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  1. Maybe admin think after ppl lose item he buy mc again and buy again :bad:
  2. Admin want to be milioner with this game ;D go go go admin :bad:
  3. yes is game not balance.... But money is balance for admin ;D my sugestion for admin ( update mc item only...!!!!! :bad: :wacko:make shit item like sphire :bomb:
  4. Is game so fun first time... Now money money money like shit game :wacko: i lose 2 item and i want my item back :aggressive:
  5. I think, admin make this game not for fun playing but for get realy much money :bad: yeeeaaah u see and sphire is shit item :aggressive:
  6. Shit sphire and pay with real money :facepalm: i lose 2 item :cray: my boot and knife :cray: admin u take very much money :bad: bad update
  7. Gm and admin i lose boot after use sphire lv def :bad: is bug or what...? I need my boot back :cray:
  8. like monster... Stun and blin, instan death...
  9. No some 1 want sale 15k for this item ;D
  10. i see ppl sale 20-30k ;D gud luck
  11. Kid


    suall not breckout.. He sexkill... And sullaa is fake..! Sulla is real... U can see name not some ;D
  12. U want free..? Go hunt :facepalm: is item need long time for get :bad:
  13. what not balance..? Use ur brain for win and mix ur skil... My shaman lv15 clan win vs bd lv18 use stun and atk long range...Note: use brain for win and mix ur skill
  14. druit stun and run In arena :bad: all char some... Dont insult other char... Dont cry bcoz u lose with rogue and use ur brain for win :mega_shok:
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