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  1. 1 week of killing Engineer ,Elm , octopus , orcinus and 0 book drop from any of the bosses. Seems like double drop rate is like 0.0000001% more chance increased
  2. Gps now = only merman dg. 2 times merman per week already gud gps
  3. Cloud Huyen latam thunder weren't ur allies wow ? :
  4. No news about fixing templer orb working under blessing ? @Nolan
  5. Skill needs a higher cd n limit to the heal @Holmes @snorlax_вaфлер@snorlax VID-20210730-WA0031.mp4
  6. Same problem with chief if pala using merman gear can't remove shield. U can test n see . Both sides have same issue in removing the buffs of enemy.
  7. Basically better than chief buff removing skill
  8. If chieftain can remove pala shield and templer shield as u say then I wud say mages can remove the skill ( demonic pact )of charmer which makes dogs n birds last longer . I will show u a video below . Ask ur mages remove the pact skill from the charmer so dogs dnt last longer .there are counters but u just dnt want speak bout them coz u can't do damage on flag using monster mode . Evrytime u revive now dogs kill u ( i.e. the ls spamming for solo kill flag in monster mode not working ) only reason u speak about charmer dogs is coz that . Also in arena u say 4 5 dogs tell me the name of 50% resi charmer who can summon 4 5 dogs . YouCut_20210727_113131745.mp4 YouCut_20210727_113131745.mp4
  9. Rogue dnt have 40% auto attack bd hits 60% resi players for 1.4k 1.5k . No rogue auto hits players for that damage. Check bar who shud have more damage
  10. Who hits more harder in arena u know it better. While who shud if we follow the bars according to u.
  11. Charmer dog build = need physical for gud damage . Make physical = bird heal low n base heal low . Evry class has to sacrifice something not only just templer or druids. No class in game heals like a druid . All charmer have to make pact skill 4/4 for make dogs last longer . Play a charmer and see not just state facts by seeing people or watching videos from youtube about why many dogs n vice versa
  12. Legions deserve a lot of skills like sentinels . legions side only necro have shield elf side priest have shield pala have shield bd have shield seeker have shield even the new class templer have . I guess this will be overlooked in the future . No class in legion have auto attack increasing skill.bd have 40 % auto attack increasing skill . Also seekers have auto attack increase skill . 60% resi people get hit 1400 1500 by bd . No legion class hits that high .n many more skills to mention here .
  13. @[email protected] @Peony @snorlax will anything be done be done with this matter or it will remain the way it is . Already been 1 week bout this report n also the video proof with it . In chaos gvg templer come with blessing n push evry1 way . Same thing happened in past 3 wars n also merman. Dk skill ( death knight curse ) was responded n fixed in under 3 days
  14. Here in the above video player got pushed by a templer who had blessing on. Even if the skill can be used it should not push the enemy . Its same like how under blessing mages destroyed flag at war but was fixed . Yet this thing still not fixed. 20 30 templer come with blessing they put reverse flow on top of flag then they tele particular guild . The flag will die in few secs . Its needs to be fixed bfre being abused for a long period of time .
  15. @@lallouss I guess u made video of the so called bug( which doesn't exist ) in today's merman . Waiting to see it when u upload the video
  16. Skills dnt stay even u use be it chief wolf skills or other after the recent update everything goes auto off . If u dnt trust it try checking it with a low chief in next merman sunday n if u found anything post the video here . Wolf skill buff dnt stay even u use 1 sec bfre merman starts when silence skill on u all skills go auto off. The bug thing they reporting here is excuse for their loss.
  17. After warspear bday update if u use skill n enter inside at 1st stage all skills go auto off till crown is taken. U can check in the next merman with a seeker or a low lvl chieftain if the skills stay or not if u have doubt n make a video if u find a bug
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