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  1. I find charmers very unique because of the continuous heal because I've always wanted tanks have that type of healing ability (Not like the Paladins). A Magic Mace sounds about right. Thanks for letting me know
  2. Oh, that's too bad. I'll keep an eye out for future events and thanks for letting me know
  3. 1) Which build you personally recommend for Charmers, is it staff build or Mace and Shield build? 2) Is there any other way to get Life steal runes than Event chests that gives you Gold or Copper bars and potions? Like Dungeon or etc.
  4. Shaman sounds like a complete power house, It will be my main on Legion along side Death knight which is also cool, Hunter is a good to go and Charmer will be my next main focus after shaman (it's a very unique mix with a healer and tank that's why I love it). @Higgings and Everyone else on this post, thank you for the information that you all took time out of your day to provide for me, before I can make this plan a success I'll have to finish up some my duties ATM. I really appreciate the help thank you all.
  5. Do you have the Mace and Shield version?
  6. @Higgings Lend me your knowledge/information on the Legion classes best suited for PvE. Plz.
  7. I'm planning on spending 10-20 USD a week on Miracle coins, I like wardens and priest seem like a good ideal. I'll amp there gears up 6 or 7, the weapons would be 8 or higher (if I'm lucky). I've decided On Sentinel for Tank: Warden, Damage: Mage and Heal: Priest. Do you guys have any recommended classes on Legion?
  8. That's true and all but I want stronger gear than my current set and farming isn't helping me much in my book.
  9. I'm going to leave the f2p side of warspear soon because I want to invest into the PvE side of it. I love doing DG than Arena and I would love if anyone can give me a list of classes that are PvE most haves (Tanks, Healers and Damage Dealers from MC, forsaken, firstborn and Chosen).
  10. I would love to hear what went down with the 13 yo kids, please
  11. You mean from the new players or the game system itself?
  12. I've quit the game and left the forum for over 4 months and that's what you guys get in the game? banned for saying the game is p2w? this is very sad bro I was expecting f2p friendly changes (I'm going to check the game out after this tho). They can't take the truth because it burns like when a water drop touches a witch, I respect the old players for giving their reviews on the game for being p2w to new people who wanted to install it at first and believe me I'm very happy that they share their own views on the game to warn people. All that aside it's nice to see new people on the forum looking forward to seeing many more (I hope I don't get banned for saying what I said because it's the plain truth).
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