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  1. I did say that but it also might not be true
  2. The skill is bugged,it my skill is on 3/4 n increases your max hp by 30%,my paladin has 4954 the skill increases my chars hp by 1363 hp another char has over 7k hp but the skill only increases his by 1315 hp.
  3. I think its unfair that paladins r the only tanks in the game without such a skill its a good skill for tanking n will make so much sense to add one for them
  4. a paladin is a great tank but is the only tank that doesnt have a skill that reduces incomeing dmg, plez guys give a paladin a skill that does that it would help with tanking currently my paladin has 6.8k def but the bosses in pelion hit me at 800 it would help if i could reduce that with a skill
  5. that no expert skill zone sounds nice pro chars wont be able to kill non pros fast
  6. i like the idea of nolant swamps thats y my map is based on it
  7. ok let me explain how my map works n wat theme it will have the theme is from norlant swamps with the frogls going in and out of the water keys for map X-teleporters A-teams A's base brown box- team A's points of appearance exit(written in red)-team A's exit point B- team B's base dark gray box-team B's points of appearance exit(written in brown)-team B's exit point lighter gray area-passage big red square 1- capture point 1 big red square 2- capture point 2 big red square 3- capture point 3 the teleportation system works the same as norlant swamps system you run to a teleporter and can be teleported to other teleporters on the map or just be teleported to the same teleporter u just tried to teleport away from 2 areas on the map have no seals to capture if u appear in the area you either have to teleport out or fight your way out if another player appears with you the black is the edges of the map n the 4 black patches in the map in the areas without capture points r just statues of frogles from norlant swamps
  8. i want my pala op pala is the best class for me
  9. how come only a pala group damage skill splits damage everyone elses doesnt
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