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  1. I'll pvp someone for the dragon suit :[
  2. Twerk when will you record our video? Haha xD
  3. It will be nice to meet a new level 14 player
  4. Congratulations to all Go sapphire server lvl 14s
  5. I am just waiting on arena winner announcement can't take much longer
  6. Death I need to amp my lvl 14 druids 2 to +10 haha I feel your pain need to be able to play soon
  7. When is the announcement for arena winners I want to see who won :*
  8. Pimply

    War buff

    I think speaking from elf point of view mc who arena at lvl 20 are very good and the lvl 18 mc are strong to but come down to 14 and elfs just beat on mc for arena
  9. Will cape still have the 15% magic for casters and 7% for melee?
  10. Is there a chance that arena amulets will return any season?
  11. I ment a time on the 10th red but thanks anyway
  12. Yush let me know when you want to do it I'm in ~eaglewars
  13. I don't think it's against game rules what server is this on? that way I know if I can join in xD
  14. Elfs outnumber mc by a lot I wanted to make a pala now I can't because there's to many people playing elfs xD I can make a mc no problem
  15. You are not allowed to buy accounts it results in your account being ban but there is a real problem with out people being able to create the players they want because the server has to many on that faction it would lead more to trying to buy an account which is a real problem for warspear
  16. Sell bonewing gaurd coustome Pm eaglewars US sapphire elf side
  17. Poley what about the +10 mace you took from me? Never saw it again you sold it like you have been doing and people are getting tired of it first gi then me now uro
  18. Pimply

    Lvl14 "pros"

    Money just makes the game more fun jybut I'll need to show you what I've collected sooner or later for old gear on elf side hope you would enjoy it
  19. Pimply

    Lvl14 "pros"

    Jar my lvl 14 has beaten lvl 24 warlocks and nercos it's all where we have fun in the game I found fun in the level 14 class
  20. Pimply

    Lvl14 "pros"

    Jar it's the principal behind what she has been doing the level 14 players that stay 14 to arena and pvp have fun. There's no room for someone to come in and sell one of a kind gear that doesn't belong to them she has sold ladygi bd gear for 2 million now hamstring rogue gear 2 million and magiceagle mace 400k that's a hefty profit for doing nothing
  21. Pimply

    Lvl14 "pros"

    It's okay she has a thing with taking gear that isn't hers and not paying debts in full when I played pala I loaned her a +10 mace she sold it in 2 weeks never gave me any gold
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