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  1. Is it a bug there is no last boss at TT heroic . we used 17 k gp 2 hr free stam buff for collect resource but there is no boss . pls see into it our gp got wasted
  2. 3k cc gud but i dnt see any new cc costumes release this year . so always we stock cc :D
  3. Wow warden tank with heal and seeker with invi :D op sentinel
  4. Buuuu

    server lag

    Server lag while doin technopolis heroic all kicked from DG stam waste . other party all dead . can please specify why lag.
  5. Heal tank mobs come and kiss u . Dnt heal tank mobs will eat tank alive in tp DG wow
  6. Party reached tp heroic boss . deathkinght attacked boss necro was healing and shaman was also healing. They 0 hit on boss only heal . rogue was killing mob . only deathknight was attacking boss then boss got aggro by healers killed shaman andthen necro . no attack = still aggro from boss ??????
  7. I put heal totem in test server in 4 towers technopolis hard and instant dead . how so much aggro even if deathknight skill death call on while put totem heal. ????
  8. Ty peter for clarifying it . no more confusions . gud update for shaman but m not buying the skill
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