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  1. Also addd option to use the skill in 1 tap like pala fetter
  2. Happened again just now 2 times people in area get kicked n got disconnected @Nolan
  3. 13 november Time 1:14pm 1:15 pm (India time ) Server =Us - sapphire Its occured most of the times for us ( like in 6x boss kills time ) when the small mobs near puppeteer come out the people in the area get disconnected
  4. Everytime we go to kill puppeteer boss the people in the area disconnect by themselves . It has happened multiple times . I hope devs check it @Nolan In the below ss all people in the puppeteer boss area disconnected twice
  5. Fetter( even if silence n not circle stun its duration is long ) Repellent strike ( circle stun ) Harad call ( circle stun) 3 skills . I don't know if u can cycle stun or not with 3 skills
  6. Can remove no 1 fears but there shud be more balance in the skills. U urself use jump pot when hp low lol. N u cry here to remove them
  7. This classes u mentioned have 2 3 stuns + their base stuns . Look shaman only 1 pure stun ( blind ) . Chief no stun n vice versa
  8. I wud like the ancestors hand to be atleast modified to absorb 60 70 % of targets hp like pala sacral shield( 100% though at 4/4 ) . More of a support role.Mc lack shields its time we get atleast 1 more shield .
  9. Chief give rugged hide to ally =, he defenceless will die . Pala give shield = both pala n the ally get shield . If it's 1 person shield then its ok
  10. Amusing, because the legion does exactly the same. Of course it could be both. I don't know if you know, but there is a hybrid build, and it's quite common to see a hybrid chieftain. That hybrid build of urs is Not the same damage as full physical or the same heal as magical.
  11. As I said damage n heals can't be same package. High physical = lower magic lower heals . Higher magic lower physical damage . Also not evry1 will make thrashing 5/5 the speed reduction skill which u spoke about. Wolf skill 5/5 eagle eye 5/5 rest points u want put in thrashing or heal ?n invest more points in base skills = less points for expert . Can't be full package in 1 .Have to sacrifice something Look at the magic
  12. False Try attacking a chieftain with rugged hide activated, and see how much damage you do to him. False False? Are you kidding right? False, nobody levels their Thrashing to 5, there´s much more important skills that need the skill ponts Expand Physical build pvp put yes in 5, and are also used in gvgs. There is 2 builds on chieftain which one are u mentioning here ?. Go full physical = lower heals . Go full magical = lower damage with frenzy n wolf .it can't be both . 😁 How many heals do shaman have 🤣
  13. Ancestors hand need be added here . That skill almost has no purpose other than pulling . The legion side needs a shield since only necro has shield vs sentinels pala shield bladedancers shield templer shield priest shield seeker shield . The ancestors hand of shamans needs to be modified to a better pull n shield kind of thing
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