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  1. Send email on them Gmail adress , i was scammed too and i send email . I wait answer
  2. Bladexboy


    My.name in Game is Ihateliers and u was scammed by Gasspolll , i wanted to sell my account for some money on steam , and i though he is not scammer but is a noob . As i see tehnical.support is no longer available . I want my account back or my.money ( 12USD was price ) , herei cant give more informations about my account , just this : On account was : Ihateliers bd level 21 Neverlieme priest level 8 Healerandy druid level 6 Sharphit rogue level 9 I want that noob to get blocked
  3. Bladexboy

    cant conect

    I cant connnect to game and i lost party at six shadows … thanks a lot…
  4. I see i still can't enter in game … Why my ip get rejected ? Anyone else have this problem ?
  5. Maybe if server will be restarted everything will back to normal
  6. I think is a server problem … i hope will be done soon
  7. I reboot my mobile , i restarted , i reinstalled game . I tryed on computer but still no work … Gm , server down ?
  8. Hey guys . I was on my rogue and i was ready to pvp with paladin level 19 and i got message : Slow internet conection. Sound wierd right ? I have full internet conection , internet bill payd and suprise … i got disconected fron game and if i want login or press play i see Conecting … I wait 5 minutes everytime and then : Can't conect to server :|. I use Samsung Galaxy Mini android : 2.2 Gm why at every update on mobiles who have android recive a lit times lag and Slow internet conection ? P.S:Nice job with Expert Skills
  9. I really apreciate because you reply . Thanks a lot for tip.
  10. I have warlock level 4 and this skills : -Arrow 3/5 , What i need to do in next points ? Where i need put ?
  11. Bladexboy


    Hey Snorly and Legionn… I saw you guys today , and when i was ready to take a screenshot one rogue killed Snorly . But i found you in Ilhor .
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