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  1. Pimply

    Arena dmg

    prince u wanna run around and hit each other to see if we could get 100k damage?
  2. Now mind this is a level 14 haha ;D with 10.7 resi
  3. Can't forget about me :tease: sorry i don't waste gold on them masks i don't got that kind of bag space haha
  4. Why is it only high levels? You dont think a level 14 can have high damage? :blush:
  5. Pimply

    Anonymous Clan Book

    My farewell to my anonymous family. I well see you in game when you are on sorry legion its just inactive anymore my goodbye and good luck to all @}-
  6. I play on a ipad it makes me wanna hit my head off the wall multiple times i would stay away from ipad
  7. Pimply

    Gp chests

    Umm devs i think problem here check us sapphire sever it goes 512....1....2...3 :D starts over again i think this is wrong xD
  8. Pimply


    Well looks like updates will be slowing down without the $$$ from him but i always miss to see a good elf player leave sapphire because there getting harder and harder to come by. Fair well range and good luck in life
  9. What about the second fight where u tried to solo me and lost badly. Then loged your Druid and quit arena?
  10. This is very true. My axe has a real problem with eating signs :/
  11. My game updated and it still won't allow me to summon my minion scrolls. Devs can help?
  12. Can devs change my name to deadeagle please and thank you :give_rose:
  13. Pimply

    Paladin Stats

    My palls stats. Think is good at lvl 14. Soon hoping to get a 2 hand weapon
  14. I would like to fight prince on my palla after poley decides she will start amp my 2 hand axe :D lady ill wait u to :good:
  15. Pimply

    Mentors gift

    Guys is anyone tired of getting a scroll or a iteam that you would never use? I would like to make a suggestion of adding gold amounts into the mentors gift so we can buy useful things if we got instead of getting scrolls and pots that end up being sold to dealer for 0. Anyone else agree?
  16. Pimply

    Anonymous Clan Book

    Champz i look good it that picture XD
  17. Pimply

    Anonymous Clan Book

    Guys the update is out unity sign cheaper than I thought but need 30k to start a guild and be over the level of 12
  18. Skypers pm me in game if need help on first island Glad to see your sticking to the game.
  19. In aa there are serpants in two corners with red crown my elf pt just killed one and got a defense sphere so they do drop. But what is the good drop from them? Does anyone know?
  20. why can people use pots when i root them but I can't use when I get stunned by a barb blinded by a shaman dark circle by a warlock grouge by a rogue i cant use pots when i get stunned but a root cant have the same effect? Why?
  21. Why aren't I able to get it off app store it takes me to website which takes me to iTunes which has no new update for the iPhone 4/s please fix
  22. Only took us like 2hrs to get to last boss in lab ::)
  23. Guys I could bring some mc that won't kill u if we ganna farm last bosses
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