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  1. Both Halloween & snow dgs this year can be completed with 5 dps with life steal. I'm worried about the future of tanks & healers in pve.
  2. Spent almost $300 to try amp atleast one of these staffs but all mcoins went down the drain. Literally got nothing in return for spending $300 dollars in one hour How much do you guys spend for a +10 staff?
  3. Need to craft a lvl20 cloak and my guild doesn't have any crafters.
  4. Can someone tell me whats the purpose of healing the bear during tat bear stage? I mean, just to keep him alive or does he keep walking when fully healed?
  5. Hello. Will there be another stamina sale this month? Also any old player knows when this double drop week starts?
  6. The damage is done. Any chinese player I inspect is full +10. Its so weird. Log in to EU-MC, and inspect a random Chinese player soon they gonna start selling signs for 4k.
  7. 22s can get loot from lvl20 event dgs & bg tower?! Never knew that. Thanks!
  8. Im in EU- MC and want to create a healer or tank for dgs only. Which class & which lvl should I camp at? 20-24. Ive set aside only 850k for this character. So cant afford rogue/ hunter dmg gear.
  9. An instant lvl28 pot might reduce the number of account traders. Players will still have to complete all the quests, so please think about it.
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