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  1. How many players would still play with a Server Wipe? How many players would play on a Role Playing Server? How many players would play on a Hard-Core Server where everything is much tougher, and requires a full team for most quest adventures? How many players would play on a Mixed Spawn Location Server where both factions could choose either faction with any class. PvP added, no limits.... Let the hunting and griefing begin?
  2. ;D Lol, Yeah... I have LARGE hands... It's not that my head is small... haha!
  3. I don't see why not? If you arent interested in posting a reply that's worthwhile for others to read in relation to the topic heading, please don't reply at all. Kthx
  4. Picture Thread. And GO! https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-EuacCKlBwZE/Tihn9H6Mm3I/AAAAAAAAAAc/9xMNMXr36Aw/s648/11%2B-%2B1
  5. I would like to have the ability to purchase a note paper so that I can write things on it and trade it to someone else. They can then open the item and read what I wrote. Could also have a paper verification once written on with the writers Char name, and the ability to write or erase on exhisting paper will be removed after used once. Like?
  6. Free "Sword of Hunter" and "Padded Shield" to the first Narb that replies. MC Side.
  7. In game name - Tunt Barb lvl 11 MST, but on all the time.
  8. Same. I have attempted to PM Chronoz and Icemanxxx with no luck.
  9. Spare gear? Spare Gold? Spare time? Come get to know me. [:
  10. Hi, I started playing WS about 3 or 4 days ago. I am currently lvl 6 Barb on US-Saph server. I want to find a group or click to be befriended in to. My char name is "Tunt". I log in every day/night for a few hours. I plan to play to max lvl and then take a small week break before I start PvP. If anyone can help with spare gold for lvl 5 gear I would appreciate it. [:
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