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  1. Map 1 Dgs drops

    That's a good thing tho.
  2. Why are you guys spamming dungeons?

    Gold,Gears and Relics mostly gold.
  3. Steam costume

    No I'm not Sponsored I'm just telling them about a game that I love and that is tens easier than Warspear.
  4. [2017.11.06] 200th Guild tournament

    So if this is a 200th guild tournament why can't guild in the top 200 take part? That would awesome!!!
  5. Some suggestions/fixes developers NEED to concern about!

    I wouldn't want a charmer to have a 2h mace I like Balavan's idea It's Just like the one handed mace and shield charmer maybe what he's trying to say is that it will make(Which I also think) the skill "call" a much stronger skill because of the 2 one handed maces together that will increase the Physical dmg of the charmer and might also give it a huge magic dmg boost for the healing, the stun would be very useful and the charmer will have Physical and Magical expert skills at once. That's what I think.
  6. Maces two hands

    You know they should bring in a pugilist class in a future update like 1 for elf and 1 for mc I can see the elf pugilist can wear light armor and be a dmg class too and for the Mc is a heavyweight type like a tank, you think?
  7. Steam costume

    I'm not afraid to say this but the old players are right this game is a complete pay to win and the creator of the game must fix this in the game, (I don't know about unbalance thing because some of the old players bring it up on their review) and I've been playing a game call marvel future fight it's a with all the Marvel heroes and Villains some of them them you'll have to buy (By buying bio selectors in the store) but the game itself gives you a huge start they make you chose a 6* hero and other materials to upgrade it and other characters. As a new player you'll get a 7 day login reward for for the next 7 days and they also have a 30 day login reward for all players too, I've been playing it for months now I'm at level 67(The highest level is 70 at the moment) and I'm also a free to play and I can earn up 20-25 million gold and 175 gems within a week(The gems are from daily missions which is fun and easy to day within minutes. For the heroes and Villains they have uniforms some of them has high stats like ones with 10% stats of all attack and defense is 1250 gems on discount day it's 750 gems, 15% stats 1500 gems discount 1050 gems and 20% stats 2500 gems discount 1750 gems keep in mind that you can upgrade the uniform up to "Mythic" that will increase the stats even higher. If you love to spend money on games then you'll have it far easier than me because you can buy a gem pack that can give you up 75 gems per day for 30 days and guess what my friend it only cost US$3.59 oh yes US$3.59!!!and you also get 300 gems with it for purchasing it which will be give you VIP level 1 you only need to purchase at least 200 gems. The Highest VIP level is 20 and you'll get special daily rewards, Auto play++,extra rewards on missions, more Inventory space and many more surprises. I'll have to stop here because I keep on typing it's going to be a book, I recommend anyone to try the game out it it's in Playstore and apple store and if you don't like it that's okay. And one last thing if I ever have money to spend on Warspear our Marvel Future Fight I'd pick MFF (I hope I don't get banned for this tho that would be weird).
  8. Steam costume

    I've seen the reviews on steam for Warspear that has Not Recommended from old players and oh boy they ain't pretty.
  9. Paladin Or Warden?

    Warden... go for it man.
  10. Vote To Get Counterattack Back

    What if they use the "Pve skill" in Pvp? I would love to see that.
  11. Warlock arena - Daarkrr

    Wow warlocks are very interesting.
  12. Vote To Get Counterattack Back

    I know that you want to be able to solo arenas and all of waspear ( Which isn't going to happen thank the lord) that's why I chose no.

    You can't have your allies fighting over bosses in the game because it's warspear, for me these are brilliant ideas.
  14. The over powered classes

    Like Marvel Future Fight one of my favorite online mobile games with Vip 20 being the highest vip level in it.
  15. Rogue is still weak ?

    Rogues can't handle people on their level so they pick on the weak.