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  1. Yes indeed go for a Witch or a Cat charmer.
  2. Another win wonderful
  3. Oh I see
  4. Well done but how comes your damage is low?
  5. Nice, which server you're in?
  6. Sounds good thank you.
  7. This is a quick question. Which is better for charmers when using 1h mace and shield is it the 1h magical mace or the normal 1h mace?
  8. Is there going to be a build for 1h mace and shield soon?
  9. Wow no way...
  10. This update is so awesome I'm the happiest man a live
  11. I see. You have good point there.
  12. I would like to know what's the problem with them? I mean is it their Language? Because EU Emerald had empty map 1's Before they came along. To me having the Chinese is awesome even tho I don't speak Chinese
  13. Sorry I was correcting him
  14. It's a hand job bruh
  15. Finally Gold sweet hard earned gold!!!