number of participants in this event will be less
  8. In recent years, I think players are gradually losing.The number of players has been unable to maintain a steady growth.I think there are several reasons: NO1. Reduction of new players. Although the game has made the task easier, it can't be denied that it is very boring.Now there are a lot of new players. Most of them are old players who experience new professions. I think there are very few real new players.Some old players create new characters to be used as warehouses, which we all know. NO2. The world boss is monopolized by a single guild. When a server has a largest g
  9. Imagine a game that has been running for more than ten years. Is there any breakthrough in balance.We don't even have a device lock or a secondary code.It's still possible for us to accidentally sell our equipment in the store.
  10. Isn't the effect of these two skills similar? Why is elf more flexible?
  11. The internal news I heard is that the president of delicious guild had a good relationship with a member of Yinyang guild, who knew the game account and password of the president of delicious guild.Last night, the member of the Yinyang guild secretly logged into the president's account, kicked all members out of the guild, and then deleted the account.During this period, all the process was recorded by the Yinyang player and posted to youtube, but later deleted.Well, since the relationship between you is false.
  12. However, what I said is not my personal opinion. It has already happened in EU MC.
  13. Yesterday I saw a lot of people talking about hackers being members of the MC Yinyang guild.Think about which guild is blocking you in front of the replica gate during the event?It's EU ELF pH!Think about which guild in the world was saying: GZ delicious? 2 when the championship ended last week and announced the ranking of points?It's EU MC Yinyang.What is the relationship between ELF pH and MC Yingyang?I think you've been spotted a long time ago.I think you can take legal measures to protect delicious. After all, hackers do harm to your property.When you rely on legal means, the official will
  14. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, No。Please don't raise your level to level 40. Please.At present, three Rangers in GVG activities can play more than 10 MC players. If the level is upgraded to level 40, the gap between MC and elf will be bigger and bigger. I don't want to see one Ranger killing 10 MC players and one BD killing 20 MC players in GVG activities.I just want to play with my PVE, please.Do you want all the MC players on the first map?It's terrible. I'm afraid I'll have nightmares at night.
  15. Please shut up, kid。Otherwise, your post will be banned.
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