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  1. I'm in ayvondil second map.(after pyramids) I'm Stuck on the quest Unholy Ritual. It calls for 3 "rune of full moon" I assume I need kill 3 mini-boss's I can't find these guys for the runes anywhere. Can somebody help me locating these plz.
  2. Ok.. I'm having trouble translating the link & ( Thank you all for replying to me I really appreciate it ) Can anyone recommend a few skill builds for me..
  3. this is one of the strongest area damage skills in the game, it has a lot of damage even on 1 single target. it will be a must to keep at 4/4 in any magical and even hybrid construction. about your suggestion simply no our pet is not tanko he aggregating mobs when using this skill would mean signing a death sentence on any endgame content Sorry for so many questions, but is this referring to "Aura Of The Forest" ?
  4. Should I put the 2 pts into one or a point in each?
  5. Like the post, Lots of good info here. What experts would you guys recommend buying / investing points into First? Just Hit lvl 20
  6. I see nothing about skill builds after December 2021 changes... Anyone care to share some build ideas, and skill reviews in their current state, what's good/bad. Any help would be appreciated. Frustrating seeing so little info since update was over 9 months ago. I don't trust 1- 2 year old posts being accurate after such a large rework update followed by silence TY, my level 25 mage could use some guidance after 2 years away from the game
  7. Could I get a link to this forum please.
  8. 1- Is icy relic still relevant 8/2022 2- what's the 'rage' buff in relic description
  9. PVE - questing/bossing/leveling What would you guys recommend for expert builds. There's not much info to go on after December changes. I would appreciate any help
  10. Haven't played since 2019 or so. Little after charmer was released. So much has changed.
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