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    Zurp got a reaction from Risc in Seeker Guide 9.0   
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Skills
           2.1   Complete statistics of each skill
           2.2   Skill build for leveling and first expert skills
           2.3   Pve
           2.4   Pvp
           2.5   Hybrid
           2.6   relics
    3. Gears/equipment
           3.1   Which stats to focus on
           3.2   Daggers or 2h?
           3.3   Leveling up
           3.4   Pve gears
           3.5   Pve Weapons
           3.6   Pvp gears
    1.  Why should you play Seeker?
    Seeker is one of the best damage dealing classes in the game, if not the best. What they might lack in defensive skills, they make up for with their high offensive abilities. Now they are highly underrated simply because of the lack of knowledge many people have with them.
    In pvp, Seeker can be good with the right build, but they still struggle against most ranged classes. Seeker is not the best choice for pvp.
    Note: Seekers are very expensive to make. You will need high amped weapons and lifesteal accessories, which can be very expensive.
    (Also, all opinions are mine and you may disagree with some of them. This guide is not perfect)
    2. Skills
    2.1 Complete statistics of each skill
    2.2 Skill build for leveling up and which expert skills to buy first.
    Levels 1-18
     Splitting 1/5
     Harad’s shield 5/5
     Inspiration 1/5
     Disappearance 5/5
     Exacerbation 3/5
    Most of the time when you are leveling up and doing quests, you are either running from place to place or waiting for your health to regen back. Seeker has two perfect skills to make things easier for you. You should level up both Disappearance and Harad’s shield. Disappearance will make questing much easier and shield will give you much more damage and it will protect you quite a lot.
    In case you feel like you don’t need the extra running speed from Disappearance, you can use those points in splitting. Remaining points you should use in Exacerbation. (this skill uses a lot of energy, make sure you have good energy regen)
    Level 18
    Now that you have access to expert skills, we could talk about which skill to buy first. Before you buy any skills, you should know that most of the seeker expert skills are quite bad compared to the basic skills. But of course, there are some exceptions:
    This skill should be the first skill you buy. It deals good amount of damage and if you later buy Splitting blow it will also heal you when combined. I personally don’t use the healing effect of this skill too often.
    This skill is the only way for seeker to catch enemies that are far away from you. It is a must for pvp, but it is useful for pve also. For example, you can pull a single enemy from a group of mobs and thus saving your time and health when not having to deal with the other ones.
     Solar Power
    One of the best pve expert skills for seeker. Increase critical hit chance and critical hit damage. This skill should only be used when studied to max. When this skill is on, you will take increased damage from every hit. At 4/4, incoming damage is only increased by 10%, which is not too bad. This skill uses a lot of energy. You will need 80+ energy regen if you want to use other skills while using this.
     Attack Instinct
    Useful skill in dungeons with many mobs. Also great in some arena modes like Crucible and Seals if you have lifesteal.
    The skill does dmg in 3x3 area around the target you are hitting. It wont hit enemies that are behind you. 

     My thoughts about the other not so useful expert skills:
    Now into the actual skill builds..
    2.3 Pve skill builds.
    These skill builds are meant for level 30+ players. 
    These builds are meant for pure damage dealing. (Leave any skill not mentioned to lvl1)
    Build 1
    Basics skills:
     Harad’s shield 5/5
     Inspiration 5/5
     Exacerbation 5/5
    Expert skills:
     Solar Power 4/4
     Attack Instinct 4/4
    Good build for dungeons. Note that some high level dungeons like Sea Tramps don't have too many mobs so Attack Instinct might not get that much use.
    Build 2
    Basics skills:
     Harad’s shield 5/5
     Inspiration 5/5
     Exacerbation 5/5
    Expert skills:
     Solar Power 4/4
     Bloodthirst 4/4
    Good dmg with auto attacks. Combo with splitting blow to get healing from bloodthirst.
    2.4 Pvp skill builds
    Build 1
    Basics skills:
     Harad’s shield 5/5
     Inspiration 4/5 or 5/5
     Disappearance 5/5 or 4/5
     Exacerbation 5/5
    Expert skills:
     Sun Nets 4/4
    Sun net at 4/4 is too good to not study to max. You can make enemy sleep for 7 seconds, while you and your arena partner(s) have time to kill the rest of the enemies.
    With the recent changes to Disappearance, you now have high chance to stun enemy when you attack him. This skill should be studied to at least 4/5, depending on the level you want Inspiration on.
    Build 2
    Basics skills:
     Harad’s shield 5/5
     Inspiration 4/5 or 5/5
     Disappearance 5/5 or 4/5
     Exacerbation 5/5
    Expert skills:
     Bloodthirst 4/4
    High burst damage with healing from Bloodthirst if used together with Splitting Blow.
    2.5 Hybrid skill build
    Basics skills:
     Harad’s shield 5/5
     Inspiration 4/5 or 5/5
     Disappearance 5/5 or 4/5
     Exacerbation 5/5
    Expert skills:
     Solar Power 4/4
    Good build for pve and some pvp. Disappearance is very useful in pve also and when questing in the Underwater Territory of Ayvondil, you wish you had this skill on every character.

    2.6 Relics
    I will only talk about the empowering relics. There aren’t any “best” offensive and defensive relics and you should choose those to fit your play style.
    For this skill there are few options:
     Great Relic of Indomitable Blow (Critical hit damage is increased by 20%)
     This relic is good for pve, but it doesn’t help you in pvp. It is also cheapest relic of these three.
     Great Relic of Punishing Ability (Skill damage is increased by 12%)
    This relic is good for pve and pvp. This relic can be quite expensive.
    Magic Relic of Deadly Health (When an enemy, which is equal or higher level than you is killed by this skill, 50% of your health is restored)
    This relic is my favorite, but it is quite rare. Note that you should stay at lvl30 or lower if you want the best benefit from this relic.
     Harad’s Shield
     Great Relic of Continuous Effect (Increase time of a skill effect by 40%)
    This relic will increase the duration of your shield as well as increase the duration of the damage buffs.
     Great Relic of Energy Efficiency (Reduces energy consumption when using a skill by 40%)
    This skill will be on all the time thus there is no need to use Relic of Continuous Effect on it. Seeker needs all the help it can get with energy, so this relic is the best choice. It is also cheap.
    Great Relic of Continuous Effect (Increase time of a skill effect by 40%)
    Speaks for itself.
     Great Relic of Energy Stability (Reduces energy consumption of the skill by 50%)
    This is a must. There is no other logical choice for this skill.
    3. Gears
    3.1 Good stats for seeker
    Seeker should focus on getting offensive stats as high as possible, without forgetting lifesteal.
     Critical hit,
     Attack speed,
     Penetration and
    are main offensive stats that you need to focus on.
    Ideally you will want your crit to be between 40-50%. (50% is the maximum value for crit) The higher % of crit you have the less difference it will make. 
    Your attack speed should be as high as possible.
    Same as attack speed, try get your penetration as high as possible.
    Accuracy is one of the most important stats for seeker and its often neglected. Missing a hit and not getting lifesteal could mean that you are dead. Accuracy should be above 20%. Ideally, closer to 30% (Accuracy negates enemies Dodge stat. If enemy has 30% dodge and you have 20% accuracy, the enemy has 10% chance to dodge your hit. Accuracy doesn't work against parry or block)
    You will need around 25% lifesteal if you want to solo bosses at high level. 
    3.2 Daggers or 2h weapon
    Short answer: daggers.
    Long answer: Seeker is all about dealing damage. While you will reach higher base damage with a 2-handed weapon, daggers will still do more damage overtime. 2-handed weapons are great for killing small hp monsters in one or two hits, but since most high-level monsters have high hp, daggers are a better choice. 
    I did some calculations using different weapons and stats. You can see those in part 3.5.
    3.3 Weapons and armors for leveling.
    (There is calculator that has all equipment in the game, use that to find gear builds)
    For the most part, use the weapons and armors that you get from quests. It’s better to save your gold for expert skills and high-level gears.
    I just said that daggers are better than 2-handed weapons, but for leveling up it’s different. Killing bunch of low hp monsters is faster with 2-handed weapon.
    When you reach lvl13 you could buy items with “none” parameter. You can use these items and sell them back when you are done with them. This isn’t by any means necessary; quest items will do just fine.
    At lvl17 you should buy Desert Wanderers/Star Pilgrim’s armors and lvl17 cape with energy regen. You should also buy lvl17 rings and use energy crystals on those. Lvl17 armors shouldn’t cost too much and they have useful stats for seeker. I would use those armors until lvl26.

    See calculator
    You could buy weapons every few levels. 2-handed weapons are usually very cheap.
    I wouldn’t amp any gears past +1 until you have the gears that you’re going to use for a while.
    3.4 Pve armors
    These following equipment are for players who have made it to at least lvl26.
    Seekers don’t have too many defensive skills so lifesteal is a must for them. They are quite expensive but there really isn’t other choices. If you can’t afford the lifesteal accessories with the best stats, you should sill try buy some accessories with maybe worse stats since they will still help you a lot.
    Any damage lifesteal cape with attack speed.
    Any damage lifesteal cape with attack speed or penetration.
    Damage lifesteal rings with accuracy.
    Armor sets.
    Here are few armor builds that I consider to be good. There are many more armor builds and these may not be the best for everything. (Use the calculator to try more builds)
    Helmet, armor and gloves can chance quite a bit between builds, but the boots are almost always the same. Seeker needs boots with energy regen. There are 3 options currently:

    I highly recommend boots with speed.
    Belts also have few options. You should either get belt with crit and accuracy from Snowy event or get belt with speed. (lvl29 speed belts are very expensive)

    Runes and crystals to use in each item:
    Cape: crit, vamp
    Amulet: crit/accu, vamp
    Rings: energy regen, vamp
    Head piece: accu, def
    Chest piece: speed, def
    Gloves: speed/pene, def
    Boots: speed, def
    Belt: energy regen, hp/solidity (solidity increases your chance to avoid critical hits and reduces critical hit damage from monsters)
    3.5 Weapons for pve
    There are many good daggers for pve and here are some information to help you decide between them.
    First some stats that can be found in some of the weapons.
     Piercing (Allows the character to ignore physical and magical defense of the enemy with a specified chance during an auto attack.)
    This stat may sound to be exactly like penetration, but it is not. Piercing doesn't work with every hit while pene does. Piercing has % chance to ignore all enemy defense, while pene ignores some defense with every hit.
     Attack Strength (Increases damage dealt by your character's auto attack by the specified percentage.)
    This is a good stat for every seeker since most of our damage comes from auto attacks.
    Now which weapon to choose. If you want weapon with Attack Strength, there are two choices.

    The damage from these daggers is basically the same on higher levels where mobs have high defense. The other has 3,3% more penetration while other has 2,5% more Attack Strength. Only difference between them is the Attack Speed and crit.
    If you can get 70% Attack speed(maximum value), with the double pene daggers, they are better. Otherwise the Attack Strength daggers are better.
    (See calculations below)
    There are few other good daggers aswell.

    Both of these daggers have Attack Speed and crit. Piercing is good, but it doesn't work on every hit like pene. Lifesteal daggers can be useful for soloing stuff, but they won't make your damage output higher.

    The craft dagger has the highest base damage of any dagger. The stats are not bad either, but in my opinion the other daggers are better.
    You should use parry runes in your weapons. Dodge is negated by accuracy and thus doesn't work that often. Damage reflect could be good choice also, but sometimes it messes up your Sun Net and Invisibility. Not a big problem in pve tho.
    3.6 Pvp armors
    Not much to say here, get resilience armors. They will increase your defense in pvp drastically.
    You can also use craft belt for extra penetration and a bit more hp. 
    For weapon you should buy at least one dagger and use ferocity crystal on it. This will increase your damage in pvp while also being quite cheap, although getting enough arena points for one can be quite tedious.
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    Zurp got a reaction from Ahmed Didar in More features on Warspear Database   
    I guess you are talking about the calculator website. The calculator is completely made by third party, Aigrind hasn't made it. You should ask @SymbX if you have any questions about it.
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    Zurp got a reaction from Jcbreff in More features on Warspear Database   
    I guess you are talking about the calculator website. The calculator is completely made by third party, Aigrind hasn't made it. You should ask @SymbX if you have any questions about it.
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    Zurp reacted to REAPER in Seb - Eu Emerald   
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    Zurp reacted to Akasha in [2020.12.28] The World must know its Heroes: Community's Award 2020   
    Dear friends!
    Here comes that very magical time when all troubles fade away and everyone wants to welcome a new chapter of life with a flaming bright mood. You never know what the next stories will bring, what joys or obstacles it will build on its way, but you know for sure that you will walk this path next to the dearest people to you.
    You are an integral part of our life, and we are extremely happy to be a part of yours too. Let's bid 2020 a warm farewell and remember all the moments of joy and happiness in order to keep them forever in our hearts.
    Also, the end of the year is a great time to highlight the most active members of the community. These people shape the image of the community the most, and it is to them that I and my dear @Nolan, @Holmes, @Peony want to express our special gratitude for their invaluable contribution to the development of our community.
    Legendary Mentor:
    These guys are always on the side of the truth, in no case will they ignore the most sensitive issues, but will get to the bottom of the truth in any problem, and all under the close attention of our inquisitive community. The most real legends, whose names should sound proudly!
    Lord of Knowledge:
    Those who can really describe the game world in detail, explain the inexplicable and always come to the rescue in resolving controversial issues in order to dot the i's and cross the t's. They make a huge contribution to understanding game mechanics and capabilities. Real gurus and just generous guys.
    We will be glad to present the title of Lord to the contributors @Hourai and @lore. 

    In addition, this year our community team went through significant changes. We couldn’t be more grateful to come across some unique individuals that have been a real treasure to us, and now we will proudly share broadly with the community.
    With honor we assign the Moderator’s badge to the former lord @ThiagoWanted and wish you success in the field! Bravo!
    We also could never leave out @Zahard and @Khrone. An unshakable example to follow in communication and a person whose intelligence and diligence shed light on many controversial issues.
    Our deep gratitude to our moderators. Throughout the year, they helped us maintain order  on the forum, suppressing rules violations of the foul-mouthed provocateurs, and also set a good example for new users.
    We want to express our gratitude to absolutely everyone who takes part in the life of the community, and especially to those who do it constantly and very actively. That is why we want to highlight the following users and grant them a symbolic gift for all the time that was devoted to communication and maintaining a positive mood.
    @Railson Almeida
    @Sai Chandra
    Each from the list of Legendary Mentor, Lord of Knowledge and moderators will receive 50 Snow Empire Stashes. 
    The most active participants of the forum will be gifted 30 Snow Empire Stashes. 
    Based on the above, on 28/12/2020, it is DECREED:

    We would also like to notify you that technical support agents of Warspear Online will be off on holidays, and so it will not be possible to send reports on our website until 09.01.2021 (all reports sent before 28.12.2020 will be reviewed as normal). Until then we hope that you will be sufficiently helped by other players on our forums, in social networks or in the in-game chat.

    Thank you for your devotion and love for the project.

    AIGRIND Team
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    Zurp got a reaction from Higgings in Warspear Online Latest Ver For ios Devices ?   
    Doesn't work like that on ios. You can only download apps from the appstore on ios devices.
    And yeah Apple has to approve the update before it's available for download...
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    Zurp got a reaction from Drakoknight in [2020.12.18] Update Warspear Online 9.2: Architects' Competition. Preview   
    Check the release...
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    Zurp got a reaction from Speedom in [2020.12.18] Update Warspear Online 9.2: Architects' Competition. Preview   
    Check the release...
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    Zurp got a reaction from Khrone in Warspear Online - Evolution   
    Parrying means blocking a melee attack with melee weapon. Adding that to staffs/bows make no sense at all.
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    Zurp got a reaction from TheCaster in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    It does physical damage
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    Zurp reacted to Ogull in [2020.12.01] Game servers restart   
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    Zurp reacted to Raislin in So when can we expect some kind of nerf to kick in the back   
    Personally never had any issue dealing with druids patronage after several nerfs were made to it but if you feel like its still somehow too good probably should make a topic for it somewhere else? Same applies to bd ranger and paladin, although many topics already have been made about these classes and so far nothings been done about it. Mage should even be brought up at all as somehow even needing adjustments since everybody makes fun of them for being useless most of the time, mostly due to EU mages being braindead half the time.

    I wasnt asking to nerf rogues dodge. i was asking for it to be more reasonable, what i suggested in my opening post was nerfing what i deem stupid af to be more realistic while still being better than what it used to be. 

    Since i main seeker and you so conveniently started talking about it lets bring up your comparison of our heal skills. First of all both are combo skills as we can observe, but if you look into it you'll spot a few important distinctions between the two.
    1. Seeker needs a bleed to be active on the opponent to heal, which cannot be any bleed from any source it must be from one of seeker's own skills which all can be blocked parried or dodged. Not to mention the bleeds themselves are low damage to begin with.
    2. The follow up skill can be parried blocked or dodged and besides high(ish) damage and the healing you get nothing else and most builds waste their time using the skill anyway since daggers with speed build is probably the far better build in most situations and using a skill interrupts your swing timer lowering over all damage output.
    3. Rogues poison on the other hand can be applied while in stealth and can only be resisted(It's still applied even if auto attack or skill gets parried/blocked if i remember right) as far as i know since i've dabbled with rogues from time to time. Also does far greater damage than bleed will do most of the time.
    4. Trickiest technique is a damage skill that heals and stuns and does high(ish) damage. So not only is the combo far easier to initiate, the chance of success getting it off in the first place is much higher. And it also stuns the opponent at least some of the time, haven't looked into the % chances but as it seems to pretty much always stun everyone i'd quess its in the 80-100% range.
    So please dont compare those two in the future since your knowledge about the skills seem to be severely lacking.
    Also seekers shield isnt as good as you think it is.
    The thing is with rogues "being squishy" is that dodge is the main build they run with exception maybe being if they are hard specced for pve with maxed damage skills and the few buff skills. i assume most rogues run a similar "hybrid" build as probably most seekers run these days. 5 dodge 5 kick, 2-4 points in merc gouge or stealth, 4/4 extermination, some points in reflexes and some in trickiest technique. So as long as they dodge once most people reach 50+ dodge in general and its quite good in dodging damage. And for now i dont think there's any dedicated resist classes if you just time your skills properly in group pvp setting (bds are stupid yes but if you use your skill before they use resist skill it doesnt cleanse the kick already active) and for fighting ranged classes rogues chances are much better than majority of the other melee classes even if rangers have somewhat high accuracy. Dodging hits naturally doesnt cause any hit stagger so you'll get closer to your enemies naturally and they also have a cdr skill in extermination which lets you use jump quite often, while it like every other similar skill besides barbarians charge leaves you vulnerable at least its better than dk's and seeker's pull since they have such high cooldown or wardens switcheroo for example.
    As for the lacking cc skills, since legion still has the best cc skills in the game i dont think its much of an issue yes? Not like the other comparable classes have much cc either. High dodge works as a pseudo stun resist skill which happens to counter some of the strongest stuns in the game. (Hamstring, Shield strike and Charge, Repellant shield, Suckerpunch, Bowstrike etc.)
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    Zurp got a reaction from Avamanyar in Several suggestions   
    I see you haven't properly done pvp in this game yet...
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    Zurp got a reaction from Higgings in A good example of a bad player   
    Yeah, seems like you aren't. 
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    Zurp got a reaction from Drakoknight in A good example of a bad player   
    I just can't take any of your posts seriously when your signature is this..
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    Zurp reacted to Nolan in one mage and many mcs together...   
    Hmmm I don't get you. Not long ago you were complaining that elves been killing you and that was wrong, now this 
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    Zurp got a reaction from Avamanyar in A good example of a bad player   
    Yeah, seems like you aren't. 
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    Zurp got a reaction from Avamanyar in A good example of a bad player   
    I just can't take any of your posts seriously when your signature is this..
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    Zurp reacted to Sai Chandra in It's time to REDESIGN Arena   
    The word "My" speaks it all. It is just a personal opinion based on the class you play or the guild you are in.

    I can give suggestions for every issues mentioned earlier. Before going to the suggestions, I would like to remind that every player is free to choose any class and use any item available in game and make any decision same as any other player. I believe every class in warspear has their own advantages and disadvantages. You might find a class may not be working for you if you want to play arena ( Class X is too op in arena, my class sucks :v) . I know a guild which thought Bladedancers are too op and focused only on recruiting Bladedancers only and ignored all other classes in the past and they realised they have made a big mistake.  Developers are constantly working on wide range of data collected from each class in arena, dungeons, guild events and many other data suggested by players and come up with balance changes and creative solutions. I really appreciate developers of warspear from bottom of my heart for working their best. 

    a. Developers of Warspear analyze a lot of data regarding the arena and come up with creative and innovative things to increase the variation of things you can use in arena. Each and every % and stats mentioned in the castle scrolls and pots are decided by analyzing those data. If you think the castle scrolls and buffs are too much op, maybe you should try changing strategy and consider various options available in game. I believe arena is designed for team battle rather than 1v1 pvp battle. 

    b. Level differences: The situation of a lvl 32  player not meeting any other party with lvl 29 + lvl 28 arena level is same situation for every player in warspear. This situation exists since many years and almost every experienced players knows it. If you think it is problem for you, you should have thought twice or thrice before leveling up. You cant expect a lvl 32 player with more hp, mana, skills points available and skills slots available to compete with lvl 29 player who chose to sacrifice the benefits of lvl 32. Sometimes you need to try be a team player in guild rather than thinking of just "personal" opinion.

    c. Multi-logging: This is clear violation of warspear EULA  not just in arena but everywhere else. @Whitex Unfortunately I have to tell you that many high level players and even players who are leaders of top guilds in a server practice it. One of the persons whom you tagged in your post has been received the ban message not once but twice for Multi-logging and the player is still playing freely in game. The below screenshots shows the heights of madness and greed drowns even famous players and leaders of top guilds through illegal multi-logging. 

    Even, I understand your pain of illegal things which players do in game. But no worries, The warspear support team is always there for you to report any illegal things you observe in game. Although they may take time but they definitely will respond for all your queries and provide fairness. 

    d. Bots: Bots follow predefined set of commands followed in loops. My suggestion again is take a video of player who you think is botting with predefined commands and report to warspear support email. Exclusive system to identify Multi-logging and Botting requires high level AI to analyse things on real time which I believe is not available in current generation(maybe in future). 

    e. Time and Blocking: I understand very well the pain of getting blocked and losing my fun time better than any player in game. Arena is a place of competition, sometimes u may have fun or not. But every other players try compete in arena understanding how arena works. But only through experience, you will be able to overcome the difficulties and become better without getting blocked in arena. If you think a player is wasting your time on purpose, you could report to your other guildmates about this and I am sure, they will stand up for you. Be a team player 🙂 .

    f. Maps: There are some maps which are created for some classes to excel through kiting. There are basically using the ranged attack advantage based on the classes entering the arena. Its all about observational skills. If you think its issue, You can be smart in closing the distance co ordinating with your other member in your party and trapping enemies in between. (When there is a will, there is way).

    g. Visual Bugs: This can be possible with every class in warspear. There are many occasions it can happen. Sometimes it happens when you switch warspear app to another app and back warspear app, u suddenly find a barbarian hitting you from 50 yards.  It can also happen when your internet connection is not stable and your char position on screen is different from real position according to server. Sometimes, It can happen when a player deliberately tries to confuse you constantly changing direction and the player position is visually bugged. If you understand the principle behind it, even you can take advantage of it. It only comes through experience. But you can always find the real position of enemy with a quick relogging of your char. Maybe we can suggest warspear devs team for an option for quick refresh of game screen if you feel that there is visual bug on screen. 

    h. Ranking system and rewards: The suggestion I can give is obvious. The system is same for each and every player in warspear. If you feel brackets with monthly rewards is issue then the bracket is just not your cup of tea. The developers have introduced 5x5 with daily rewards for this issue to increase variations in rewards where players can choose the bracket where they are comfortable. You might even enjoy the new seasonal arena mode 3x3 crucible coming up in next season. 
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    Zurp reacted to Caíque Tadeu in Warspear theme on violin   
    A qualidade do som e do vídeo não tá muito boa, mas valeu a intentção hehehehe
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    Zurp got a reaction from Akasha in [2020.10.29] Update Warspear Online 9.1: Infected Grunland. Release   
    Managed to finish it now! I did ALL quests in horror circus before reset but it didn't finish. I did some quests now for the 2nd time and I got it done. Not sure why it didn't work the first time.
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    Zurp reacted to Hourai in Raid boss changes   
    Im proposing the following changes to the raid bosses (see: bosses that have a respawn timer larger than 12hrs) in order to make them potentially better than what they are now;
    -Change the drop/achievement from a single party which dealt the most damage to guild who did the most damage, therefore anyone in the area who participated for an x amount of time can be eligible for a drop, thus allowing for more guild-related events (raiding bosses) as well as solving the achievement issue some players stumble on
    -A lot of powercreep has been introduced, raid bosses could do with a little more scaling to still be considered guild-wise events instead of 1-2 parties effort
    I know the first point might make you think that it can be abused by people with low level alts afking for award, as well as rapidly increasing the amount of books/costumes coming in the game, but limits can be introduced as well as drop rates can be reworked in accordance to a lot of things, such as members of winning guild currently present in area, lv24+ plus to be eligible for a drop scaling from t3 (Black elm), to lv26 (Engineer) going up till 30/32 (Orcinus and Octopus), these are all just example values
    Typically, people who monopolise raid bosses with their friends are definitely going to be against this, since it will cut down the control of who's eligible for a drop and profits, but im open to criticism either way
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    Yup, devs were told about it weeks ago. Possibly, a list of fixes will be available in the release pot (I haven't prepared the post yet, so that's why "possibly"). 🙂
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    As the title says, templar can use Reverse Flow and stun people even while Guild Blessing is on. @Akasha @snorlax


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