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  1. Off topic but can we address the fact that shaman's fire totem only affect one target? While the other totems affect multiple targets? Because that to me show's that the devs did a horrible job at nerfing it, even if the devs changed it to a channeling skill it would still be a joke of a nerf or a more simpler thing to do is nerfing the damage it dealt.
  2. Based on what you said here I'm starting to think they truly favour one side over the other. Does any of the devs play the game?
  3. I remember years ago the fire totem could target multiple ppl, I just found out (via world chat in US server) that it only target's one person? Why is that??? Because some sentinels think it's "op"? Ever since I came back to the game and the forums I've seen posts asking for the nerfing of the charmer because of some relic, instead of the relic getting nerf it's the charmer, like really now? Also this joke of a post about "hunters poison arrow is too op ☺" like get out of here with that nonsense. The legion population is at an all time low but the elves seems fine I guess, I wonder why? It's not because the other side is getting nerfed to oblivion... Right?
  4. Based on the things I've heard from other forum members who are on the legion side, it's seemed as if their classes are underpowered compared to the sentinels, I didn't know this was a thing and I'd like some proof for their claims, if nothing convincing and detailed comes by on this post then to me I'll take it as a nothing burger and move on. An exact answer to you question is that the statement I made was a "If" because if it's happening then it's unfair... That's all, it's just a assumption (not a dangerous one).
  5. That's cool, I just want to hear from legion players who thinks their classes are treated unfairly with concrete information. What I heard from someone is that this was a problem spanning years with not much fixes.
  6. Here's an idea I've been sitting on for a longtime, the ability for your character to use their fists to attack is in the game since it was made, but there isn't any new class to be the master of hand to hand combat with Iron gauntlets. I have two types of class Ideas that can be 2 tanks and 2 hybrid damage dealers for both factions so stay tuned to that in the next coming days. The main question I have for the forum is, will there be a pugilist class? And for the devs, will you guys be able to add it to the game in the future? Because this class has potential to be something new and great (maybe greater than the hybrid classes we've been getting). Pugilist is a fancy name for boxer.
  7. Good day everyone, I've been looking around the forum and came across people saying that the legion classes are not as good as the sentinels classes, I believe that there should be fairness among the two factions, the devs should be neutral and shouldn't favour one over the other. So on this post I want my legion brothers to layout the problems, disadvantages and etc here along with concrete evidence of your claims, And we'll see if we can make the devs look into them. Please no arguing, thank you.
  8. I believe it's because of their "race ability bonus stats thingy" like the elves gets 4% increase dmg and Forsaken gets 3 extra energy regen points.
  9. From my experience today that's the complete opposite when it comes to getting help from the sentinels. I have ppl on the legion that help me get to map 4 (even tho we still have population problems) and we'll see if they can help me get to level 32.
  10. In that case, try to make your voices louder than before to get the attention of the devs, because If this was happening for several years and no changes were made? It's either the legion isn't amplifying their voices or the sentinels have convincing arguments against your claims. So push harder for neutrality by laying out every problems in the suggestion forum
  11. As someone who's pro "For the legion" and plays sentinels, I believe the relic shouldn't make the charmer be something it's not, like a damage dealer, if it's ment to be a "tank healing support hybrid" or whatever, it's supposed to be like how the devs designed it for full stop. I know everyone wants balance but finding a bug or a loophole and taking advantage of that isn't setting a balance, even tho only ppl who spends money on the game can do that currently. So I'm down with the idea about the devs fixing this problem and my legion brothers who wants a balanced game should too.
  12. In that case, I hope the legion someday can put those classes to shame, but a legion can only hope.
  13. Good day, everyone, has anyone tried to build a charmer into a tank? It has the expert skills to do so, like aggro, and the ability to increase its defenses. If yes, was it successful?
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