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  1. its obvious if you unity 60 people in war to 200+ people u wont last long. smh in GvG thoose 30 chiefs dont even hurt elf waves. its just you are outnumbered. Mage is class that was released together w lock, and lock skills aint stacking too like mage.
  2. Is just phalanx issue. i asked us and br elf. they dont seem it that broken and saying it supposed to be so. while skill duration is 5 sec only xd. its not swooping army foult that, u used Orcinus octopus book in ranger, not mage or didnt recruit enough mages.
  3. Ok its kinda funny. when you had mc Alliances, for you chieftain was very balanced. Now you just trying to find excause, way to win raid bosses vs mcs. 1. Is only skill that makes chieftain useful, and helpful on Gvg war sides. and is only normal magic damage skill we got. 2. If you are upset about this. we should take look at templars who can stun over 50 people w 1 bubble. it should be also limited, 1 cast = 5 people stuned for example and rest who walk or smth throught it wont get stuned then. 3. Chieftain dont have aoe stun. or decent defence without rugged. they gonna be useless classes without swooping for guilds too. how it comes out phalanx runs forums after every lose?
  4. Finally i had hope that mc vs elf side dps is balanced, but nope, nerfing abit seeker damage while talent helps them get still 30%??? why mc classes dont have such free combo like low hp books and permament active, low hp skills. seeker was fine before, just change low hp skill and talent mechanics. Same to ranger, their dps was similar to hunter one, now they get additionally critical damage?. If Aigrind playing elf side, or support them more why mc side even exist then.
  5. Just nerf the book, no book should give characters perma resistance or such insane buffs, its still passive book, not expert skill. percent of buff is too high.
  6. This talent must get fixed, noone should have such benefits from talents, if you compare classes etc, 5 seeker in 1 group, they activate all low hp books together. including 10% damage, and getting from skill talent combo permament 40%% damage. if you watch how rogues hitting 6-7k auto attacks as full buffed, blade dancers too. Then why seeker Pve damage as full buffed is 15-17k auto attack hits. with crits ofc. 1.7 daggers and 15-17k auto attacks?. look straight for upcoming spring raid bosses. Mc side cant compete them. Before it was balanced. My suggestion is, instead of make hp to 30% and keep it, is reduce maximum hp by 30% if talent on, so they wont get theese passive book buffs permamently also 40% bonus damage from talent, skill combo. or make this 40% damage expert and passive books work when talent aint activated.
  7. first of all talent or expert skill combo that increases damage by 40% if seeker talent makes his health 1.5k, then expert skill that works below 30% health should work at 30% health then from 450 health, because its impossible to fight them on pve damage (dps) at raid bosses, etc that talent + expert skill combo makes them broken. How mcs compete this? Hunters xbow hits 3.9 bow 3.3 seeker daggers 1.7 and their auto attacks higher with daggers than xbow hunters. 2. T2 castle book. Gives also 10% damage when your health is below 40%, and seekers talent making their hp 30% so 5 seeker party has this book permamently activated.
  8. You got it really wrong, now your again going for 1 vs 1 and comparing 3% book to 50% book, even if you got all thoose books with 5-10% different buffs and you going vs octo book Healer or orci book chief / Healer its still difficult still so how do you even compare them. Why do you even enter this chat, you made your MC side guild YinYang crying about nerf charmer in forums. and now sending them to defend your books, everyone who is here right now and against this is YinYang members.
  9. First of all read the topic before you answer anything i wrote same on the discord, no wonder you didnt graduate your school and living on the game now, if you answer question before you read them. I was talking abt every server, didnt bring my chief to compare, i play 4-5 different server and most of them dominated by people who using theese books arena, Raid bosses fights, gvg we aint here talking about your dirty alliance with Phalanx. and about my maces. your writing here long text and protect the unbalanced book because you own one of them. We understand you spent gold for it and afraid of not being immortal if they nerf it.
  10. Thats why it should get balanced before more people get it, people will spend millions etc and then there will be chaos after Developers realise it in year later "Oh right book actually is broken", scrolls available to everyone and not giving either 50% usually scrolls pots buff is higher than passive books buffs.
  11. Honestly noone going to use it on characters who dont get use of it, and name 1 character for example who would not get use of octopus book?, why there even exist debuff skills while book break them all. Orcinus yeah you might not use it on necro and thats other reason, why most other classes get good use of it and necros cant win fights vs thoose opponents? if it was limited, or less % then full books necro might had change vs Chieftains with orcinus books, and some other classes. many stats are useless for different class, Healers dont need vamp, damagers dont need block, Tanks dont build dodge, but every book they got has also maximum 3-10%.
  12. Well if you read my first post you see how orcinus, octopus book work some class either and could work even with lowered % like 10-20% very well.
  13. Im not talking about Eu server only, im suggesting to change it as @Higgingssaid only 4-5 of each server used it, it wouldnt hurt that much as did distortion of life nerf, this book was used by 100 or more people from each server, its better to balance it and make it as passive buff bonus like all rare books , before more drops are coming and more people value it. Prices of books equipment always changing alot people wasted millions for distortion of life etc too, but only some really bought orcinus octopus books.
  14. Having them would be fun? maybe for few months yeah, but everything would be too easy with thoose books because buffs are still massive, having 10-20% of this buff would be enjoy able too and people could still rate this as good book and would farm it.
  15. There is more rare book which is the new rage one, but this % aint too 50%, also has cd and not overpowered so why they should be?. also each server is mostly dominated by elf side on raids, overpopulation, when elves using theese books how mc side able to get pvp sets?, only eu server is monopolized and YinYang getting theese books thanks for Elf strongest guild support, and Apparently YinYang dont use theese books vs them either so, tell me how newbies able to win stuff vs orci octopus books opponents, just pvp set aint enough even if book was nerfed to 10% people still would farm it because its still strong and removing debuff / and adding longer duration to skills. After all, what is your goals for this game, to get book what makes you immortal, and then you win everything 24/7? is this point of the game? if you never want to lose or get game difficult, or balanced where is the fun?
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