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  1. hmmm about the drop rate,, lately i kill gs kratt boss x10+ no drop :/,, might be the reason..
  2. hmmm... i see your point there. :(
  3. Maybe add another nine slot instead? accesing those 9 slots is like accesing the 4 extra slot when u play in portrait mode? or make it 5 instead of 9? or make a sellable slot item to add for a slot xD :!
  4. that relic is pretty uselees, stone relic much better, it decrease dmg to you by 50%,, much higher survivability xD well it only decrease the dmg to you once.
  5. I suggest that using weapons not just gives attack speed but should also have effect in their movement speed. It is rarely now for some melee class to use dagger (because of its low dmg)..having increased movement speed should be given as additional bonus so to balanced to their damage. Well thinking logically, daggers is so light, while axes are heavy. Soi guess it will have an effect to their movement speed too. The same goes to other weapon like 2h and staffs. Or maybe add this stat to "attack speed" stat too. It is only just an idea, so anyone what are your thoughts about it?
  6. i use this skill to 1shot thy enemy if they have 200hp below, pretty nice as a last sentence for them if they try to escape. (basically a troll)
  7. i agree with this, ofc using two handed mace will give it more dmg but low def, same as other tank who uses 2h weapons...
  8. reselling actually is good, but on many circumtances there is those resellers that resells items on a very expensive price, in mc us sapphire mcoiners already sell their mcoins expensive, how then those resellers, i remember buying 1555 repair on market dealer, yesterday of that is repair sale in shop. the game is already on steam and there will be new players. given those expensive price on market its a burden to them.
  9. Does there any changes in rogue's basic and expert skill? I mean i just log in after months, got some oblivion book and reset my skill,, Got annoyed when i max poison and found that i can only put it once in an enemy and somehow find the damage like :v .......I reread some before i post here but nah,, rogues are losing love from now. Im confused now what should my rogue be.. Im planning to del and create new char but I still love my rogue.. Anyone feeling like this? Rogues are still awesome to me. I post this to know what others can say about their rogues skills like bugs, builds, etc etc. Sorry for my bad english
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