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  1. Also addd option to use the skill in 1 tap like pala fetter
  2. Happened again just now 2 times people in area get kicked n got disconnected @Nolan
  3. 13 november Time 1:14pm 1:15 pm (India time ) Server =Us - sapphire Its occured most of the times for us ( like in 6x boss kills time ) when the small mobs near puppeteer come out the people in the area get disconnected
  4. Everytime we go to kill puppeteer boss the people in the area disconnect by themselves . It has happened multiple times . I hope devs check it @Nolan In the below ss all people in the puppeteer boss area disconnected twice
  5. Fetter( even if silence n not circle stun its duration is long ) Repellent strike ( circle stun ) Harad call ( circle stun) 3 skills . I don't know if u can cycle stun or not with 3 skills
  6. Can remove no 1 fears but there shud be more balance in the skills. U urself use jump pot when hp low lol. N u cry here to remove them
  7. This classes u mentioned have 2 3 stuns + their base stuns . Look shaman only 1 pure stun ( blind ) . Chief no stun n vice versa
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