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  1. Totally true my bad ill try to dont come again in 2 years KAPPA I will check md today, ngl I cant believe you still here playing xdxdxd
  2. Hello, my name is Xavi but ingame my name was Crossfit and Catalonia I played this game like for 5 years or so and now Im just here to see how the game is going and for remember some old memories. My age was around 15 yrs old and now im close to 30 my fk lord Ima boomer. In this game guys I meet so many ppl here and im so happy with some of them still have contact btw my english still trash as usual not rlly bad but yea xD ABC GUILD post from 2020 bro im not crying I will send you dm- I would like to recover my old forum acc but I dnt have even my old email so nvm. Even I dont remember my ingame accounts :( Gonna spam a bit I hope this is allowed. I really want to contact with old ppl and know about their lifes. If someone of this old days see this please contact me here or on twitter @XaviGaminGG or even on my twitch/XaviGG. Playing New World on release btw and would be a dream to play with some old good friends, see ya guys and enjoy every day of your ingame warspear moments.
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