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  1. Auto hits on some classes and characters are 0 after the update. Only skill hits are working. There is no shield yet 0 damages. Kindly fix this bug @Holmes @Akasha @Peony @Higgings @snorlax VID-20210319-WA0052.mp4
  2. Since this is the coment for seeker n they getting silence n also a stun . Will we see any changes in chieftain Thrashing skill or get stun in any skill coz its the only class in game right which has 0 stuns @Holmes @Peony.
  3. If u compare sentinel n legion classes. There is alot of things sentinel has but same thing legion dnt have . Best example is the amount of shields in sentinel side Bd shield pala shield seeker shield priest shield vs necro shield only 1 shield for legion . Sentinel side Bd have auto damage buff seeker to legion side 0 class have auto attack buff. Druid 5 heals in 1 class and vice versa . On top of it check all server war outcome sentinel side more server win or legion side . U will Know the difference .
  4. That's not my argument ..... the point is heal totem does heal 1500+ per tic on castle buff and you kinda made yourself look delayed posting that. The target limit is 6 but no arena mode has more than 5 players per team. And that's not even the argument I made about weakness totem .. I said the totem needs a cd nerf or nerf the range of the totem .. you never pay attention to the important parts. Like I said that totem can last 24/7 and it's absurd to have it decrease 25% pene / accu / and critical hit. That's a whole party in 5v5 with 0% penis. It definitely needs a nerf. Even if you resist 1
  5. Its 3 yards Not 5 yards and check the video urself if u see gap or not between debuffs. Gather info bout the skill bfre u whine bout it . N weekness totem is 10% 14 % 18% 25% reduction at 1 2 3 4 . How many shamans make it 4/4 n sacrifice points from other skills in the whole server u can try ask . U will 2 or 3 people maybe including me :D. Warspear Online
  6. Heal totem u can test n see 5 people 4 ticks it heal . Warlock zone was 8 people limit I think . And weakness totem I attach pic here
  7. Nerf or not it's upto developers. Not worried if they nerf or not . I only clarified wat he said wrong bout those 2 skill.
  8. 1st of all heal totem dnt heal evry 1 secs n its never 1500 heal . N weekness totem there is limit on how it works after its placed. It dnt work 24/7 on the enemy. There us a gap of time between the debuff n its 25% reduction at 4/4 . Not all people make it 4/4. Why will they make it 4/4 if enemy can run away in arena from.the totem
  9. Heal totem 5 people limit. Damage totem 1 person per hit . Weakness totem 4/4 = 6 people debuff . Check info bfre saying no limits lol
  10. Is it a bug there is no last boss at TT heroic . we used 17 k gp 2 hr free stam buff for collect resource but there is no boss . pls see into it our gp got wasted
  11. 3k cc gud but i dnt see any new cc costumes release this year . so always we stock cc :D
  12. Wow warden tank with heal and seeker with invi :D op sentinel
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