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  1. 1 week of killing Engineer ,Elm , octopus , orcinus and 0 book drop from any of the bosses. Seems like double drop rate is like 0.0000001% more chance increased
  2. Gps now = only merman dg. 2 times merman per week already gud gps
  3. Cloud Huyen latam thunder weren't ur allies wow ? :
  4. No news about fixing templer orb working under blessing ? @Nolan
  5. Skill needs a higher cd n limit to the heal @Holmes @snorlax_вaфлер@snorlax VID-20210730-WA0031.mp4
  6. Same problem with chief if pala using merman gear can't remove shield. U can test n see . Both sides have same issue in removing the buffs of enemy.
  7. Basically better than chief buff removing skill
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