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  1. Why don't you put the losses you get up to?
  2. As we all have seen with new weapons and outfits for Halloween and pots we like to keep though the year even those 150 slots are becoming full any chance to extend them?
  3. You could always try to get catalysts out of it
  4. Might want to make snorlar demo and beholder equipping they changed from none to equipping
  5. The mini bosses in jail do drop I bought beholder from pigrangex it's in my level 14 Druid bag
  6. If snorlar and demo is personal why isn't wildboy?
  7. Why is it personal insted of able to be traded? I had before update and now cant lend out to friends
  8. 1k cc is buying the first guild who won that week u can buy into these guilds for 100k gold
  9. Whoa no druids in this topic?
  10. Guys im going to quit the game for now maybe I'll return someday but there is a new game and real life and this game has fallen second zepar u can kick me from guild if u want I wish u all the best of luck and keep on fighting against tsp :give_rose:
  11. Yet they will keep there biggest sponsor :facepalm:
  12. I have hear by resigned from this guild
  13. Pro + well amped unstopable Unless u partner with swazz i did on my priest hes amazing for +0 :drinks:
  14. I was just stating a fact u guys have no paladins
  15. Buy +9 or 10 light mantle +9 or 10 firm high boots +9 or 10 wrought belt +9 or 10 firm armguards Elf side us sapphire pm me here or in game (magiceagle) we can talk price
  16. buy Stormbreaker's bloody mantle Us-Sapphire elf side deadeagle/magiceagle
  17. Sell +4 old enhanced twisted charge with moon 40 and 2.5% dodge 65k +1 trustworthy leather gauntlets with great charm penetration 30k Great charmed Qualitative pendant has healing and critical hit on it 20k Great charm qualitative signet-ring x2 with penetration and dodge on it 30k each Auster's ring level 10 5k Buy Stormbreaker's bloody mantel we can talk price Elf side US-Sapphire Deadeagle or magiceagle
  18. has anyone seen a level 13 cape that has life steal on it? I have seen the caster ones, but haven't seen a melee one yet and can anyone say what they chose to get the cape? was it Unique item or rare item or a different one? and can post screen shot of the cape for melee at this level for stormbreker?
  19. I heard a lot about where these gears come from and I have tried all but never found a ring or amulet so the question is do they come from mcoin chests like last year or somewhere else?
  20. Still 5 locks win everything but oh my he gets a rare outfit 10 signs and 10 minions All the money people spend on these tournaments they could just buy all of this 10X over from mshop on Halloween or Christmas
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