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  1. r0land has always been great, as far as I can remember And no, I don't think I will have much time for gaming anymore (life is calling haha). Anyway I sometimes casually play CS:GO, not anything else But hey, I still love Warspear and all the great memories that I had within this game !
  2. Sure I do remember you I'm happy to see you're fine as well! And lol for Mioco, was fun trying to rebel but getting banned ;P
  3. That's what happens to old signatures
  4. Hello, If anybody remembers me, even if I really doubt it, I salute you my lovely friend ! I was a big part of this community years ago (started in 2011) Anyway I think you can still find a huge ammount of posts made by me in the forums haha . I don't know how the game changed and developed in the very past years, but I hope everything is alright, Warspear will always have a reserved place in my heart and it will include also all those amazing friends and people I've been able to met and know. Thanks for all the good good memories !! Good luck !
  5. So please take a look at this super voted and wanted suggestion -> http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=72496.0 :drinks:
  6. I see it, it's on the right side under the main pic ;)
  7. It depends on your question, I usually get replies after1-2hrs, but if the problem is harder to solve then it will take more time to get a reply. ;)
  8. Well it`s "easy" to get to lvl 20, what I think to be a real veteran isle.. It shouldbe accessible just to Veterans players so old players who started let's say 1 year or 1and half year ago. So to be accessible only for those who played a long time . But anyway it wouldn't be really fair...
  9. Security is already "high" they deny the possibility to share your acc with anyone or create more than 2. It means if you do that you may get banned. There's no higher security since if you just tell your id and psw to anyone is dumb. Doing it breaks the first rule where you can't share acc infos. And in the second place if it's you that gives id and psw to another player can't be called "hacking", they didn't use any malicious programs to get your infos they just recieved it cause you told them for free. So just one thing: don't share your account informations -> best security :good:
  10. You mean: " I respect JUST the Br players" Yes that's racist. You wrote in the thread of patah that she was indian and so she wasnt worth to be called human. Seriously man, dom't you have even a bit of honor... That's a shame.
  11. :shok: What if we are all terrorists and you're the only normal guy?? :shok: :bomb: :bomb:
  12. RainbowZ

    New name

    Totaly won :mega_shok:
  13. Seriously .. Man.. Learn some respect please. She was fighting cancer and she was really strong!
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