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  1. since u all have proof, report this to support http://warspear-online.com/en/support cuz nothing will change if u just post on forum.
  2. lol why would someone make this post sticky :lol: :lol:
  3. lol. u r crazy :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
  4. My win rate is 89% (89/100) and I am at 190 rank... lmao. So I dont do arena anymore :nea:
  5. my goodness :shok: does he win? cuz i think its impossible to win by playing both chars
  6. no difference to devs, many many new ppl to play and pay them
  7. I heared they visited turkey for vacation recently :) . ok so 3rs mein 10 mcoin yani 10repair scrolls 21rs aur 21rs balance yani 25 ka recharge :bad: only for 10 repair scrolls
  8. Its such a good balance, dont know why ppl want to spoil the game :unknw: , If u know to use ur skill u r overpowered thats it, when pro players fight they both player hav 50 - 50 chance of winning and we know it :) If lucky :- 1) Ranger will hit u 3 hits in 1 sec and eventually u will die :crazy: 2) barb will thrash u to death very quickly. :bomb: 3) u will just watch :shok: a bd parry like anything and ur health will drain to death before u get unstinged. 4) Shaman will keep toying u around till u die. :wacko: 5) Druid will entagle u and u will just wait to use ur skills till u dead :facepalm: 6) Rogue will.. bleh I dont need to explain this i guess ;D .
  9. i used my wtc + arena sheild to farm bg and with a heal of 210 - 220, my health was always full till boss died. One more healer and one dps on the guards. Thats it, we 4 do bg like a charm. Its only healers need to be active, if no mistakes 4 ppl can do bg without pots. So be proud cuz barbs are actual tanks. Btw use 2 handed for pvp so u can hit as much as u can when u stun the opponent. P.s :-Need 5 ppl for lamby without pots
  10. True. Also If u r a Ranger and if u cant beat mcs 1 on 1, Then u r a noob.
  11. Yahi harkato ki waka se aaj expensive hai :facepalm: . tum yaar airgrind ke baare me kuch zaada hi soch rahe ho :lol: . Jaisa ki zetta ne kaha, devs bhenchod log :rofl: :rofl:
  12. Wow, I never knew u guys are indians :drinks: :drinks: . BTW, I am from Mumbai. :friends: I tried new sms,, 3rs deduct hota hai, aur 10 mcoins milta hai. Edit:_ I just knew about Akansha(Psunami) :give_rose:
  13. Hahaha :lol: :lol: Nice marketing Kuz :good:
  14. all wasted money for buggy weapons :wacko: :wacko: . Glad I already had a nice weapon.. But sad for others :( :(
  15. WTF , tht 2nd cloak is not receiving?? is that new?
  16. Block and dodge both work on mobs :good: , tested.
  17. Kuz, new barb skill charge`s cooldown time is 20secs and needs 20 mana even on lvl 5 :facepalm: . I think thts a bug :P reporting it here cuz u are reading this post :pleasantry: and may be u can fix it with this arena fix. ;D
  18. shaikhnaif2


    btw charge's cooldown is 20 secs and requires 20 mana on lvl 5, which is a sure injustice.
  19. Hmm, Read second time and seems more clear now, just 1 question, do we hav to be logged in for the 2hours to be counted? or is it regular 2 hours?
  20. Gud job, I just need tht chainmail Belt and sheild. :lol: :lol: :lol: But i agree its a bit confusing. :wacko:
  21. shaikhnaif2


    I didnt try cuz of less time, but try this and post the result,, taunt a BD in pvp fight and step back and charge :good: .Tough but might work. Cuz after the taunt they will loose target and wont follow when u step back.
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